The Final Clampdown: What is Holding It?

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  1. Julie K says:

    You have presented a very scary scenario – in reality, civil war and the break-up of the country into many independent region – all at war with each other. Coming to us what we did to others.

    Hope you are wrong. But, in my heart I know you are not.

  2. Sam Bruce says:

    You seem to have a military background. Am I right?
    But, then, you also have quite a good grip of the financial affairs – A retired ranking officer gone into financial sector?

    Well, a very well argued and well presented essay. Hope your predictions will not come true.

    Thank you.

  3. Sara Otto says:

    An amazingly powerful and analytical essay presented in an unusual way – liked it, though.

    Glad to have stumbled upon it thanks to the “News Scouter”- that too is an amazing find – thanks to the “Truth Seeker”.

  4. Peter Hague says:

    Ground is already prepared for the clampdown – ISIS across the border, False Flags involving Moslems, the shills like Pamela Geller on the lose, and The Jed Helm-15 in full swing. Yes, we are there. Give or take a few months.

    Finally, the chicken have come home to roost. Karma is knocking!

  5. Oram Hogbert says:

    My friend the collapse has already occurred. Most are just oblivious to the fact.
    More than 8,000 US retail shops have recently been closed illustrates how the corporate government and the public can no longer borrow money to buy trinkets from the rest of the world.
    Dollar is being shunned. We will no more be able to force others to give their goods and take our ‘Fed Notes’ for it. It is the End of The Road, my friend.

    As another reader has pointed out, the Final Clampdown is almost here.

  6. John Wilbert says:

    We are at the brinks of financial collapse, you are very right. And, we are not very far away from the Final Clampdown. They are hiding the data, and fabricating it. For example;

    One recent new indicator of the world wide boycott against the US based Khazarian cabalists was the National Association of Credit Manager’s report that successful US loan applications since the end of March fell by more than 40% year on year. The fall was almost entirely due to a stoppage of trade credits, according to the association. The US government later forced them to “revise” away this ugly truth.

    Jed Helm-15 is the gate to The Final Clampdown.

    Thank you for a great piece.

  7. T2014 says:

    “By the mid 19th century, the banking clans had infiltrated and taken over all the institutions of power in Europe, from The Vatican to the kings and their kingdom. They were moving into the Americas.”

    No, it is exactly the opposite. By the 19th century, the kings and Vatican TOOK OVER the banking clans. The americas never even left the british imperial system, so there was nothing “moving” anywhere, it was there from the get-go ever since Hamilton.

    • T2014 says:

      Oh yeah – a certain Rothschild family, supposedly “jewish”, will often be seen wearing a maltese cross. They are catholic Knights of Malta. Do the math.

  8. Ray Songtree says:

    Brother, your essay is was well written but you are missing too many components.

    You write “But, still, the global financial system couldn’t hold the enormous bulge of the US dollar notes, and, in 2008, it busted form the seems.” (sic)

    2008 was planned way in advance, it wasn’t anything busting “from the seams”. Please study Wayne Madson expose of Obama the third generation CIA agent, who was placed, who studied with Brzezinski among others. Please study the fake 2009 swine flu (search Sharyl Attkinson Freedom of information CDC) to bring about martial law to cover up the orchestrated housing bubble, which was the cause of 2008 financial panic. A quick study would be watching The Obama Deception and Fall of the Republic, on youtube, to show it was all planned.

    But the swine flu fizzled, because just as there is evil in world, there is also good.

    You don’t seem to be aware that their will never be a nuclear war because that was shut down. See the Disclosure Project Press Conference May 2001 on youtube. These good forces neutralized SARS, Bird flu, Swine flu, and are doing same with Ebola. These forces are not physical. It is something else. See the news that Ebola is disappearing from Liberia at

    Your central missing coordinate is that this present system cannot (and should not) be salvaged. It doesn’t matter if this side or that is in power. It is not just a financial ponzi scheme that the system is mathematically doomed. We also have resource depletion and over population. You don’t seem to have factored in the long planning for de-population, the eugenics work from Nazi supporter Rockefeller who helped create UN, CFR, Trilateral commission, Planned Parenthood, (Bill Gates dad was a planned parenthood Head, easy search-Bill Gates interview with Bill Moyer), the vaccination scandals by Gates and WHO in Kenya and Brazil and right now in India, and the many depopulation programs, including wireless frequencies ( and glyphosate ( Monsanto Roundup) and more. (Wheat allergy is gylphosate allergy. Test this by eating organically grown wheat)

    The bad guys’ final phase is in line with a natural die off. They just want to run it rather than have it happen naturally so they can remain in control. The plan is Smart Cities for the survivors who will have “prosperity” and “equality” (a la Thrive Movie-Foster Gamble) both terms just mean rations.

    Their fear is not timing, their fear is their weapons are being neutralized, and that THEY ARE NOT IN CONTROL. Meanwhile all their other plans are operational. ISIS is NWO creation, etc etc. Climate change is due to geo-engineering, including most earthquakes and droughts (California), using HAARP. (Easy search online). Ferguson riots were planned, set off with rubber bullets before anything even happened, with police cars burning for the cameras, and no one even getting out a fire extinquisher. They want riots. They want SOME EXCUSE for martial law. And they are succeeding. The more riots, the more excuse for a police state. They want riots.

    They are busy tying the noose on everything, and they can print money forever and prop everything up. You are mistaken. The ponzi scheme is now backed by quantitative easing by a FED that refuses to be audited. They have the guns and unlimited money. The problem is that money can’t magically create real goods, which are running out. So depopulation programs are in effect already. Your Iphone has a secret warning to keep it 15mm from your skin. (easy search) This is only for legal reasons. The fact is that chronic exposure at low levels will not only shorten your life, but will effect your genetics.

    What cockroaches are afraid of is light. The New World Order is afraid of is being busted, and it is happening. The pedophilia in UK and elsewhere, the MKUltra victims coming forward, scandal after scandal.

    It appears now that before resource depletion collapse, before financial collapse, the COLLAPSE OF SECRECY IS UPON THEM.

    And we can be part of that, but we are still a part of the biggest problem, the consumer ethic of the “American Dream”

    You don’t name the real opposition that will beat the globalists. The real opposition are indigenous people and nature. Urban life is doomed doomed doomed and is the real ponzi scheme ripping off life on Earth. The indoor people are destroying the entire outdoors. So which side are we really on?

    The global awakening is not a new alternative high tech rip-off system. The awakening is a reset of values, and no longer defining worth in terms of material ownership and consumption. I suggest everyone plan on what happens after the monsters are incarcerated and there is little if anything in your local stores to buy. Get on some land and produce something ! :)

    Ray Songtree
    site under construction, but bookmark it please

  9. Steve says:

    A well written essay! I enjoyed most of it but have to say I can’t agree to how you think the “take-over” is going to happen. In my opinion you are under estimating “our” enemy. These people, the elite, are a bunch of psycopaths and employ other psycopaths to run the gorvenments, the military and other positions of control. Psycopaths don’t have fear nor remorse. In my opinion this so called “take-over” was planned a long time ago and has been implemented and progressing a few decades. We can see this with laws passed that take our freedoms away, wars that change country borders, trade agreements, globalasation etc The take over is slow and subtle, and with every war, revolt, terror attack, false flag event and natural disaster another rule, law will be introduced that will restrict our movement, free speech and in general our humanness until one day we wake up and realise that we are nothing but slaves. The collapse of currency, US dollar, Euro etc you are completely right to say that it has no other direction, but this has been purposely engineered to re-introduce a new currency a new method of paying for goods and services and its all leading to a global currency. I don’t think we can use the same methods used by the elite to fight back ie violence, revolt because they are much better at that than we are. The’re only weakeness is that their system only works with our participation they use us to imprison us, the only way to stop this madness is the realisation of the scam and what we need is the majority of us to realise that they are nothing but scammers, leeches and are merely using these pieces of paper to control us. It’s time people like Mr Tim Harris above got a rude awakening, and when the majority of us know about the scam that is when the balance will tip over that will be check mate for the elite. No need to chase them and hang them, although that will be the wish of many, they will simply disappear or crawl under a rock when we refuse to play their game or use their worthless pieces of paper. Well we got to be optimistic. Thank you for a very enjoyable reading.

  10. me says:

    how do you know all this, to state it with certainty? that there are two factions fighting, and the one does not know the identity of the other. Are you suggesting that these two groups are both organised, and payrolled, with a membership list? IS this organisation anything to do with it?

    Facebook: GuilderbergSociety

    check friends list identities:

  11. David Martin, MD says:

    Sir, you did it again. Thorough, well researched, informative, and eye opening.
    Keep it up. Humanity needs thinker and brave writers like you.


  12. Kim says:

    Ferguson a dry run for martial law. They actually declared it with the National Guard and the people came out to fight anyway.
    Think about that.

  13. maybeperfect says:

    Could it be that they are to be the butt of some cosmic joke where they have been operating on the presumption that they are God? Maybe now, though , they are facing “the other edge” where they find out that as they thought they were stealing people’s lives and labor, when they were really stealing from God, and that they were fools to pretend to knowledge they do not possess, in and of themselves. Of course, they may really be God, if everything else is, right or wrong Who is to judge?
    Can’t find proof that God isn’t really doing/being everything. Might be all that is, all that isn’t and whatever other seemingly unknown categories might or might not apply.
    What’s the sense of being the God of existence if you can’t have what you want?
    And if he’s really pizzled at me, I’m sorry, if I did anything wrong, and Thanks for the front row seat to my(our?) life, and good luck(if there is such a thing) accomplishing Your purpose, whatever it may or may not be. If I was able to help in any way, I am deeply honored, and grateful for the gift of existence.

  14. Tom Richardson says:

    Whenever it starts, whenever they decide to impose the martial law, it will be in response to a civil war in the US. Look around, all this racial tension and anger, the ground has already been made ready. Give it spark, and it will explode.

    With a growing Latino population, which is being subjected to extreme discrimination (visit south parts of California, and you will know what I mean), the Blacks who are being executed by the white goons with impunity, and the whites who felt threatened, they all primed to attack each other.

    Just give them the opportunity!

    Then, the tanks will roll in to help restore the calm. Job done – The Final Clampdown.

    • Tim Tucker says:

      Why are you are blaming the whites? There is more Black-on-Black violence. They are killing each other, not the whites. They are shot by the police officers when they pose a threat to them, or to the public.

      And, as for the illegal Latinos, they have no place here.

      Whites are the ones who are suffering the most under this system.

  15. Publus says:

    Generally speaking the thesis of two rival factions within the ruling banking elite has some merit. However, I am not convinced the factions work out as suggested. For example, from say the viewpoint of a KGB General defecting to the United States, the fall of the USSR was a ruse and the primary objective is a military defeat of the United States. Think on this for a moment. Are to we to think that the Soviet system going global is somehow a win? And take the obverse. Are we to think that business as usual by the Western banking elites is a win? I suggest the overall objective is not control by Banking per se, but control by highly organized elites networked together. There are no white hats. The question seems to me to be more of how quickly can the change be implemented and how much force is required. Will a nuclear war over say the Ukraine be sufficent? Or must we have both total war and total economic collapse simultaneously.

  16. Angelyn says:

    As I read the article, the “opposition’s” “secret weapon” is the uncertainty within the hard-line banking class as to whom among themselves is not of their ruthless persuasion when it comes to crushing the populace. You can wall out the opposition, but you can’t wall out those who are already inside those walls.
    It’s the same mentality that I learned long ago in the distant past, when I was a church-going sheep: “Everybody’s going to hell except you and me, and sometimes I wonder about you.” It’s that wonder, that fear, embedded in the deceitful, exploitative mindset, that is its own downfall.

  17. Adam Padua says:

    Very insightful. Explains a lot. Gives some hope. May be, the fate will be averted, somehow.

  18. Lynn McCool says:

    Hope it is not just a fiction!

  19. Roy Campbell says:

    Good Analysis. Sorry to say it, but there there is no hope.

    If the opposition is relying on public support, they better forget it. We are dealing with the “sheeples”. They sit in front of their TVs and enjoy the crap like the “Duck Dynasty”. Just watch their excitement and the frenzies on the Black Friday.

  20. Mike Spencer says:

    We have been puzzled with many things over the years. Events orchestrated with big hoopla, all the media blasting at high crescendo, just to fizzle out again, Your essay explained it all.

    Yes, they certainly are scared. The chaos that will erupt at the instant of the imposition of Martial Law will be the opportunity to the “opposition” to counter strike. Just hope there is such an opposition.

    I have forwarded the link to this article to every one in my circle.

    Thank you for a very informative article.

  21. tom kauser says:

    You explain the past brilliantly. Its the latter parts of your article that I find complete t.v. talk rubbish! A TIME STAMPED PONZI SCHEME? Any tick up in U.S. rates will be the weak link that exposes your rubbish? To be flippant. The fisherman is pulling in the carp and will continue to use OPM until FOREVER! The Central Banking Mechanism has gained control of everything by controlling the yield curve? The Fed can use its vast amounts of cashflow to paper over damand collapses and guaranty the continued democrazies of the mercantile class. Stealing it before its made to hoard it away from the producers! The owner is not happy with his cut of production! As demand continues to collapse the central bank goes collecting and demands more for its ” loans”?
    I learned something from your prose and thanks for taking the time!

  22. Andrew dunham says:

    The scam exposes itself when theres a run on a bank and everyone wants there money out.It isn’t there !

  23. Nicole Reed says:

    Great Article. I have a question. You stated:

    ” The opposition, despite all its ‘insider’ connections, is weak as an offensive force. They lack the hardware and resources to launch an open strike. What they must rely upon are their prowess in the high-tech warfare, the knowledge of the working of the operational and command structure of the system’s machine, capabilities to take over the communication system, and, with a sleeper command cell in place within the strategic missile command, the ability to launch a surgical strike to cut down all the heads of the hydra in a single salvo.”

    If they (the Opposition) are weak, and don’t have the hardware and resources, how they hope to thwart the bankers’ ‘attack’ on the people?

    Are you saying that they have the skills to hijack and takeover the establishment’s equipment (drones etc)? If yes, what is holding them?

    • tom kauser says:

      Any type of overthrow of the powers must begin with a popular support of socialistic values? Any uprising needs a supporter base of 80-90%? Hence the virtures of teaching socialism as a very bad thing?

  24. Tim Harris says:

    It seems to be an effort to demonize the wealthy. Billionaires are billionaires because they are smarter and work harder. It is a democratic system. Billionaires don’t chose the government. People elect. If people elect the wrong people to run their government, it is their problem. Why blame the billionaires.

    You can also be a billionaire, if you have what it takes.

    • Yuwot says:

      Sorry but Billionaires most certainly are NOT smarter and DO NOT work harder- in fact majority dont work AT ALL
      Current wealth of the few billionaire families has been built on ill gotten gains ,treachery and deceit that occurred in the past often hundreds of years ago upon general public and all links to the creation of the so called banks
      Historical facts prove that normal human beings have been ‘billionaire raped’ in every way imaginable for a very long time
      You need to research the history of Rothschilds, their use of deceit to massively increase their wealth immediately after Battle of Waterloo by lying basically, use of JP Morgan as front man to hide their activities in America and much much more that follows to this day
      People can only elect the candidates put up before them- those are financed and chosen by your billionaires and are basically all the same puppets of their financial masters so the voting system is a fraud, sham act that gives no true voice or power to the people
      Again sorry but you are either incredibly dense or a fully paid up schill to be making your stupid,untrue statements

    • Podlet says:

      Oh Dear Mr Harris!

      You certainly didn’t read or understand the article so I must question why you have commented.

      As your response promulgates the same rubbish that people are expected to believe (a bit like the “anyone can become president in the USA falsehood) I will hazard a guess that you are in the pay of someone.

      The average person does not have access to a huge fund of opportunities the elite use and then offer to favoured minions.

      I’ll use, for example, rollover programmes which run through banks and traders and involve huge sums of money with huge returns.

      Off shore tax havens, sneaky tax deals, the old boy’s network.

      So come on, hard work is reserved for the masses, the slaves.

      And we shall overcome.

    • matthew says:

      Twat !!

    • John says:

      You’re either woefully ignorant or you’re a shill. Nothing to be done if it’s the latter case. if it’s the former, please pull your head out of your ass before commenting.

    • dee says:

      well you are fucking stupid arn’t you. Were you paid you slimy worm?

  25. Robert Hall says:

    I have already read your article three times. Getting a better understanding each time. Yes, that is what is going on. They start something that seems like the prelude to imposition of Martial Law, but stop in their tracks. They are, as you stated, scared of a hidden opposition.

    Hope they are “rightfully” scared.

  26. John Wilder says:

    Brilliant! A very thorough analysis.

    The ruling classes are certainly scared. They are preparing the public for the “Final Clampdown”. The events of Ferguson is one recent example. A civil war type of scenario will better suit the Banking class.

    Anyhow, opposition or no opposition, one way or the other, they are going to impose the dictatorship in the US. I, personally, see no hope in the public uprising. We have become too docile to rise up and resists.

    Thank you for a great work.

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