Virgin Coconut Oil – Like Mother’s Milk

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  1. Jenna Hudson says:

    Well researched and very useful essay. Started using Coconut oil for my entire family. My hair were the first to show the ‘luster & shine’. There are other benefits that modesty doesn’t allow me to post here. To all women, i will suggest; consider virgin coconut oil.

    Thank you.

  2. Pete says:

    Great article and all true! Abit off topic but cold you please write an an opinion on the
    “Budwig Protocol”? (Dr. Johanna Budwing PhD Chemistry). Is it true that mixing fresh flax seed oil and quark cheese or goat’s yoghurt could alliviate inflammatory diseases? Since her therapy is form the 1950s could you please offer a modern interpretation?
    Thanks a million,

    • Editor says:

      First, please note that our bodies have not changed much since 1950. What Dr Johanna Budwig proposed, and proved by her treatment of late stage cancer patients, is till as valid as it was during her time. Her work has been under attack from the the early days as it cuts the roots of Health Care Industry’s profit.

      You can find more information about her ‘protocol’ here:

      The Budwig Protocol For All Types Of Cancer And Degenerative Disease

      “Her healing plan works on improving the cells of the body. It doesn’t matter where the diseased cells are located or what name is given to your illness because the Budwig program gives cells what is needed (the essential good fats/oils) in order for them to normalize in their functioning process.

      However, that does not mean we use exactly the same diet, therapies and herbal remedies for each person. A blood test, Vega test and a Health Check Questionnaire need to be completed beforehand so we can tailor the treatment to the type of illness you have, your immune system, toxic levels, your energy status, etc.”

      Inflammation is body’s natural response to abuses, harmful substances, and a variety of other conditions that it has to ward off. By medical definition, “Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection; the aim being to remove harmful stimuli, including damaged cells, irritants, or pathogens – and begin the healing process.

      When something harmful or irritating affects a part of our body, there is a biological response to try to remove it, the signs and symptoms of inflammation, specifically acute inflammation, show that the body is trying to heal itself.”

      Here you can find detailed information about
      The Budwig Diet Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese (FOCC) or quark recipe:

      Personally, I prefer yogurt made from the grass fed raw whole milk instead of cottage cheese (quark).

      Anyhow, it is superbly health diet.

      Please note: A chronic health condition is a very personal thing. What works for one patient, may not work for another. Each person responds differently to disease and to the different treatments that are available. If the condition is serious, I will suggest to discuss any treatment that you like to incorporate in your lifestyle with your medical service provider.

  3. W Smith says:

    When we were posted in Philippines, we got introduced to the coconut oil. It is the most beneficial oil – rather a food as you pointed out.
    It is The Best Food for your entire body, from your hair to heart, and a marvel for the immune system.
    Great Work!

  1. November 3, 2014

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  2. November 15, 2014

    […] Jednym ze skutków cukrzycy jest brak energii. Olej kokosowy pomaga dostarczyć energię do komórek, bo jest łatwo wchłaniany bez potrzeby enzymów ani insuliny. Wykazano, że poprawia wydzielanie insuliny i wykorzystanie glukozy we krwi. Może również podnosić podstawową temperaturę organizmu przyspieszając metabolizm – korzystne także dla osób cierpiących na schorzenia tarczycy. Więcej informacji w artykule Olej kokosowy jak mleko matki [Virgin Coconut Oil – Like Mother’s Milk]. […]

  3. October 11, 2015

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