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Chinese Economy in Free Fall

Chinese economy is in a state of perpetual free fall since the mid 1990s. It has to be. From the most respected economist, experts, analysts, and seasoned columnist to the senior treasury and FED officials, all have been predicting the ‘‘unavoidable’ collapse of the Chines economy and the ‘imminent’ ‘bubble burst’ of the Chinese real estate and financial sector for more then two decades. How could they all be wrong?

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The UFO Smokescreen – Operation Clampdown

With the coming financial collapse and the resulting systemic failure, the only way for the ruling class to remain in power will be to impose The Martial Law . . . They need to create an Event – an event so powerful that it should stun the public – leaving it confused and disoriented – either a cataclysmic event of great magnitude, or the staging of UFO Landings – amplified to the max utilizing the full potential of computer graphics and the holographic technology.

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