A Complete Guide: How to Raise Your Kids for Success

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  1. Dr. David Martin, MD. says:

    As you may know, I am you regular reader. This one, in fact, stunned me – From a serious and analytical writer, all at once you switched to satirical writing. And, my friend, you have proven your prowess even in this field.

    An amazingly hilarious piece. Very well written. In a satirical way, it hammers in the point.

    Keep up the good work. Hope it will help a few more to wake up!

  2. Julie S says:

    A master piece! We haven’t read such a work of satire in a long time. Hilarious – “Permanent Information Management System Protocol (PIMP)” – How did you come up with that?

    Me and husband passed it over to our friends and family. I believe they will enjoy it as much as we did – though, some may not be very happy.

    Well, thank you for making us laugh in these sad times.

  3. Karl W says:

    A must read for every parent. You have presented the bitter reality in a humorous way. It made laugh, while deep in my heart I was crying – How did we let it happen?

    It is a sorry state of affairs. If you want to reach any place, lick the ugly ‘tribal’ asses. Hope, your readers will get what I mean.

  4. Karen O says:

    Read the post on Linkedin. A marvelous work – Absolutely hilarious. Funny, and, at the same time, very sad. It shows the state of our society. One has to sell the soul to succeed in this world.

    I am glade to have discovered this site, though.

    Thank you.

  5. Jim Marwa says:

    Further to our comments above, we are grad students (engineering) at one of the best schools in the country, and, as such, can testify to the state of affairs at our schools. Actually, it is worst than what you can even imagine.

    You have to be a dog/bitch to survive. What a shame.


  6. Jim Marwa says:

    The Best Satire of The Year!
    We are a group of more than 20 people. We were reading it and laughing our heads off. Then, the reality of what it meant sank in. We were no more laughing.
    Thank you for presenting the truth so well.
    A great piece.

  7. gertjan Zwiggelaar says:

    “Forget those meager jobs. Think BIG! Take the proven Path: Follow The Guide that will lead your kids to the path of Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Senators, Governors, Mayors of the Big Four cities, Politicians, Bankers, Film Stars, and Chiefs of the Administrative Bodies.”

    I stopped reading after the above. It was immediately apparent this had to be a satire or the work of some libtarded dumb ass. I am glad the latter is not the case. Well done Mister Khan. The names you listed, as exemplary paragons are some of the most despicable, amoral, monsters still crawling about on the face of a very troubled planet due to their machinations. It is time to round those creatures up and stuff them into a dungeon to be treated as ‘special’ by CIA operatives trained in Dick Cheney’s private torture chamber. As for the movie stars, who takes them seriously?

  8. Scott Valin says:

    Hilarious, Funny, and witty. Enjoyed it.

    This article depicts the True state of affair in our country, and may be all over the western world. Characterless, worthless scums are picked up and promoted to lead various institutes and agencies of the country.

  9. Mike Pecka says:

    A Gem!
    ‘undog worthy’ and ‘unbitch worthy’!
    Love it.

  10. Albert Tissot says:

    You didn’t cover the “Psychopaths and Killers” who provide the bulk of Police and Military force.

    What the “rulers” will do without its killers?

  11. Wilma & John Raffel says:

    Thank you for advising us to train our boys and girls to become ass liking dogs and bitches. Rather than licking their filthy a**s and prostitute themselves, we would rather have them work as plumbers and carpenters.

    • Svetlana Nordlund says:

      Dear Wilma and John,

      It is a piece of Satire. The author, actually, is exposing the System, in a Satiric way, how it loves the kids emerging from the broken and abusive families. It wants only the “dogs and bitches” ready to serve the masters.

      Kids from honest and loving families need not apply!

  12. Nancy Kurgan says:

    Amazing piece. Very funny. You have a very good style.

  13. Cheri Stein says:

    Is it a hit piece on LGBT?
    Anyhow, enjoyed it.

  14. Keith Burns says:

    Hilarious! Absolutely Hilarious!
    I still cannot control my laughs. My wife is calling her sister to read it.
    A work of Satire, but very true.

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