State of Union Address – 2016

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8 Responses

  1. Whiteknight777 says:

    And finally my fellow Americans, after all this is completed, I will resign and surrender myself to the authorities to be punished for my role in bringing America to this mess.

  2. Whiteknight777 says:

    The world has entered a very dangerous stage. It is only a matter of a short period of time when WWIII will be a reality. One would think that people, especially those in the west, would stop and think of what could very well happen within months, and start hammering the doors of their leaders. But, no. People are too busy playing on their cell phones, texting useless nonsense to their buddies as if they lived in a fish bowel: just going round and round as if zomified. The truth is, many of them are. Walking dead zombies with the cell phone constantly at their ear.

    Now one would think that the leaders of the nations would certainly understand what is happening around them and would take actions to protect their citizens. But no. They are the smiling faces awaiting the next photo opportunity. If they do open their mouths and say something, one would hope that their words would prove that they know what they are talking about and would be taking action. But no. The only thing that one hears are the same words that come out of the mouth of the ‘great one’ who fried his brain long ago due to drug use. The only thing that we can gleam is that every time he says something, he is lying. He lies so much, that even he can’t remember what he previously said, so has to go on how he presently feels.

    He gave a speech the other day and all that heard it knew full well that he was lying with each and every sentence. Yet, like seals, they clapped their hands and showed their support for what can be proved as the vilest human being on earth.

    This same being is and has been responsible, for the deaths of many innocents. Instead of an uproar, we hear only clapping. Instead of repentance, we witness pride. Instead of prayer, we hear blasphemy and vile language. Isn’t it any wonder why the Most High Yahweh of hosts, is going to destroy this nation and kill 90% of its people!

    America your blood lust is going to be your reward. There will be so much blood that you will be drowning in it. Drink up, America. Take it all down for your judgement is righteous and true.

  3. Magnus Wallen says:

    Every movement, every revolution starts with a dream. This is a dream – A dream of millions of human beings. It will, one day, come true.

    Every one is not a “sheeple”, believe it. Awakening is occurring. A similar State of Union Address, the one Author here envisioned, will be delivered, one day. Some day very soon.

    This is a dream that we have to work to make it come true.

  4. Michael Krawitz says:

    You can wish as much as you wish, but the Empire of Tyranny owns every thing and every one. This State of Union Address ain’t going to happen. It was just a dream.

    Further, people are spineless sheep, following their shepherds. There is no hope.

    Anyhow, thank you for trying to wake up the brain dead.

  5. Jim Harper says:

    We laughed our buts off:

    “I will scrap the BS, and will not insult you by presenting the customary carp of the old dark times. I will not give you the nonsensical stories of ‘Rebekah and Ben Erler of Minneapolis’. I am going to give it to you straight.”

  6. Amily Ward says:

    You have changed the “fifteen years” to “sixteen years”. So, are you envisioning a Change next year?

    “We are sixteen years into this new century. Sixteen years of tyranny and terror on Americans and on people all over the world. Terror struck on our shores; that unfolded with a new round of terror on innocent people who were no threat to us or to anyone else. Our young generation was used as cannon fodders for the same tyrants who had attacked us. We ended up killing and destroying millions of innocent people, including women and children. We ended up sending many nations into the stone age by bombing and destroying everything they had built over the last one hundred years. We did it because we had been duped into believing that those poor people ‘hated our freedom’ – The Freedom that we didn’t have. . .”

    We ‘Hope’!

  7. Bob Whipple says:

    We, me and my friends, read this article over a cup of coffee – like you ‘envisioned’ the Address. It provided some relief from the fatigue left over from listening to Obama’s hubris last Tuesday.

    The way you ‘super imposed’ on Obama’s Address, and gave it a twist, is amazingly refreshing. Very tastefully presented.

    We just hope one day there be a President who will deliver a similar State of Union Address.

  8. Jack Wolf says:

    I will willingly give away ten years of my life to hear this Sate of Union Address. It is a dream to die for. Ijust pray to God that that day will come for these crooks to pay for their crimes.

    Music to our tortured ears:

    “Every one will be required to provide the proof of rightful ownership of assets – how they got them, and what did they produce to have such wealth. The same criteria of ownership will apply to the inherited wealth. The heirs to the wealth will have to verify the legality of the acquisition of wealth by their fathers. Wealth acquired by corrupt means, and without producing and contributing the equivalent value to the society, will be confiscated.

    I am pleased the inform to my people who have suffered for generations under the vicious tyranny that, as I speak to you, all the tyrants and their minions in the US have been arrested – Their global counter parts who were involved in the destruction of our lives in the US, are being apprehended and brought back here to stand face the justice, or, in case of resistance, have been eliminated.”

    God bless you for igniting the hope.

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