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The Tribal Gods – Gods of Discord

In God We Trust – And, in God’s Name We Kill, Rape, Loot, and Destroy. Ours is The Loving and Caring God. More than Fifty Six Million native Americans, Millions of natives of Australia and New Zealand, Tens of Millions of people in India, and the Millions in the Middle East sacrificed at the Alter of God are Testimonials of God’s Love and Care – And, The God’s Love is Never Ending!
On our planet Earth, there may be shortage of every thing, but when it comes to Gods, . . .

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Sifting Out The Creator

Scientific data and evidence has led us to the conclusion that there must have to be an ‘Intelligent Scheme’ at work to manifest the emergence of this enormous, complex, and highly dynamic Universe … Further, there must exist an ‘Authority’ and ‘Intelligence’ to formulate and impose the Laws of the Universe. We may call that Entity, ‘The Creator’… Here, with a purely scientific and logical perspective, we evaluate, the ‘Attributes‘ of that Supreme Intelligence, The Creator – and, more importantly, what cannot be the attributes of The Creator.

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The Case for the Intelligent Scheme

The vastness, the complexity, and the order of the Universe is simply mind-numbing. It is certainly a system of enormously large proportions and extreme complexity . . .
For a gargantuan system of such large proportions, we observe the Universe to be very orderly, precise and stable . . . The presence of well thought and unbreakable laws, and strict code of abidance is apparent at every juncture. Every thing in the universe is a testament to one fact: The Universe is no ‘accident’ – It is the product of an Intelligent Scheme . . .

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