The Final Phase

The Final Phase


From the upheavals of the 18th century Europe to the wars of Americas, from the WWI to WWII, from the Bolshevik Revolution to the break-up of the Soviet Union, from the assassinations of President Lincoln to President Kennedy, from the institution of Slavery to the Opium Wars, form Vietnam to Iraq, and from the global financial crisis of 2008 to the current state of global politico-economic crisis and social unrest, there has not been a single event of any significance that has since been occurred on this Earth without the bidding and blessing of Mortimers. Since the mid 18th century, it have been the Mortimer hands that have been shaping the past, present and the future of this world. They have been the King-makers, and the Money Makers – The real movers and shakers of the world. And, yet, there are a very few people who even know the name – Mortimer.

Mortimers, the longest lasting and the most powerful dynasty in the known human history, have been at the helm of the world affairs for centuries. Over the period of last two centuries they have had meticulously designed, crafted and installed the western world’s institutions of power; governments, legislatures, judiciaries, banking, military, and the law enforcement agencies to always serve their interests and obey their commands. From their very early days, the Mortimers had taken over the control of the media, publication houses, and the news outlets to modify and mold the human behavior to their liking. They hadn’t even over looked the education; the western education system was tailored to serve the interests of the Mortimers and to promote the Mortimer prescribed way-of-life.

When it comes to planning, and its ruthless execution, Mortimers have been the masters of the game – they had learned to leave nothing to chances. They had survived and flourished over centuries by remaining vigilant and proactive – Any resistance or challenge to their absolute authority must have to be identified and crushed in its bud. The rule of the Mortimers must have to remain absolute and unchallenged – whatever the cost – to the humans.

Mortimers have been staunch believers in the enforcement of the rule of law – The Mortimer Law. Since the inception of the Mortimer empire, they had adopted, reinvigorated, and reorganized the professional army of the world’s most efficient and ruthless killers – The Assassins. These assassins, operating under the cloak of invisibility, were the ultimate enforcer of the Mortimer Law. Modeled after the Mortimers’ global vision, the units of this elite army were comprised of ‘soldiers’ from all geographical regions of the world, and afforded the Equal Loyalty Opportunity also to the finer sex. The training regimen and the professional skills of these killers were unmatched – from the ancient techniques of the killing arts to the most modern ways of assassination, they were the last word in their profession. These experts could easily convince their victims to either stab himself three times in the back and then jump down from the 16th floor window, enjoy a delicious cup of polonium tea, or have their heart-beats stopped by the pulse of an invisible beam. Always ready to spring to action upon the command thorough proper channels, these superbly skilled professionals, through generational connections and gratitude, had always been fiercely loyal to the Mortimers.

Heeding the calls of the changing times, the military style formation of these valued assassins had morphed into an array of organizational structures – with the Generals assuming the titles of Directors and the soldiers taking on the form of ‘Agents’. Whatever the cloak or disguise been, they were still the most efficient Enforcers and Terminators this world had ever witnessed. The agents of these secretive organizations had been systematically infused into every worthwhile institution and agency of the western nations – their true identity unknown even to the highest in the known hierarchy.

The cadre of these highly trusted and regarded assassins was composed solely of the bloodliners of the original torch bearers of the noble profession of assassins – the inductions and assignments into these special units were the privileges inherited from the loyal parents and passed on to the next generation – all in the service of the Mortimers. Usefulness of these special agents had been proven time and again. They had been the indispensable instruments of ultimate control – the fear of these omnipresent, ruthless and invisible enforcers of the Mortimer rules was enough to keep even the bravest of the corrupt heads in compliance.

Mortimers understood and appreciated the influence and power of religion very well. They had realized that taking the charge of the world’s organized religions and controlling the religious fervor was essential in order to implement the Global Order of Mortimers. They took over the command of the ‘maritime operations’ at The Holy See in the mid eighteenth century, turning the Vatican into a Mortimers’ private vessel. The Anglican Church had been acquired and retained even earlier. The Orthodox Churches and the Islamic institutions had been systematically infiltrated, exploited, and incorporated into the Mortimer conglomerate over the next century. Recognizing the existential threats posed by the frequent eruptions of the Islamic revivals, Mortimers had taken over the controlling stake in the entire lot of their clergy, scholars, and the institutions of religious learning – They had effectively Mortimerized the Islam. Thanks to their possession of the British Crown, the ruling classes of the Muslim world – from Turkey to Indonesia, and all the sundry Lilliputian Kingdoms and Sheikhdoms in between- were all carefully hand picked, groomed, cultivated, and installed by the successions of the Mortimers. The Islamic threats had been effectively contained, for ever.

Mortimers had always been fervent believers in hedging their bets – It was this cautious approach to investment management that they had yet to write-off any of their losses. They overlooked nothing. While the Judaism had been fully Mortimerized and had since been an integral part of the Mortimer empire, they didn’t let the ‘pagans’ down either – Hindus were also made to enjoy the Mortimer blessings; the likes of Gandhi, Jinah, and Nehru were the loving gifts from the Mortimers. Indian sub-continent was always a Mortimers’ prized possession – the Jewel of The Crown.

Mortimers were bred to win the Ultimate Game – they had perfected the strategies and devised the system to succeed where all the previous ones had failed. And, the prize – waiting at the end of the Game – was the Earth in its entirety, along with all of its resources and the inhabitants – It was a Mortimers’ Game with Mortimers’ rules.

Mortimer was, in fact, a phenomenon – rather a creed. Over the hundreds of years, they had propagated, merged, morphed, and purposefully subdivided into multiple dynasties, many of whom today don’t carry the Mortimer name, but are recognized as ‘The One’ within the closely knit ruling Circle of the Mortimers – Name not withstanding, they are still the Mortimers in essence.

For more than three hundred years they had been in absolute control of the world – with all of its wealth and populous in the service of Mortimers. But, lately, especially since after the 1990s, for the very first time, there were emerging the signs of strain and doubts even from within the Mortimer global dynasty. For the very first time, things had taken the turns that were not in tune with the wishes of the Mortimers. Not only that the ‘foreign’ rules had been introduced to the Mortimer Game, their moves were being predicted with an unacceptable accuracy.

It was not acceptable.

The secret to Mortimers’ phenomenal control of the humanity and their success was in the establishment and maintenance of a state of absolute secrecy, anonymity, and utmost ignorance – humans were there to produce the wealth for the Mortimers and to serve the Mortimers – knowing and getting to the truth of the matter was none of their business. To keep them in compliance, a culture of absurdities, dogma and obedience – color painted as the civilized behavior – had been craftily induced upon the humanity in general and upon the westerners in particular. Humans had been conditioned to abide by the rules of the Mortimers – In the goodness of their hearts, Mortimers couldn’t allow the humans to be kicked out again from this Earthly Heaven for eating the Fruit of Knowledge again.

And, the culprit stirring the turmoils in the Empire and causing the trouble for the established order was of their own creation – The Internet. It was created to help facilitate and implement the Global Order of Mortimers, but it had, somehow, evolved into a monster, disbursing the Fruit of Knowledge to humans, and, in doing so, was causing disruption to The Plan by shattering the veils of secrecy and lifting the curtains of ignorance.

It couldn’t be allowed.

Lord Jason Mortimer, the present head of the Mortimers, along with the elders of the Inner Circle, had decided that it was the time to speed up and move forward The Plan and usher in The Final Phase – It was time to realize the dreams of the Mortimer ancestors – And, shackle the humanity for ever in the service of the Mortimers.

At the behest of Jason Mortimer, The Plan had been put on fast track. And, all over the world, events were happening at a break-neck speed.

To the outsiders, it was a world gone crazy.

* * * * *

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