The Education Gate – Denial of Access

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  1. erich says:

    Small list of recommended web sites thats enough for now ! Best E

  2. Don B says:

    Stumbled upon it from The News Scouter (That I had discovered from The Truth Seekers).
    I am done with my PhD, and can write the alphabet ‘P h D’ after my name – Big hoop. Though the product of the same system, I can tell your readers that what you are pointing to is the reality of our schools, and all across the board in the real world.

    I bet your are a teacher. This type of understanding comes with the actual exposure!

    [BTW, I am not using my real name for obvious reasons.]

  3. Jim Warden says:

    First I thought your were spewing the same BS as do the like of NYT, Yahoo, and USA Today. Then, I read on – And, I am glad I did.

    A superbly written piece. Amazingly hilarious piece, and, at the same time, an eye opener to the reality of our education system. The gate keepers control every thing.

    Thank you for a great read read.

    Mat Clark
    Your typical Style! Superbly articulated. My son is a grad student – busy with his finals now. Going to pass it to him one he comes home – he talks all the times about the same crap that you are pointing to.

    Great work.

  4. John Velasco says:

    I glad someone had the balls to write about it.

    How many brilliant students have been forced to drop out from this corrupt system, it is difficult to figure out. Our education system is run by an extremely corrupt and vulgar bunch. While honest and dedicated teachers are shunned, **s licker are promoted.

    And, you can understand the outcome – brain dead morons rise to the top. That is reason for our state of stagnation in the field of science and technology.

    Thank you for bringing it up to your readers.

  5. Wilson B. says:

    Children are brain washed from elementary onward to listen and obey. The talk of ‘think critically’ is just talk. The moment you open your mouth the utter an ‘undesired’ word, you are commanded to shut up and follow the rules given to you.

    You are right, ” People listen, they believe, and they follow — That is the mantra to rule the ‘civilized‘ societies. To that end, as the producer and incubator of experts, educational institutions play a very important role.”

    Education is a training in obedience.

  1. December 12, 2014

    […] At this point, to further enhance your understanding how the education system works, we strongly urge you to read The Education Gate – Denial of Access. […]

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