Christophe de Margerie Eliminated – In Putin’s Russia

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  1. MCC says:

    Christophe de Margerie was killed, as a warning to France ‘DO NOT BLOCK THE SALE OF THE MISTRALS’. Polish President Lech Kaczynski was sentenced to death by Putin’s Russian and was simply executed – the crime committed. THE ORGANIZING THE BLOCK OF EU COUNTRIES SUPPORTING GEORGIA AND UKRAINE’ S STRUGGES AGAINST RUSSIA.and supporting these countries in regaining their total independence from Russia.. Let’s add another political murders of Putin; the murder of pro-European Prime MInister of Serbia, Mr. Dzindzicz, the murder of the Serbian representative to NATO, strange murders, in Paris, and in the French provinces – committed by the Muslim terrorists, controlled and financed by Putin. Strange catastrophe in Argentina, country where special Russian forces are having the ball and act totally unrestricted – Head-on collision of two helicopters – victims the French sport personalities. These acts show how Putin operates…Did it change anything in Russia – I don’t think so – the Russian army is still 50% Muslim and, most importantly, CENTRAL-ASIAN – which, in reality is the death sentence to the so called ‘Russian empire’, The Russian language fast becoming just a local dialect, the 50% of so called settlements in the vast territory of Siberia, stolen from China just 100 years ago, just died out, without any infrastructure, any supporting local industries thus becoming again the Chinese territories. If we add that one million Russians die from overdosing on Afghan heroin. And by the way, Russia’s power behind the throne is the Minister of Defense of Russia, Sergei Shoigu, AN ETHNIC CHINESE FROM THE REGION OF TUWA, atolen by the Russians from China as recent as 1916…Just a few interesting facts…

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