China’s Soft Underbelly – Hong Kong

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4 Responses

  1. Zhi says:

    I have been living in Hong Kong for almost a decade, and can tell you that the majority of Hong Kong people are not participating in these protests. People here are well aware of what is going on in the west in general, and in the US in particular – they saw the police brutality in Fergusan. There is no illusion.

    Many people here are also taken aback by the abrupt eruption of these protests, and are very concerned about the economic impact on the island. Further, the majority of the business here is with the mainland Chinese people. Hong Kong is a business and commerce center. Businesses don’t want to disrupt their relationship with the mainland.

    That said, most people don’t want to lose their ‘autonomous’ status as well. You are right, there are elements who are exploiting the sentiments of younger generation. But, so far, the police response has not been extreme – no where close to Fergusan brutalities. I can also tell you that police is showing even more restraint today.

    A good article, though.

  2. Chen says:

    Perhaps Japan can come in and liberate them!

  3. Eric says:

    All the Chinese authorities have to do is infect a number of these people who are demonstrating with Ebola and let time take its course. A small number of people would start showing symptoms within 3 days. By one week, enough people will be showing symptoms to cause panic in this large grouping of people, and they will disperse.

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