The Mediocrity and Idiocy of The Propaganda Matrix

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4 Responses

  1. Actually the ‘Money Changers’ who OWN the media because they PRINT
    the currency and PAY the script writers are not truly “Europeans” as
    in originating in “Christendom”…

    the owners of the Mainstream Media HATE truth as a “Religion” and they
    must spill innocent blood to appease their SATANIC deity…which is
    why the Earth has seen a rash of “World Wars”…and massive baby killing
    in the last century….over 300 million, plus “They” profit from the spilling
    of innocent blood…hundreds of trillions…

    individuals should take the opportunity to define STUPID…for themselves.
    and tell the TALMUDVISION to take a flying leap into the fiery ovens of TRUTH

  2. lou says:

    “The information contained on this site may not be copied, published, distributed, broadcast or otherwise used for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of Views and Previews.”
    Why not allow bloggers to reproduce your stuff? You truly are no different than the MSM and their archaic copyright laws. Your talk about alternative media is just talk.

    • Moderator says:

      Hello Lou,

      Understand what you are saying. But, please note: Writing, like any other work, is the production of it author, and, as such, is the property of its producer. As writers, we all appreciate and respect the rights of other fellow writers.

      At the same time, we want to share the work of each other and present it to our readers. It is simple; you can put a reasonable part of anyone’s writing, under the “Fair use” doctrine, prominently display the name of the website from which it is copied, and link it to the source page.

      We all do it. It helps our readers by increasing their reach.

      The main idea is to promote and propagate the truth, bring awareness, and let our readers see the things with a different perspective; different than the perspective of the establishment owned captive media.

      Thank you, and keep in touch.


      • ghrye says:

        so true. writing is HARD WORK and labor intensive. would lou be willing to put his work out there (whatever his profession is) for free, no credit and to be stripped down, plagiarized and reused? would he be willing to put in a few 40hour work weeks as a donation to his fellow man?? No way.

        legit demands for credit by an author do NOT equate that writer to MSM shills. LYING and exploitation do. it always amazes when idiots expect writers to sacrifice and put out what they themselves NEVER do.

        would lou and his ilk ever confront his employer and defy what the boss wants to go off on a crusade? yet these same idiots expect that of reporters, who afterall are EMPLOYEES (or they cant afford to report for long). they are not mankinds messiahs, or saviours for a cause. nor should they be expected to put their lives on the line for truth. would ‘lou’ put his life on the line for his job or for a righteous cause? No way.

        His computer is comfortable, safe and with a beer close by- protected safe have from which to criticize others while taking no risks of his own.

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