The Human – And, The Earthling

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  1. maybeperfect says:

    There may be good men, and there may be bad, but to plumb the depths of a man’s soul is possessed by one, so the paradigm whereby we seem to categorize what may in reality be no more than examples of God’s handiwork may be doomed to irrelevancy, though if we do, maybe we must in order for everything else to be perfect, if it is (heretofore not disproved, to my knowledge.)
    We should, perhaps be supremely grateful that things are precisely as they are, otherwise, there might be a mistake (so far as I know, not proven to exist.) Oh, there may be oodles of mistakes, but they may not be what we seem to think they are. The things we seem to think of as mistakes may be the proof in the puddin’, if you will, that everything may be perfect, if it is.
    It seems unlikely that I would be competent to judge any aspect of God, if in fact, it all is, but were I pressed to proclaim some judgement of existence, I would only be able to pronounce it maybe perfect.
    Right? Wrong? Probably not my call, though we may all seem to have developed preferences within the scope of “our” existences, we really have no objective perspective from which to assess any kind of definitive baseline viewpoint with regard to what may, in fact be God. So of course, given a choice, we should learn to choose the good if we can, or at least choose whatever option contributes to the continuation of eternity, as a kind of affirmation that this Existence thing, whatever it is, may indeed be preferable to the alternative, though we probably don’t know whether God wants to die or not (or if He can,) but in the final analysis, don’t be surprised if our opinions turn out to be as proverbially described (everyone having one.)
    So carry on tilting against pseudo-la manchan dragons if you must, for we may have been lovingly created and trained to be as we are in God’s pursuit of eternity, and perhaps should consider earnestly desiring to have been of value commensurate with the unspeakably valuable Gift we have had shared with us, this consciousness, or so it seems.
    Thank You!

  2. gintaras gircys says:

    We share 90% of our genes with Cats – OMG! Can’t let the cats know this – they already have an attitude problem.

  3. iza greene says:

    The you got Negro and Jews to really confuse things.

  4. Gustav Forgerg says:


    But, sadly, the “Human” part is long dead, and so is Humanity. What is left is just the Earthling – The vicious killer. As you said, ” And, when the Earthling takes over, we are facing the FANGS!”

    We are facing the FANGS, tearing apart the surviving humans. There is gore and blood all over the world. No place for the humans to hide in.

    Sad to see my children growing up in this world.

  5. Sofia Cruz says:

    I am doing my research work in Cell Biology and coming from a Christian background. As a christian, I believed in the ‘Creation’ of the human by God. But, as a scientist, I have come to recognize the ‘evolution’ of human as a fact. Still, there is a conflict between the logical side of our brains and the faith side of our brain.

    I am so pleased to have stumbled upon this essay – Human is the amalgamation of two entities. One the ‘creation’ of God, the other evolutionary product of earth. Infused together by the God – that is what we are.

    It is a superb work. I have read it twice. and have read your other articles in the series (“The Origin”) as well. It just fits. It satisfies the criteria of validity of all the three fields – science, logic and philosophy, and religion.

  6. Mark Becker says:

    A very interesting presentation. Meshing the the logic, philosophy, science, and religion together. With a purely logical perspective, makes perfect sense. Human “life energy” combined with the “evolutionary marvel” of the the “planetary world”.

    I believe, both the evolutionists, and the creationists will be happy here.

    Great work!

  7. Dr. M Clark, MD says:

    A colleague referred me to this website. I am thankful to him.

    A very interesting way to put the things in perspective – connecting the science with the religion. A physical form that is the ‘marvel’ of evolution, amalgamated with a spiritual form. Easy for us the medical professionals to digest.

    I have discussed it with a few other medical doctors, they all found it very interesting. It is not a research work, but a very thought provoking essay that is well written. You certainly are very knowledgeable in a very broad range of subjects. That is amazing.

    It was a pleasure to find this site. I will be (and I do) keeping a tab on your articles here.

  8. Chris Sawyer says:

    This certainly satisfies the both sides; The Evolutionists and The Creationists. The physical form is the product of the Earthly evolution, and the “real human” (essence or soul), which is the “life” and “intelligence”, is the is he Heavenly creation. We are the “amalgamation” (as you presented it) of the TWO.

    That explains many things that had been intriguing us for a long time. Over the Thanksgiving, I showed the article to our parents and family. It was a “shocker” the them. We were discussing about it for quite sometime.

    Very interesting and very well argued. An eye opener.

  9. Vilma Nelson says:

    We have gone through the entire “Origin” series. The thoughts, the wisdom, and the truth presented by you is stunning. Very scientific and logical – It is the truth beyond the religion.
    May God The Creator bless you.

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