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Voting For The Best-Fit Hat For The Master

Did it ever occur to you that you – the voter, have been duped into the role of a dedicated butler? You are asked to pick up the two hats that have been pointed to you, and your job is to make a judgment call, and, very ceremoniously, put one of the hats on your master’s head – The choice is your. . .
So, the big question that is going to have a profound effect on your life is; which hat are you going to chose to grace your master’s head the next time?

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A Complete Guide: How to Raise Your Kids for Success

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton are the latest examples to prove that in our Good Old United States of America anyone can rise to the top! Have faith. Your Timmy can also make it to the Top. . .
Just follow the instruction in This Guide to Raise Your Kids For The Top Slot. But, be advised; it is not for the faint hearts. If you have the delicate constitution and don’t have the stomach for the blunt truth, it may be time for you to STOP here –

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The Education Gate – Denial of Access

The survival and continuity of an authoritative government depends upon the compliance of the population. And, to have the public opinion aligned to its objectives, the system relies upon ‘experts’ – with PhDs in the field, validating and supporting the particular point of view? . . .

The system cannot function properly, with the independent minded ‘experts’ speaking their mind in public – It doesn’t serve to have the ‘wrong’ people coming out with the right credentials. . .

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The Era of Obama – The Closing!

This Article was originally written back in 2009 – But, the significance of ‘The Event’ is more pertinent now. . . Barak Obama’s meteoric rise to the national political stage can only be described as a miracle. Prior to Obama Era, such miracle could only occur in the fairy tales. It is such a historic event – rather a history making event – that has changed the world forever. Humanity may very well start a new historic point of reference; BO that will refer to Before Obama and AO that will refer to After Obama . . .

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Mass Surveillance: Collective Behavior Monitoring & Control

No more than 600 families – with only 13 families at the core, have been exploiting, plundering, and ruling over more than 600 billion people. It is a very scary, and, rather, precarious state – For the Ruling Classes . . . The Ruling Elites know it very well that a wrong swing in the collective mood of the masses, and they may go the way of  Czar Romanov. It is, therefore, a matter of survival for the ruling elites to keep tab on the public mood . . . That is where the Mass Surveillance fits in.

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