China: The Turmoil Brewing Under The Surface

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  1. English Tom says:

    The ONLY reason for the so-called Chinese miracle is the fact that large corporations (owned by the banks) decided to massively invest there, making China the workshop of the world, while at the same time cutting these types of jobs in the west.

    Understand who runs the world.

  2. walleyby says:

    “Non-Chinese” of the species known as Da Westernites might like to know that their ENTIRE culture is dictated by fairytales emanting from The DNA of Downtown TelAviv-Kiev, oka The Culture of Malevolence. Fairytales like Da Holocaust mit zer 6 meeleons dead and sanctified whilst beeleons of others dead do not count for nowt beecuz they were not “chosened”. Alakazam or what.

    “Dem Non-Chinese” might also wished to be informed that Chinese Culture, bequeathed to them by 2 Avataras, namely Confucius and Lao Tze [which some regard as illusory but He is not], considers Westernites “barbaric” not because they “smell” or because they disrespect from the hip but because they lack 2 genes that predispose them to being Wild & Wanton. Jest like zat! You know, being easily dazzled and mollified by Toothfairy Tales that condense everything, including entire cultures and nations, into one-liners such that Choseness is then able to plunder That Lot Over Thar in the manner of taking sweets from children.

    Since all thinkers, oka “Adult” Humans, are dual natured in the manner of Whiteman Speaks with Forked Tongue, it is prudent to balance one’s Wild & Wanton claims otherwise the barbaritiy will have zero boundary. Yes squire, Dem Chinese are also prone to being Wild & Wanton except that they are not driven to saving another drowning in a fast flowing river in the manner of lemmings and all because being culturally imbued with those 2 genes, something Da Genome Projek had better get onto the case real pronto, they have a 2nd, 3rd or 4th opinion to stop them from becoming easily Wild & Wanton. Not that Infinitisers the likes of PhonyPoddyPaddy and Propaganda are unable to reach into the hearts of the budding Chinese Chosen Few other than concluding that narrative via another episode of Dem Toothfairy Tales.

    It will be a benevolent moment when self is able to finally realise that The Whore Sibling of The Pet Tentacle of The Bookie, The Chosen Few, is Propaganda and this Owner of The Oral Gymnasium oozes Her Slime via The Dance of Salome. That of The Middling Truth. You know, the truth which has neither a Beginning nor therefore an Ending. Yes, just imagine being able to poofed into Da Middle via some Righting of This, That & The Other, and landing with Mighty & Righty Kung Fuey kicks left, right and centred. C’mon toots, shorely it does not have to like that, eh? You know, Cornering Da Market and all that stuff. How about Share & Share Alike? More so when “Birth” had to end in “Death”, with Death being merely the reversion to Spirituality.

    And who sez so? Well sweetness and goodness, what good will telling the truth do, eh? Better experience it yourself – with one caveat, though, which is that by then, it is always too late ! Now, ain’t that the truth. Hands up those who would like to disagree that via Propaganda, which happens to own more than mere airy-fairy “MSM”, complete cultures and nations have been damaged beyond redemption. Guess what, if the above mumbo-jumbo about “Avatars” is true, where will the redemption for the Mighty & Righty be coming from? From fables narrated by Guesswork & Gamblers Inc. like this “newsing” piece? Perish the Thought, if only because Thought is the eternal tussel for supremacy between Past-Experiences or Gross-Femininity, and Futuristic-Projections or Gross-Masculinity, Thought being what “Sun Tzu” advised as “The Enemy self needs to be Closest to”, Thought being symbolised by “The 2 Horns of The Devil”, the sole duty of “The Devil” being to identify and mark the devilish for when Energy Construction “returns” as Energy Destruction.

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