The Saga of Two Planets


[ By: Parwaiz Khan ]


The Andromeda Galaxy, stationed around 2.5 billion light years from the Milky Way Galaxy on the other side of the Local Galactic Cluster, is, in fact, the mirror image of the Milky Way galaxy. Much like the Milky Way, it is home to more than 600 billion planets orbiting around their own stars.

Millions of these planets are bursting with life – Some blooming and thriving in peace and prosperity, while others scorching in the fire of their own hate.

Paradise Planets:

Some of the planets in the Andromeda Galaxy are blessed with the presence of superbly intelligent and advanced life-forms that have transformed their respective planets into real ‘Paradise’. People in those planets are enjoying their lives in peace, harmony, and prosperity. There are no wars and no conflicts – Inhabitants of those blessed planets cherish each other’s progress and success. Marvels of their scientific advancement and achievements have ushered in the era of plenty, abundance, and health. Having acquired the knowledge and capabilities to tame the energy and forces of the nature, they have all the means to ‘conquer’ the weaker planets of the galaxy, but they chose to put their capabilities in the service of fellow beings – not for killing and destruction – these are the ‘Paradise’ group of planets.

Planet Angelica:

Among the Paradise planets, the people of the planet Angelica were the first ones to reach the high corridors of evolution and adopt the natural system that promotes and thrives on the principals of ‘peaceful and harmonious coexistence’ – an antidote to the ‘Homo-Parasites’. The Planet Angelica is, being naturally on the forefront of the good deeds, the first one to jump to help other beings – whenever and wherever it is needed – A blessing for the entire Andromeda Galaxy they are.

Planets still passing through the Evolution Process:
Many millions of the planets in the Andromeda Galaxy are still passing through the evolutionary corridor. Emergence of ‘intelligent life’ in those planets is at varying stages of the evolution cycle.

The inhabitants of the ‘Paradise’ planets are taking the necessary steps to make sure that when the right ‘moment’ comes, the emerging intelligence doesn’t fall prey to the deadly strain of universal ‘Homo-Parasites’ that induce in people the self-destructive killing instincts.

Parasite Infested Planets – Planets of Hell:

On the other spectrum of the planetary life cycle, there are many planets in the Andromeda Galaxy where the inhabitants are enduring the life of Living Hell. Stuck in the middle of the natural evolutionary process, infested with the destructive and deadly ‘Homo-Parasites’, and burning in the inferno of mutual hate, they are busy killing and destroying each other. A product of life themselves, their only purpose in life seems to be to ‘destroy the life’ itself – Amazing, indeed!

Inhabitants of these planets, plagued with incessant wars of genocidal killings, have poisoned and destroyed their very own Ecosystem that supports their own life. Taken over and consumed by the deadly ‘homo-parasites’, they see not what they are doing.

The Planet Homo-Parasitca:

The Planet ‘Homo-Parasitica‘, worst of the ‘Homo-Parasite’ infested planets of Hell, having crossed all the barriers in the wake of their vicious and savage ‘lifestyle‘, was getting ready to invade and destroy other neighbouring planets by exporting their ‘homo-parasite’ laden life style to other planets.

Planet Homo-Parasitica needed to be stopped.

People of the planet Angelica have the means to eliminate and annihilate the planet Homo-Parasitica in a blink, and resolve the problem of planet Homo-Parasitica for good. But, that is not the way the system of the ‘Paradise’ planets operates on – Life has to be respected, and all issues and problems have to be resolved ‘peacefully’ and in a logical manner – Destruction, war, and killing, under any pretext, is not permitted.

Planet Homo-Parasitica is located on the other side of the Andromeda Galaxy, 82 light years away, almost across the diagonal line of the galactic disk. Planet Angelica’s Inter-Galactic Expedition Flotilla of ships, encapsulated within the Cosmic Energy Field, were capable of traveling at 1,000 times the speed of light – They could reach the planet Homo-Parasitica in just 30 days.

Paradise Planets’ scouting ships were already orbiting around the planet Homo-Parasitica, and monitoring the deteriorating condition of its inhabitants. The destructive network of homo-parasites has been identified and tagged. All of their parasitic moves, aimed at sucking the wits out of their victims, were being observed.

The problem and risk facing any rescue operation was that, the people of the planet Homo-Parasitica were so much under the parasitic control that they were ready to willingly and gleefully kill and destroy each other at the homo-parasite’s command.

Somehow, the people of the planet Homo-Parasitca had to be saved – Luckily, though, significantly large pockets of homo-parasitican population, who were still free and away from the infestation of the Homo-Parasites, had also been identified and tagged by the Paradise planets’ scouting ships – These parasite free people of the planet parasitica were the only hope of their entire planet.

In an ad-hoc meeting of the Council of the Paradise Planets, a consensus was reached to launch an operation to rescue and the population of the planet Homo-Parasitica, and introduce them to the path of Paradise.

Planet Angelica was authorized to expedite and send an Inter-Galactic Command Flotilla, with the full Executive and Discretionary Authority, to planet Homo-Parasitica. The existence of intelligent life on other close by planets were at great risk due to the Homo-Parasitic killing spree of the savages of the planet Homo-Parasitica – They had to be stopped – Either way.

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