The UFO Smokescreen – Operation Clampdown

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9 Responses

  1. Observer says:

    Excellent, absolutely excellent, congratulations!
    The only reasonable response to the widely spread nonsense.

  2. Mark Steven says:

    What ever is in the public view – including the Jade Helm-15, is for distraction and diversion. Those so called astronomical ‘events’ have no meaning. The only fact is that the economical collapse is approaching fast. And, the reason for that is the Dollar is, and has always been, a ‘Bomb’ backed currency. Now, the Chinese bombs are almost reaching the level of US bomb, and Russia and China together carry more bomb power than the US.

    So, a transition arrangement has been reached between the global powers. It has given all the parties time to maneuver and adjust.

    Now, the time is here. The result is going to be devastating to the public here, and in the West. That is because both the US $ and the Euro will lose more than 90% of their face value internally – Externally, no one will be accepting these currency without the proof of ‘backing’.

    When the public will be unable to buy two loves of bread for the month’s salary, things will go bad very fast.

    The solution, with the establishment’s perspective, is to impose a purely dictatorial system – you may call it Martial Law.

    Obama Mama, and all the newer crop of Western ‘leaders’ were installed for this very purpose.

    Time is now here. Whatever had been decided and agreed upon, the time of that is within the next twelve months’ period.

    Things may start happening right around November of this year.

    Do whatever you can to guard yourself and your near and dear ones.

  3. Jim Karl says:

    Just stumbled upon this on following the comment at the piece “NASA Openly Admits Alien Life Exists – Disclosure Due” at the “Wakingtimes”.

    Well, you will not be very popular with the UFO believers. I am a physicist, and fully agree with what you are implying – there is absolutely no way for any extra terrestrials to ever come to earth. UFO’s yes – may be any Unidentified Flying Object made by any of the world’ governments.

  4. Marla Sal says:

    All this fuss about the UFO’s is just a human brain’s escape mechanism – very much like the belief in a ‘Savior’ – some one out there to save us.

    And, you are very right – it is also playing in the hands of the elites – to entertain and confuse the population. A very interesting presentation, though. I enjoyed it very much.

  5. Oliver Manuel says:

    The only thing far-fetched in this story is the involvement of extra-terrestrials in the worldwide tyranny induced by fear of reality in 1945.

    The rest of the story matches the actual record of modifications to science after nations were united on 24 Oct 1945.

    After “The Great Social Experiment of 1945-2015″ explained how world governments hid from the public the source of energy in the core of the Sun that

    1. Made our chemical elements,
    2. Birthed the entire solar system,
    3. Sustained life’s origin & evolution,
    4. Controls Earth’s climate today, . . .

    Social Experiment

    An intriguing and extremely well-done video response described this period of totalitarian rule as “The Long Peace of 1945-2015:”

    Think of the Carnage of WWII-70 Million Dead/

    Fear and unwillingness to admit the Sun’s pulsar core rules the world have persuaded world leaders that their options are:

    _ a.) Worldwide nuclear war
    _ b.) Tyrannical world rule by
    _ c.) Nuclear energy paranoia

    The Nuclear Scare Scam – Youtube Video

    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo
    PhD Nuclear Chemistry
    Postdoc Space Physics
    Fulbright Astrophysics

  6. julio c oliveratto says:

    It seems sort of naive to think that intelligent life has a very primitive way of behavior. First if propulsion systems are that advanced why travel across the galaxy to visit a civilization full of frivolity and egos? Two if this type of beings are that technologically advanced why not just communicate acrooss our open waves and let us know we are not alone. And three why the erratic b ehavior in the sky.

  7. Jim Gall says:

    Very theatrical! Could be the script of a science fiction movie.
    Enjoyed it very much.
    Thank you.

  8. Tom Gilbert says:

    The Truth Seeker has been my favorite ‘first visit of the day” site for years. Now, I love it even more – for ‘seeking’ out The News Scouter’, which, in turn, brought me here – I discovered two gems in one hit.

    I hope all the die-hard UFOers will read this article and understand the BS of the UFO sightings. I am a physicist with a lot of research under my belt, and I can assure ‘all’ that there is no way of any UFOs coming to our pathetic planet Earth.

    It is a marvelous piece. Humorous and, at the same time, hitting the point well.

  9. Dr. Matali Hagberg says:

    Your typical Master Piece – A delightful read. Discovered this one thanks to The News Scouter – That one is an amazing site – A relief from the junk found on the ‘’.
    Thank you.

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