The Era of Obama – The Closing!

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  1. John Roberts says:

    I am pleased you activated the comment section on this piece.

    This a great work. Now, the role, and purpose, of Obama is becoming clear. A Nobody brought in to destroy what was built over past two centuries.

  2. David Hopper says:

    Grade ONE!
    Unbelievably hilarious.

    “Alan Keyes had moved into an apartment in Illinois – less than 3 months before the general election, to run against the highly visible, endorsed and promoted son-of-Illinois, Barak Obama. Any wonder Barak Obama defeated Republican candidate Alan Keyes by 70% to 27%!”

    “With two disastrous terms of Bush-Cheney wrecking havoc on the nerves of Americans, the chances of a McCain victory were as remote as Bush’s chances of winning a Nobel Prize for developing the cure for Schizophrenia.

    To further dynamite the poor-little man’s chances, he was paired with Sarah Palin!?
    Holy Ghost! What was that!”

    How very true
    Very well documented and well researched

  3. Nadeen Beaudoin says:

    From The Great Unraveling I jumped to this one. Again, a marvelous piece.
    Well documented and well done.

  1. September 23, 2014

    […] Source: Views and Previews The following Article was originally written back in 2009.  Barak Obama is now entering into the second-half of his last term of presidency – He has just two more years left to accomplish the plans and achieve the objectives that were envisionedRead more… […]

  2. January 13, 2015

    […] Obama’s role in the coming unraveling can be better understood in The Era of Obama – The Closing! […]

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