Views and Previews is a website dedicated to analytical reviews of global socio-economic, political, and ‘human affairs’. Reviews and analysis are absolutely unbiased and objective in perspective.

Our prime objective is to advance a better understanding of political, economic and social issues. To this end, we dig out the Facts and Truth for our readers to see beyond the smoke screen.

Our second objective is to research and analyze the global and regional events and developments, and present the analytical reviews to our readers.

Our third objective is to skim through the latest and most significant issues in the world, dissect the underlying  stories, and present it to our readers with a ‘scientific perspective’ – seeking out and promoting knowledge.

We want our readers to know and understand the ‘behind the scene’ stories.

All Editorial Articles pass through a process of extensive research and due diligence. All contents are, of course, the opinion of the respective writers.

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Site Moderator & Editor:


       Parwaiz Khan

Some of our readers want to know more about the Editor of Views and Previews. The following brief, we hope, will serve to answer many of the queries that we receive:

☆ What is your background?
☆ What is your expertise and training?
☆ Where do you operate from?
☆ What are your beliefs?
☆ What are your Affiliation?
☆ . . .

 A Brief Profile:

Spent the younger years – Twenty Long Years, serving the multi-national corporations and globe trotting the world. In the course of serving the masters during those years, had the opportunity to travel widely and live in various countries. Traveled to almost every ‘significant’ country, and very much enjoyed intermingling with the people of diverse cultures. Learned a lot from the people all around the world – Contacts with many of them are still alive, and being in touch with them is a pleasure.
Finally, couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to ‘walk out’.

Spent another decade working as an Investor and ‘chasing the money’. Didn’t fit the ‘natural temperament’, and took a walk again.

Currently, for over a decade, along with the spouse, has been teaching and mentoring the younger generation. Helping the kids – from junior high to college level age group, to learn and acquire ‘knowledge’, to emerge as productive member of the society, and to succeed in their lives, is really a great thing. One of the most satisfying jobs one may ever have.

Have been a “health-nut” since the ‘beginning’. Have spent practically thousands of hours researching and studying herbal and natural remedies. Very well aware of the side effects and hazards of the ‘drugs’ pushed by the ‘Disease Care’- aka ‘Health Care’, Industry.
A firm believer in our innate capability to heal ourselves. As a Yoga and Martial Arts practitioner, enjoys deep meditation and sessions of quite thinking.
Holds seminars and provides support and training – mostly to seniors, and to those who had been staunch advocates of human laziness, on how to adopt and enjoy a healthy life style.

Have been an avid ‘reader’ since childhood. Learned to read and write at a, relatively speaking, very young age – used to walk with books stuffed in pockets. Read every thing, from newspapers, magazines, and novels to the serious works on Philosophy and Logic
Favorite philosophers include the likes of Confucius, Avicenna (Abu Ali al-Ḥusayn ibn Sina ), Khalil Gibran, Iqbal, Al-Farabi, Omar Khayyam, Averroes (Aḥmad Ibn Rushd), Baruch Spinoza, Voltaire (Francois-Marie Arouet), Goethe, Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, Rene Descartes, and Bertrand Russell.

Professional training and expertise included, Large Scale Project Management and Planning & Control, Large Scale Project Bidding (Foreign Governments), and International Marketing – More than two decades gone there.

Formal education and training in the field of Physics – PhD drop out – Refused to lick!
Subjects enjoyed most: Physics, Mathematics, Logic, and Philosophy – Teaches Math, Physics, and Logic.

Has absolutely No ‘micro’ (subversive) Affiliations. Belongs only to ONE single group – The Humanity.

Don’t have a religion – Have not started the one yet! Though, recognizes that it would be the most profitable business venture.
Similarly, have no specific ‘beliefs’ – Simply believes in analyzing and evaluating the events and information with the objective to seek out the truth. Accepts the truth and facts – whatever they be.
Though, upholds one core belief, that is; The entire Humanity is one single unit – One single Family – No subdivisions must be accepted. And, the subversive Tyranny, working relentlessly to subvert the unity of the humanity, must have to be eliminated.

As for the, “from where do you operate from” – Doesn’t ‘operate’ – Not at all. No Operation – Just the involvement with the humanity.

The objective of the indulgence in writing – that is going on for more than two decades, is simply to analyze the events and news, and present it to the readers to promote the awareness – with the objective to bring the humanity closer – Help them see that they are, in fact, all One Single Family.
May we act like a Family – a closely knitted one – It will be the death nail in the coffin of the Empire of The Tyranny.