In Search of The Origin – Beyond The Big Bang

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  1. Beaumont says:

    This is like the occult theory of the evolution of matter, which begins as a single, infinitesimal point, that moves in a circle, and then an ellipse.

    In fact, all of the pivotal theories of secular atheism originated in mystery schools.

  2. Brent Street says:

    The universe as a running program of data streams is gaining traction because it is the only logical explanation. The Programmer as Creator solves any logic issues. How did this intelligence get so smart?It had to just “know” what to do. So creation had to have been figured out before it happened. Even the notion that a Programmer Persona would be in charge. That First intelligence is known in mythology as First. She designed the whole thing as an Ideal construct, all the parts working together. So everything has already happened, this is all a replay, that is why it works and has order.
    Going from Ideal creation into actual manifestation was the origin of “evil” because now the universe and the multiverse actually “feel” the pains of Harm, the downside of duality that is reflected in entropy, devolution, mortality, foodchains, accelerating expansion etc. Duality is too basic to get around, hence the downside. Why do it at all? The prize is eternity, which is the weirdest thing of all. The upside is that the Divine Mother installed a paradigm to “redeem” Harm as being experienced so traumatically. That hologram-based construct exists within the program as a sub-program called Destiny. While Data does its thing, Destiny is the redeeming alternate path, so-called the Leap of Faith. Ultimately, for the Mother, its not about the Science, its about the Redemption.

    • ThomasT says:

      If the Plejarans dunno how it started, but know the process, then we will never know. Just something we’ll learn to ‘accept’ that it did start otehrwise we wouldn;t be here. They claim their tech is 12,500 years ahead of us but also claim knowledge gained from races much more advanced than they.

      They claim it takes 311.04 trillion years to run through a Big Time, which then sleeps for the same time and keeps repeating 7 times. What comes before and after is what they dunno, so I’m also not going to bust my tiny Earthman human brain on that. The Pleiadian Mission by Randolh Winters.

    • Anonymous says:

      “… a running program …” running on what?

  3. Mary Walston says:

    Very enlightening!
    But, to fully grasp it, one must read it after reading the previous in the series.
    Did you give a thought about expanding it further – broadening the scope, and putting it together as a book? It will be good read.

  4. I like the quote at the top.
    It is very important, for many pioneers have forged ahead believing in themselves instead of what they were told and were laughed at because of it, but vindicated later.
    Examples. Bruno, Galileo, Copernicus.

    Chinese saying: A brilliant person beginning something great is always laughed at by the crowd.

    In essence they dare to think differently.

    I never believed in the big bang because it just didn’t seem to make sense.

    All of the universe from nothing?

    I believe we are in a multi verse and all that is here in this universe now was from the material in an adjacent universe through a rip in the separation of the two.

    Scientists and physicists are always changing their understanding as they learn more, as we will here.

    We do not have enough information or even the ability to understand all the aspects of the universe and how it came to be, but we must push ourselves to evolve in that understating to the best of our ability.


  5. Koolz says:

    There is no such thing as a big bang! Don’t read into stupid Science propaganda! The Universe is and always was there.

    • Richard Stasik says:

      Your Mom told you this?
      Anyhow, you are out of your league here. Go help you mom. Peel some potatoes. She will tell you some more stories.

  6. ThomasT says:

    Unless we get this info from an advanced race, all we can do is make wild guesses.

    Try The Pleiadian Mission by Randolph Winters, based on They Fly, that is Bill Meier’s site of his ongoing 70 plus years of et contacts.

    We learn that this Dern Universe is 70 trillion years old, and has a Life of 311.04 trillion years, a Big Time, then it sleeps etc.

    We also learn that humankind in this Dern Universe has a history of approx 100 billion years, so advanced races exist.

    If you believe your ancestors 4M years ago were chimps, that we are probably alone, and it all started with a bang, this info is not for you.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Just finished reading all your articles on the subject of “The Origin” + some others. Gosh! a lot of information to digest. Presented very well.

    I have printed out all those articles, and going to show them to my professor next Monday (I am doing my graduate work with interest in Plasma Physics) .

    BTW, are you a Physicist? If yes, do you teach also?

  8. Kris McKenzie says:

    An interesting piece.

    What you are doing is, in fact, proving the existence of “heavens” – A world of “higher energy”:

    The logical assumption that there may exist a ‘timeless‘ dimension where there is NO Change – a state of being in a state of ‘is‘, along with the presumption that in such a dimension, there must exist a Superior Energy of higher order, points to two more logical deductions;

    One, there must exist a ‘Universe’ or ‘World’ in a different dimension of ‘higher order’ in a state of ‘timelessness’ – No Change.

    Two, there must exist in that ‘world’ a Superior Energy of a higher ‘magnitude’, and it was that Superior Energy that provided the Mother Energy for the propagation of our Universe.

    A very interesting approach.

    In my opinion, it would have been a better idea if you had placed all the related articles in this series together – in sequence. This way, readers would have benefited better.

  9. Stacia Bicksler says:

    To fully understand this article – the science and logic behind it, start with the first article in this series, “In Search of The Origin -I”. Collectively, these are an amazing read. It is a great collection – read with an open mind, though.

  10. Dr. K Mehta, MD says:

    Thank you for debunking many of the religious illogical ‘beliefs’ and dogmas – with a purely scientific and logical perspective. A passed your article to my father who is an educated man, but a devote Hindu.

  11. Mark Spear, Ph.D says:

    This is some serious Physics – the very latest in theories. I am a retired physics teacher and love the subject. I still do research, and read the works of other physicist – mostly in the field of ‘astrophysics’.

    After going over your other articles, I can see that either you are a physicist, or, at least, read a lot on the subject. Your understanding of the subject is deep, and up to date.

    Then, I see that you are also a heavyweight on ‘logic and philosophy’ – Certainly a well read person, and very articulate, too.

    I am glad I discovered this website (this article showed up on my Google query). I have forwarded your site to some of my fellows who, I believe, will also enjoy your work.

    A great work. Keep it up.

  12. Do you expect me to take this at all seriously? You don’t even know how many planets there are (the IAU in 2015 says 8).

  13. Bob Krawitz says:

    Another gem!

    I went through all the articles in the series, and going to read them again over the weekend. Rarely do we see such well researched writings on the web. Meshing up science and religion to arrive at a logical conclusion is just brilliant.

    Essays like these must be made a must read in all the schools in the world. It will promote a deep understanding of our world, ourselves, and bring in harmony and peace.

    A great work.

  14. Martin Wood says:

    Let us celebrate in the joy of life! ;)

  15. Tannaberton says:

    Black holes and big bangs do not work in an electric universe more apparent than the one described by math after ideas and thought experiments. As we look further into space we see things as they are here. Galaxies and the space between them at the same ratios. We need to consider most cosmology PHD’s moot and try to get a handle on something that is most likely eternal in both directions. Electric Universe pundits from as far back as the early 1900’s have been laughed at and denied telescope time because they saw things that do not fit in a “mathematically verified universe.” The universe is so special Big Bangs will be forgotten in one generation after the proper explanations takehold.

  16. T2015 says:

    Wonderful article for selling it to illiterates who have no idea about any of the topics discussed.

    The rest sees it as what it is, a bunch of mumbo-jumbo cut and paste from the next best cheap magazine.

    – There are no “black holes”, it’s a product of fantasy
    – there are no “quantum energy packages” or “strings”, that’s utter nonsense

    Don’t even get me started on “mother virgin energy”… oh my gosh. You’re worse than some primitive religious cults and have even less idea about science than the global-warmist church, if such a low level of knowledge is even possible.

    • Dr. Don Worlie, PhD says:

      I teach physics at one of the ‘more respected’ schools.

      Where did you pick up these “Facts”? :

      – There are no “black holes”, it’s a product of fantasy
      – there are no “quantum energy packages” or “strings”, that’s utter nonsense

      You sound like those morons who get their “facts” from nonsense tabloids and make themselves believe that they are physicists.

      This article is well researched and well written – any good student of physics can vouch for it. It seems the writer has studied physics

      And, why are you hiding behind the ‘T2015’? You must really be very ashamed of yourself, ‘T2015′. Or, may be you are just a high school drop out who feels great about himself by posting such nonsense comments?

    • John Wilcox says:

      “T2015″ – Does the “T” stands for “Troll”?
      I have seen this person’s comments a couple of times before. Always the same cocky nonsense. Seems to be suffering from some sort of mental disorder that makes him/her feel “important” by posting idiotic comments. Or, may be just a paid basher.

  1. August 31, 2014

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