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Is Putin also in it – A Partner with The West?

In our previous analytical review of the events in Russia, and, in particular, Mr. Putin’s maneuvers and actions since his 2nd coming, we came to conclude that Putin camp is positioning itself for the final mop to remove the remnants of the pro-western Atlantic integrationists elements from the corridors of power.
Now, with a different perspective, we are going to analyze Mr. Putin’s actions and the policy decisions, in conjunction with the global events.

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The Khodorkovsky Move – A New Front Against Putin

While Mikhail  Gorbachev provided the framework, Boris Yeltsin did ‘open Russia’ for the crooks to loot the public wealth and national resources. The likes of Mikhail Khodorkovsky – the parasites of humanity, ended up gobbling the natural resources and wealth of Russia, leaving the public in a state of utter destitute.
Now, this great Russian patriot, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, unable to curb his love and affection for the motherland, . . .

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Is Putin Ready to Sack Medvedev ?

It seems the moping operation in Russia is intensifying. The recent criminal case against Vladimir Yevtushenkov marks the latest strike on the ‘instant billionaire’ oligarchs since the arrest in 2003 of Mikhail Khodorkovsky . . .
There seems to be a strong possibility that Putin may probably end up sacking the entire government – including Medvedev . . . Putin, it seems, finally getting ready to steer Russia out of it pacifist state that it had been since the breakup of USSR.

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