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The Case For Disarming The Police

Police brutality and violence against the defenseless population is not some thing new. But, over the past few years, the frequency and the degree of this violence has gone up drastically – the beatings and tortures have given way to outright murders and executions. It is resembling more and more like the hunting season – the duck hunting. Armed to the teeth, police seems to be enjoying killing their victims in a volley of bullets. Defenseless people are just the game!

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The Roots of Police Violence and Brutality

The roots of police violence and brutality lie in the Parasitic Economic Order that has been in place in the West since the early nineteenth century. Police force was created to ‘Protect and Serve’ the wealthy class – and to keep the working population under control. From its very inception, its task is to subjugate and intimidate the working class to work longer and harder to produce more wealth for the rich and wealthy – brutality and violence are just the tools of trade.

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