Is Putin Ready to Sack Medvedev ?

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  1. Robert Morris says:

    It is refreshing to find such well written piece on the web. Wish there were more. What you have presented is nothing but the truth. Putin inherited a mess, and to top it all, Medvedev is the knife in the side of Russia. He represents the ‘Tribe’.

    West hates Putin, and cannot accept a strong and equal Russia. Zbigniew Brzezinski, as you quoted, has succinctly spoken the West’ views about Russia when he said,

    “Russia has neither the right to protect its national interests nor the right to be different. A regional power, enclosed in its rigid bounds, Russia is unable to establish viable alliances with leading global players. It should give up its vain hopes of some mythical Eurasian Union development. Its only alternative is to take the role of the Western civilization humble satellite.”

    West will not rest until it disintegrates Russia.

  2. Bironn says:

    Major, MAJOR CORRECTION to the comment from “born conservative”, above.
    Here is solid indisputable proof that the Central Bank of Russia is still firmly in the hands of the notorious international banksters.

    And here is how they have in Oct – Nov-Dec 2014 efforted to bring down the rouble as a prelude to destabilise Russia, and EXACTLY how the banksters are doing it, and exactly WHO in Putin’s administration is betraying Russia on behalf of the international parasites.
    Take a look:

    Yes, Mr. Putin has become awake to the bigger picture, and that “partners” and
    “friends” in the west are in-fact the deadly enemies of Russia.
    The NLM or National Liberation Movement (of Russia) is already rolling up it’s sleeves to rescue Russia from the cabal –

  3. Born Conservative says:

    In this instance, I would tend to agree with Brian and his comment that “those who brought on the Bolshevik Revolution” ….as they called it…. have tried & failed with PUTIN. Obviously, they will keep trying… Those who murdered the Tzar’s Family in 1917 (and the years preceding) had waited roughly 100 years to finally erradicate the one thing preventing them from taking over that part of the World.
    NOW? Putin has paid off those nasty Banksters. Russia no longer owes its life to the World Central Banks. It is obvious, that the person writing this piece works directly FOR those very same Nasty Banksters. He even pushes the fake pretense of “caring for the masses” as it is thee trickery of the Globalists to giev FALSE HOPE to the masses they already anoint themselve the right to control.
    THERE MAY BE factions within Russia who ARE oppressed by PUTIN. But, in the GLOBAL GAME that the Banksters play.. PUTIN is winning… depsite the West inserting their own previouis Member of the Global Banks under a FAKE election in the Ukraine…. PUTIN is standing his ground. The West controls much of the Media inside the Ukraine and certainly what it is the USA might learn of…. but Putin is fighting back against these murderous NWO types. Even if he might want his own version of the NWO… It will be Putin and the Nationalists of Russia who get to decide HOW that new structure for Russia might become. It will NOT be some weakling banker living behind security guards and boasting of personal strength (false) that seriously does not exist.
    IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS… you will read that these Banksters are Luciferians…. they do not believe in GOD. They name Lucifer as their God of Light. It is they, who are the assassinators of good people everywhere.. and it has been that way for a long long time.

  4. Brian says:

    President Putin must be very wary! After failed assasination (mh17), the plotters are livid! Those who murdered the Tzar will try again. May God be with president Putin!

  1. February 6, 2015

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