Chinese Economy in Free Fall

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  1. art events says:

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  2. tom kauser says:

    Paulson being clueless? are you a nephew?

  3. mesmerised202 says:

    Why are those whose Legacy is Genocide, Slavery & Plunder always so eagar to Finger-Point as if they, and therefore their POV, is the only reality? You know, to perennially imagine that they are Pheonixes Alakazam-ed instead of merely being latent 5th Columnists out to augment their Fame, Fortune & Immortality? Because to be Number One is the irrational trait/urge of Nazis, Facists, Kommies, Kapitalists and that Ole Gem, Choseness. Sustained by Numbar Vunness’ myriad of shadows like Privilege, Entitlement and that Ole Fanny for New Money, Exceptionalism.

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    As if by some seredipitous conincidence, The Whore Sista of The Chosen Few, Propaganda’s [yes, archaic mumbo-jumbo indeedo] speciality is Her Dance of Salome of The Middling Truth, said Middling Truth being the truth that has neither Legacy/History/Beginning nor Progeny/Consequence/Ending other than to Poofing from Nowhere Real into The-Middle/Relativity/Relativism, firing on all cylinders, Expecting & Demanding The Righting of This, That & The Other. As a parting shot, it will be benevolent for self to finally be able to realise that the … NO, you must be getting the point by now, dearest Numbar Vunnss.

  4. profnasty says:

    Didn’t a lot of Chinese growth come from WS investment? How could congress allow Big Business to screw american workers and not demand a tariff to compensate? Treason.

  5. douglas gray says:

    Over 60% of wealthy Chinese want to emigrate. The economic growth is coming that the price of so much environmental degradation, that in many areas of the Country, the people no longer consider the environment safe for raising children.

  6. Jerome K says:

    You mentioned the “city clusters” being developed in in China. This was in China Daily:

    China is developing city clusters along the middle reaches of the Yangtze River in a move to create a new economic growth engine and promote new urbanization.

    They will mainly consist of urban clusters around Wuhan in Hubei province, the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city group in Hunan province and clusters around Poyang Lake in Jiangxi province, said the State Council, China’s cabinet.

    The clusters cover a total area of 317,000 square kilometers and are a pillar of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. They will also be key areas to implement the “Rise of central China” strategy, deepen reform and opening-up and promote a new type of urbanization, the State Council said in a statement on the government website.

  7. Rich Krawitz says:

    A nation’s real wealth is its manufacturing and commerce and trade. China is the producer of almost very thing for the world’s. And, it signs billions of dollars’ worth of trade deals with various nations every week of the year.

    What else to say?

  8. Inma Odgaard says:

    Humorous, witty, and thoughtful.

    The “experts” keep on dreaming, Chinese economy will keep on growing. Of course, there are some major objective shifts and adjustment made. Its direction is changing, no doubt about it. But, economic stagnation – not coming.

    In fact, Chinese economic growth and production is under-reported by the government, and we all know why.

  9. Patriot says:

    My friend, Chinese are just the copy cats. Whatever they have, they stole it from us. The economic data is telling the truth. It is just the matter of time – no more than a year at the most, that they will be in the gutter. Nice try, though.

    • Anonymous says:

      No – I have lived here for 2 years. They are not only growing at the rate the article says, they are completely independent now of any western model and in fact the west hates this (I’m a u.s. citizen btw). In a year, they will own the u.s.

    • Abbass says:

      I think you spelt your name wrong mate. Patr should have been ID.

    • slumdog says:

      It’s easy to tell that you’re another jealous Indian troll who is jealous of China’s rise.

  10. Mark Hamilton says:

    I am a regular visitor to China. I go there on business assignments. It is a well researched piece.

    Many of your readers may not comprehend the significance Chinese concept of “City Clusters”. Here is some more info:

    “These days, China should be thought of not in terms of individual cities but urban clusters — groupings of cities with more than 60 million people. The Beijing-Tianjin area, for example, is actually a cluster of 28 cities. Shenzhen, the ultimate migrant megacity in the southern province of Guangdong, is now a key hub in a cluster as well. China, in fact, has more than 20 such clusters, each the size of a European country. Pretty soon, the main clusters will account for 80% of China’s GDP and 60% of its population. So the country’s high-speed rail frenzy and its head-spinning infrastructure projects — part of a $1.1 trillion investment in 300 public works — are all about managing those clusters.”

    As for the so called “experts and economists”, these idiots have no idea what they are talking about. As you said, unable to venture out of the box.

  11. George Connoly says:

    One of my Chinese colleague passed me the link to your article.

    I am a teacher living in north-eastern part of China since 2010. I don’t know if you have been to China or not, but you are very close to the truth. The rate of growth here is mind boggling. When I come to US to visit my family, it is a shocker. It seems that I have returned to a third world country – what a shame.
    It is difficult even for my own family – who get the first hand info from me, to realize what really is happening in the world.

    I also read what you are referring to. It is just wishful thinking – or a blunder on their part.

    Thank you for an eye opener.

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