The Exceptional Dictatorial Democracy

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20 Responses

  1. Monica V says:

    It is the democracy of Bombs.

  2. Joan Clark says:

    Our government supports dictators and hate democracies. Our friends; Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Current puppet government of Ukraine, Israel, Jordan, Morocco , and . . .
    Our enemies, Iran, Venezuela, ….

    Does it tell you something?

  3. K Nomura says:

    You hammed it very well. The following verse from K-Rino depict the situation here:

    Unjustified battle cries, whole planet dissatisfied
    You and this country’s marriage died, Bush and his Daddy lied
    See you was listening to his words, while I was looking at his eyes
    Burned after you fraternised, now you want to act surprised?
    So mentally dead its stunning, Satan got you scared and running
    Bailout plan was for the rich, ain’t no jobs and ain’t none coming!
    Government been getting sloppy, now Barack’s a carbon copy
    Got Saddam, got Bin Laden, made his dumb ass get Gaddafi
    See they try to monopolize, I need land that I can buy
    Keep your Wall Street, I got a soul I need to occupy
    The USA be constantly spreading fake democracy
    You got freedom of speech until you speak out against their policies
    Every two blocks, liquor stores, fast food spots
    New cops, treat crew plots, rocks and flu shots
    Killing you intentionally, tricking you, promoting war
    All of them are devils so don’t ask me who I’m voting for

  4. Walter Millsap says:

    I too found this article at and found it be a great read, for me a keeper to pass around to other people I know, who question the accusation, and want to see some real tangible proof, from someone besides all the so-called highly reliable stealth sources that the government speaks about and the lap dog mainstream press writes about, as though it is the new gospel . As for Mr. Putin, I honestly feel from all of my research while following the world news for many years now, that he has been given a lot of bad press because he’s an honorable man who loves his country and the people and they trust, love and will stand with their man. He’s a very smart man who is deeply spiritual and believes in the golden rule of karma and really doesn’t want a war with anybody. Because he knows the devastation it would bring to the many people he feels truly responsible for.

  5. Rick Ward says:

    At best, it is a Rant. What are your sources and where are the citations?

    • Mark Doyle says:

      Hey Rick,
      Do you think before posting the comment? “What are your sources and where are the citations?” You need “sources” and “citations” for what? For Grenada invasion, for Panama invasion, for Vietnam invasion, for Yugoslavia/Serbia invasion, for Iraq invasion, for Afghanistan invasion, or for ongoing invasion of Pakistan, Yemen, and Syria. Or, may be, you need sources and citations for the ongoing tortures at Guantanamo Bay and Bagram.

      Have some sense and logic.

  6. George says:

    The cia made germany release a fake documentary about Gaddafi
    and his fake gas chambers. They are also the king of lies.

  7. Chuck Norton says:

    If The United States is The Exceptional Dictatorial Democracy, so what is the Russian democracy, an Oligarch? How about China, the most oppressive country? But you targeted only the US.

    Let me tell you, The US is the Greatest country in the world.
    We are the Greatest!

    • Robert says:

      US is not a democracy, it is a republic, the rule of the self entitled. This is what they do.

    • Nora Wilson says:

      First of all, this article is not about the “we”, it is about the tyrannical system that has taken over our country, and, also, the Europe.
      “We are the Greatest”, that, too, after the tyranny of USS Liberty, Grenada, Panama, rampant tortures of innocent human beings, Guantanamo Bay, non-stop False-Flags terror attacks, and the plunder of defenseless nations.

      The only thing I have to say to you is, shame on you Chuck.

      Wake up man!

  8. Sam Paddack says:

    This vicious animal devours only the weak. In tangling with Russia, it will lose bad. Russia is neither Panama nor Iraq.

  9. hp says:

    “Democracy too is a religion, it is the worship of jackals by jackasses”

    “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance”

    (H.L. Mencken)

  10. Alananda says:

    Excellent essay/rant — I too discovred you through a link on Refreshing and resonant thoughts and viewpoints. Thank you. If you have a subscriber list or e-mail notice of new postings, please add me too!

  11. Isnamthere says:

    It takes an educated populace to pull off a truly democratic government. Could you imagine a true majority rule in the ignorant and propagandized US? We’d be in big trouble if the majority of morons in this country actually called the shots.

    • Robert says:

      Are you really this stupid? Instead of democracy, we have a republic. The rule of the self declared elite. And we already have the morons calling the shots. The rule of the elite is the problem. A democracy would have an extremely difficult time getting anything passed because 50% agree on almost nothing. The elite think nothing of human life if they can profit. You’re one of the morons who you are afraid of giving a voice to. Educate yourslef, if you can. You’ve been schooled and don’t think for yourself. You are your own enemy.

  12. Monica Johnson says:

    Thanks to, I stumbled upon your website. I liked what I found here – A collection of genuine and very informative essays written so beautifully. Great articulation!

    I will be visiting regularly.

    Have a very Happy New Year.

  13. Anthony Vasco says:

    Very well presented. Facts presented with a touch of humor. This Exceptional Dictatorial Democracy is really the work of some demonic gods.

    Enjoyed your article. Thank you.

  14. Mike Wilder says:

    A great piece again. I have been reading all of your article. If you have a “subscription” list, I would like to subscribe to it. Don’t want to any of your articles.

    BTW, you are showing “books” in progress. When will they be available? I would like to be the first one to buy your book.

    Thank you.

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