The Human Life-Energy

Connected to our own Life-Energy, we are a wholesome being – A Human. In our natural state we are human, with our virtues of humanity – The intelligence, wisdom and compassion. Our humanity, in turn, enhances our connection with our own Life-Energy that further ensures a healthy, happy and wholesome life .
Naturally, we have a healthy, happy and vibrant life assured to us – as long as we live naturally – a life engulfed in compassion, understanding and kindness – enriched in knowledge and creativity – guided by a sense of fairness and justice. A wholesome life full of eternal joy and happiness is ours – Naturally .

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Health and Happiness

The joys of health, vigor, and vibrant energy – nothing comes close to it. With the loss of health, nothing else matters. In the absence of health, no amount of wealth or material luxuries mean any thing. And, the “other joys and pleasures” don’t even cross the barriers erected by the onslaught of a debilitating disease. Life is no fun without health and the vigor that associate with it .
Health and happiness are inherent to our existence. To enjoy a healthy and vibrant life, full of energy and vitality, we simply need to connect with our real-self. We enjoy a wholesome life when we are in our natural wholesome state .

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In Hot Pursuit of Money

The life goes down the gutter when making the money becomes the objective, and the sole purpose for living . . . This is the betrayal of life. And, it is amazing to see how many are fully devoted to butchering their own lives at the altar of money. Not realizing that the life is too short – It ends quite abruptly while one is still in the hot pursuit of money.

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The Windows of Opportunity

In the Era before the Big Pharma, diseases were rare, and mostly related to malnutrition and lack of hygiene. Health care, though an essential service, was not a gateway to wealth and prosperity. . . The health care providers of that era – doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, had no incentive in prolonging the suffering of their patients. They wanted them to be fit and on their feet fast . . .
That was until the health care was still a service.
In the early 1920s, it downed upon some clever Entities that immense amount of wealth could be accumulated by transforming the Health Care Service into the Disease Care Industry . . . The progenitors of this Great Idea recognized that the success and growth of this ‘Industry was dependent upon the ever growing supply of new customers, holding on to the acquired customers, and selling more products to them . . .

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Healthcare Industry: The Circle of Profit

The chief purveyor of human pain and suffering is the Healthcare Industry itself – it thrives on the pain and suffering of human beings. The Healthcare Industry is the largest and fastest, in fact, the only, growing sector of the US economy – It is a $2.88 trillion industry, and is expected to cross the $3.0 trillion mark in 2015, making it almost a 20% component of the United State’s GDP . This is the only industry in the US that is immune to the overall recessionary effects of the economy . . .

the point that is often overlooked is the stark fact that the growth of the Healthcare Industry is entirely dependent upon, and is directly proportional to the collective growth of diseases, pains, and suffering of the population . . .

This is, in fact, The ‘Diseases Care Industry’ – Not the Healthcare Industry. And, its business model is to promote pain, sickness, and disease – Not Health . . .

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Liver: Assaults, Abuses and Ailments

Liver can take a lot of beating – within a limit. It keeps on repairing and healing itself while still performing its duties faithfully. But, when it succumbs to abuses and assaults, it is time to pay attention and look after your lever. The problem with liver impairment is that it’s easy to overlook – until it is too late. After all, how many people think their liver may be involved when they experience headaches, fatigue, irritability, aches, eczema, psoriasis, pains, indigestion, chronic constipation, premenstrual syndrome or hormonal imbalances?

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Liver Health: Natural Remedies

With proper support, the liver has the capability to completely recover, reconstruct and heal itself. A healthy and well nourished liver can better withstand the invasions of foreign substances, microbes and viruses. A nourishing diet and natural herbs can play an important role in keeping the liver healthy . . . Although these herbs are known to have remarkable effects on serious liver conditions, most are very gentle, and even a healthy person can benefit from using them to maintain a good health.

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Minerals: Essential for Health

Human body requires around 22 of these minerals to maintain a healthy state. These minerals are considered the Essential Minerals. The essential minerals can be categorized into three groups: Major Minerals, Trace Minerals, and Ultra Trace Minerals.

Essential minerals perform diverse functions throughout the body. These minerals are important for the conduction of nerve signals, inter-cellular signaling, muscle contraction and relaxation, regulating osmotic pressure, maintaining correct acid- base balance, and regulating the water absorption and blood volume. Minerals are also needed for maintaining the structure strength of bones and cell membranes.

Some of the minerals, most depleted in our foods, are Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium and Selenium.

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Minerals: Essential for Health – Magnesium

Magnesium serves hundreds of functions within the body and is an important part of bone health, heart health, a healthy nervous system, cellular energy, hormone regulation and the relaxation and activation of muscle tissue. . .

Magnesium has been called a miracle mineral alongside chromium, zinc and selenium. It is essential to a wide variety of body functions, including energy production, transmission of nerve impulses, protein formation, and the production of DNA material. . .

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Minerals: Essential for Health – Zinc

If the Magnesium is the King of the minerals essential for our human body, Zinc can certainly be considered the Queen – Feel free to reverse the order based on your own gender preferences. . .

Zinc is an essential mineral contributing to our total physical and mental well-being. The average adult human body contains only about 2 grams of this mineral. Even a little deficiency in Zinc causes perils for our immune system. There are 156 enzymes that require zinc for their functioning. It acts as a cofactor with more than 300 different enzymes, boosting the functioning of many of the body’s most basic chemical processes. It is a constituent of many enzymes involved in metabolism. . .

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Minerals: Essential for Health – Chromium

Since the Magnesium and Zinc have been made to occupy the Royal Throne of the Health Empire, we can only assign the Bishop’s job for the Chromium. No need to feel sorry for the Chromium, it has been assigned a very hefty portfolio.

Chromium is essential to maintaining good health. It is required for normal carbohydrate, sugar, fat and protein metabolism. As a nutritional substance, it is an essential co-factor for insulin function. It helps to ensure that the blood sugar levels stay within the normal ranges by improving the way our bodies use insulin. Chromium is needed to help insulin perform this enormous task.

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Minerals: Essential for Health – Selenium

Selenium is another essential mineral that follows on the heel of Chromium to help us remain fit and healthy. The many benefits of selenium include its ability to boost the body’s immune system and protect it against disease such as heart disease. It is a potent antioxidant and prevents hardening of the arteries. It supports pancreatic health and keeps skin looking young. . .
Selenium is found in every cell of human body, but especially in kidneys, lever, spleen, pancreas and testes. In males, almost half of the selenium is concentrated in the testicles and the seminal ducts around the prostate gland. That is why it is considered essential to maintaining good health of the human anatomy specific to males. . .

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Diabetes: The Real Causes – Part II

With the perspective of the Healthcare Industry, diabetes is not just a $200 billion component of profit, it is also the door opener to other major revenue generating diseases . . .
The use of prescription drugs is one of the major causes of diabetes. The HeathCare Industry doesn’t even hide it – many of its drugs list the diabetes as the side effect of the drug . . .
The HealthCare Industry knows how sensitive the insulin receptor sites are to the chemical poisoning. It has taken all the necessary measure to ensure that we keep on getting a minimum dosage of these poisonous chemicals and metals as part of our diet. Metals such as cadmium, mercury, arsenic, lead, fluoride and aluminum play a role in the destruction of the beta cells . . .

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Diabetes: Natural Healing & Herbal Remedies

The human body has an innate capacity to heal itself. Self-healing occurs once the causes of the illness – that caused the illness in the first place, have been eliminated. Natural remedies work nature’s way – by helping the body overcome the disease and restore the body to its natural and healthy state. Natural healing also helps rejuvenate the body’s immune system to guard it against the invasions by any future diseases.
Healthcare Industry, on the other hand, sees no incentive in eliminating the disease – the source of its revenue. It thrives on selling the drugs that, while covering the symptoms of the disease, work to open new channels of revenue for it.
Natural and Herbal remedies, on the other hand, work to eradicate the root causes of the ailment – with no side effects . . .

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Virgin Coconut Oil – Like Mother’s Milk

As the health conscious people are becoming aware of the benefit of virgin coconut oil, the healthcare industry is getting nervous – Its double-digit growth must go on unhindered. It has battalions of health professionals, authors and magicians available to attack and demonized the coconut oil. Lately, the vested interests have prompted the doctor of the “Land-of-Oz” to also join the smear campaign against the coconut oil.
Coconut Oil is a superbly nutritious and safe food that not only provides energy and nutrients by itself, but also by promoting the absorption of other foods, particularly fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) and minerals. While it is a food, it is also an immune booster and a tonic. It supports body’s defense mechanism and restores structural integrity of the cells. It guards the body against the attack of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, protozoa and worms. It is an antibody with the widest spectrum of action of all antipathogens.

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Raw Milk – Hazardous to Healthcare Industry

An organized war is being waged on the Raw Milk – For years, the FDA and its cahoots have been targeting and harassing the farmers who dare to sell raw milk direct to people who are willing to drive long distances to get the real milk for their families. Numerous health and medical organizations have been churning out a plethora of clinical studies to warn the public against the perils of consuming the raw milk – And, of course, the Colas and Mc-Burgers are perfectly safe and healthy foods! . . .
May it be that the Raw Milk poses a danger to the health of the Multi-Trillion dollar Health Care Industry? . . .
Raw milk from grass-fed cows is the only food that has all the necessary components essential for good health. While healthy fats in raw milk support the cardiovascular system, beneficial bacteria and antimicrobial components, absent in pasteurized milk, support the immune system boost and reduce allergies. It is an outstanding source of vitamins, especially vitamin A, zinc, and enzymes . . .
Raw milk from grass-fed cows is, in fact, a complete and properly balanced food – You could live on it exclusively if you had to . . .

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The Diabetes Bonanza – Part 1

Diabetes contributes billions of dollars to the coffers of Healthcare Industry. The worldwide sales of diabetes drugs was 27.3 billion in 2008, in 2013 it totaled $41 billion, and is expected to cross the $55 billion mark in 2016 . . .
The US has the dominant share in the global diabetes market, with $21 billion in drug sales and a total cost of $198 billion to the public in 2013 – That means $198 billion in revenue for the Healthcare Industry. And, the diabetes segment of the industry is expected to maintain its double-digit growth rate . . .
Do you really expect the Healthcare Industry to wash its hand of hundreds of billion of dollar and let the diabetes disappear? . . .

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Are you Drowning Yourself in Water?

It is amazing to see people walking around with all type of water bottles in their hands. Totting the water-bottle has become a fashion statement – It is a sort of “Me Too” cry. Water bottles have emerged as the standard expression of being ‘health consciousness and modern’. Medical professionals – at the behest of the Healthcare Industry, along with the Bottled Water Industry, and, joining the band wagon, Health Journals, all have been promoting the myth that one can never drink enough water .
Remember; in physical composition, we are very close to other animals on this planet. Animals hardly ever gulp huge quantities of water. Water is a necessity and not a statement of fashion or expression of health consciousness .

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Working Out to Remain Enthroned

A lazy life style, deprived of physical and mental stimuli, is the main cause of most of the diseases that afflict us. An inactive life’s gift to us is the lack of energy, depression, a state of confusion, and the loss of control. Many of our modern ailments spring from this acquired state of mental lethargy and laziness .
Regular physical workouts leave you feeling energized and looking better overall – which have a positive effect on your sex life. It leads to enhanced arousal for both women and men. Men who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from ED – No need to pop Cialis, Viagra or Levitra .

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Complete Workout Regimen

Over the years, I have thoughtfully developed a system of exercises and forms that, taking into account the constraints of the time that our busy life imposes upon most of us, optimizes the health benefits. A lot of people – both the born-health-conscious-lot and the ‘newly-converted-ones’ – have been enjoying a happier and healthier lifestyle since they adopted these workout routines .
The idea here is to introduce you to the basic exercises to keep your body in a tip-top shape – not to make body-builder out of you. Special attention has been paid to device the workout regimens fit to the needs of those who need it most – the Advanced Age group, and the sedentary life-stylers .

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Hair Health – Maintaining a Full Head

The condition of your skin and hair is the reflection of what is going on inside your body – With a healthy inside, you will have a blemish-free skin, and a healthy and lustrous mane.
There are many factors; namely, severe dandruff, fungus and germs, toxic metal contamination and hormonal imbalance, iron deficiency, low protein intake, birth control pills, pregnancy and menopause, rapid weight loss,etc., that can cause abnormal and premature hair loss.
The following hair maintenance and hair loss prevention remedies will help you keep you mane longer and in good shape. Further, you will enjoy the fringe benefits of good health with no ‘side effects’ .

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