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The Windows of Opportunity

In the Era before the Big Pharma, diseases were rare, and mostly related to malnutrition and lack of hygiene. Health care, though an essential service, was not a gateway to wealth and prosperity. . . The health care providers of that era – doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, had no incentive in prolonging the suffering of their patients. They wanted them to be fit and on their feet fast . . .
That was until the health care was still a service.
In the early 1920s, it downed upon some clever Entities that immense amount of wealth could be accumulated by transforming the Health Care Service into the Disease Care Industry . . . The progenitors of this Great Idea recognized that the success and growth of this ‘Industry was dependent upon the ever growing supply of new customers, holding on to the acquired customers, and selling more products to them . . .

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In Hot Pursuit of Money

Money provides the means to support whatever plans or purposes one may have in life. But, the things end up upside down, and the life goes down the gutter when making the money becomes the objective, and the sole purpose for living . . . This is the betrayal of life. And, it is amazing to see how many are fully devoted to butchering their own lives at the altar of money. Not realizing that the life is too short – It ends quite abruptly while one is still in Hot Pursuit of Money.

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