Category: Human Affairs

The Empire of Tyranny – Genocidal Frenzies

When was the last time that The Empire of Tyranny embarked on the noble mission of slaughtering and decimating a people while still showing the human face of their victims? . . .

The populace has to be conditioned to believe that the targeted people are the marauding savages the world will be better off without – The targeted victims transformed into the vicious baboons, people readily provide The Empire with all the needed killers to unleash the devastation on the ‘savages’ – not leaving even their babies alive . . .

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The Instruments of Diversions, Discord, and Division

 Ever gave a thought how just a few hundred families have ended up ruling the entire western world – plundering and taking away from you all that rightfully belonged to you – turning you into an obedient servant of them – a slave, in fact? . . . They have achieved this feat by sowing and spreading the seeds of division and discord among the people – dividing the humanity into numerous subsets – each one of them fearing and hating the other . . .

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Healthcare Industry: The Circle of Profit

The chief purveyor of human pain and suffering is the Healthcare Industry itself – it thrives on the pain and suffering of human beings. The Healthcare Industry is the largest and fastest growing sector of the US economy – This is the only industry in the US that is immune to the recessionary effects of the economy . . . And, the growth of the Healthcare Industry is entirely dependent upon, and is directly proportional to the collective growth of diseases, pains, and suffering of the population . . .

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In Hot Pursuit of Money

Money provides the means to support whatever plans or purposes one may have in life. But, the things end up upside down, and the life goes down the gutter when making the money becomes the objective, and the sole purpose for living . . . This is the betrayal of life. And, it is amazing to see how many are fully devoted to butchering their own lives at the altar of money. Not realizing that the life is too short – It ends quite abruptly while one is still in Hot Pursuit of Money.

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