Raw Milk – Hazardous to Healthcare Industry

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2 Responses

  1. JeanniB says:

    I, too, was raised on raw milk, delivered to the doorstep. Today’s “milk” doesn’t even taste good. Like I’m drinking a white something. I have found a raw milk outlet but a gallon is $18!!! Waaay out of my league when it comes to purchasing power. So I’ve given up on milk. Oatmeal just doesn’t taste the same using water…ugh!!

  2. Jeff Weider says:

    We had been drinking fresh raw milk from grass fed cows at our parents farm in Wisconsin – We were as strong as a bull – never used to get sick then. We understand how beneficial is raw fresh milk is to our human body.

    Thanks to you, we found a source to get this heavenly milk again in Texas, where we live now. Our children love it.

    Thank you for putting together a very informative piece.

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