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The Crazy Planet of Baboons: Planet Earth

An Extra Terrestrial Spaceship, after traveling trillions of kilometers, at close to the speed of light, had finally entered into the Earth’s orbit . . . They couldn’t believe what they witnessed on Earth – The Earthlings were showing all the signs of reverting back from their human state to the apes state . . . In hundreds of scouting and rescue operations across the galaxies, they had never encountered a species like the Earthlings . . .

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The Human – And, The Earthling

The Human is an amazing species. Its mutually conflicting behavior and completely opposing traits don’t fit the profile of a single species . . . A proverbial Angel on one hand and a mythological Demon on the other hand. It seems that the Human species has walked through two completely different evolutionary paths that are at 180° angle with each other! And, somehow, collided with each other at some point and fused together to form The Human! . . .

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