Metamorphosis of The Empire

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  1. Political engineer says:

    I know how rhe empire operates…through cunning and deceit

    The Chinese are being set up. ALL this talk about preparing the ground for the axis of empires

    According to the author of this article china is purging itself of would be future dick blockers consisting of high ranking officials….that is the trojan horse
    Those officials were the brave hardcore and nationalist of China and they got rid of them….lol

    So can we safely say once the cream of the crop has been permanently eliminated the beast of empire will naturally go for kill as the beast of empire respects no agreements or treatise.

    China has been conned into believing the empire is going to pass the torch.
    The outgoing empire has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    I believe Darth Vader is going to war with china….vader has no intention of peaceful surrender to the Dragon but bleed to death to the last contaminated blood

  2. M Stewart says:

    Your writing style is amazing – Analytical, objective, and to the point. But I don’t agree with your assessment here. China is its own master, it is not a puppet state of The Empire.

    “Unlike the West, where the economic model is the sucking blood out of the working class – depriving them of the living wages, China has opted for the Ford model – continuously increasing the purchasing power of the masses to keep the economic engine running full blast. Following on this scheme, China has been able to sustain the highest income growth rate in the world for its masses for more than two decades – no other economy come even close to it.

    China, unlike the West – in particular the US, where the privately owned central banks (the Federal Reserve Bank in the US) hold the economy hostage, owns and controls its central banks. As such, all the interest earned by and through the central bank is recycled back into the economy – it doesn’t end up into the coffers of the major banks.”

    And, finally, ” Another major difference between the West and China is that, even though China is also a major producer of multi-millionaires and billionaires, it is not infested with the parasitic banking dynasties who have wrung the public dry.”

    So, I believe, as you have stated before, China is an independent power – it may well be a New Empire. But, it is its own.

  3. Joseph Wisner says:

    A timeless piece. Would like to see more on these lines.

  4. Samantha K says:

    A very insightful essay. We have been to China many time on business assignments over the last fifteen years. China is changing and metamorphosing fast, both as a country and as a society – the western decadence, as you pointed out, is taking roots.

    I cannot agree more.Despite all its material progress, China is emerging as another ‘hallo’ society – deprived o soul.

    Taking into account its might – both in economy and military, it the the new ‘seat’ of power.

    Thank you for an eye opener. It should be a shocker to many who hope that China may be the savior of the humanity.

  5. betty jones says:

    Dear, poor Eudoxia, It is just the beginning of sorrows and of the end. We have all been warned but few are responding accurately. It will just get worse from here. The only difference is now you are aware of some of the things to come. All we can do is be prepared spiritually and have no fear.

    • Eudoxia Jones says:

      Betty I’ve been aware for some time now. It sounds to me you are accepting a Biblical narrative of outcome. I do agree Mr Shit will meet Mr Fan very soon. I have a somewhat different perspective on the outcome, however. Yes it is the end Betty but not the end of the world, just the end of a very negative time cycle. Just as Empires rise and fall so do Ages and Epochs as do paradigms, knowledge, religions and science. Everything is cyclic and nothing is linear. As the Age of Pisces draws to a close it takes the anthropocentric paradigm with it. The Dark Side that is the control matrix is real. Open discussion about it is important. We need to take global responsibility for growing in spiritual discernment and stepping it up a notch in the emotional intelligence department. Clear out the matrix programing that creates machines which only resemble humans and this will happen as the new Age dawns and many of us out there are already doing just that. I bid you well Betty.

  6. Dr. D Martin, MD says:

    I am your regular reader and read all of your articles. As usual, this one is also an excellent read. Very good and solid analysis. In depth and thorough.

    It explains a lot of things – From the emerging culture of decadence in China to the degradation of the West, in particular the US.

    For us, the Americans, it is very sad. But, most Americans are oblivious to what is coming to them.

    We reap what we sow.

    • Eudoxia Jones says:

      Dr Martin – I am in Australia and we are nothing but a vassal state of the US. Our people like a good portion of Americans are completely ignorant of the peril they are in and that they are indeed delusional. I’m not happy to say this, alas it is a sad fact. This ignorance stems from being receptive to constant programming from cradle to grave by a higher intelligence than themselves and their inability to perceive this threat. While some of us seem to have a built in lie detector and BS radar. It’s hard to say how this will go down, when Rome went down it simply morphed into something else. I’d like to say this is how it will go but we live in unprecedented times and we are at a great Epoch in time, the end of the Great Year is at hand and with that will come many changes. I do believe though that the Empire of Chaos is over, what succeeds it is unknown but it surely can’t be any worse. There has been enough death, killing, deceit, greed and moral decline that it could not possibly get any worse. If we can maintain a collective focus on not so much destruction of the old but creation of a new way of being; about equity, fairness and positive relations with each other we might come out the other end without substantial collateral damage. I bid you well Dr Martin during the shift we all face.

  7. Jorge Blanco says:

    Joan Lorsch
    Yes, we are The Best. The Best Tortures, Baby Killers, and child Rapists.

    Yes, we are good at it. But are sure that others may not beat us? The Chinese are not known to be very timid in these matters. So why change? You must be a self hating jew (ess)?

    • Kyle says:

      @ George White,

      Listen, nobody denies that most governments are corrupt and violate civil liberties including the Chinese. The matter at hand is not that, but rather the US has reached it’s apex in terms of hubris, immorality, and hypocrisy.

      We are on a rapid descent of which whoever is next will wind up like us and become completely bankrupt morally, financially, and spiritually.

      Every empire dies. Recently China surpassed the US as the largest economy. We are #2 literally and figuratively if you know what I mean.

      Now as for calling someone a self hating Jew that is below the belt. Many Jews “rightly” criticize the abuses of the US govt including the GASP! dare I say! Even Israel. -WOW! I bet you consider me an anti-Semite now because I care about Palestinians getting kicked off their properties.

  8. Li Feng, says:

    I am a Chinese American.

    First, thank you for a well written piece.

    More I read it, the more I agreed with it. It is well researched and well documented.

    We, me and a large number of my friends, both in the US and in China, agree with your assessment and analysis. As for the billionaires of China, they are the object of loath for hardworking Chinese..

    Yes, that is what is happening in China. It is emerging as the New Power. You may call it The New Empire.

    “All the hurdles on the marching path of The Empire are being removed – very thoroughly.”

    Very true.

  9. Art Bonham says:

    The following excerpts from an article by “Andre Vltchek” published on another website, depicts the face of the Western Empire:

    “The mask has fallen and what is now exposed is horrifying: the face of a monster, with blood and pus, a greedy grin and merciless fangs. It is a monster that is still in love with itself, unable to see its dreadfulness. It remains proud of its fundamental religious dogma, which it often doesn’t even see as ‘religious’. It dwells on self-righteousness, and at the same time, on its twisted market-fundamentalist faith that everything and everybody are for sale. It is a monster full of complexes – both those of superiority and inferiority.”

    I hope Chinese are not falling into the same gutter.

  10. J. Ackert says:

    Very useful and insightful. These clown are trying to pull wool on public eyes.
    Our whole family reads and enjoys your articles.
    Thank you..

  11. Charles says:

    China remains a unitary state by force. The Party provides the legitimacy for unity and force. The legitimacy of the Party though is slipping. If it comes out that the truth of the Party is revealed at the same time as economic collapse globally this will rock the boat.

  12. Mark Lutz says:

    This talk of “Empires” is just BS.

    The West is the light of Democracy and Capitalism. Sure, Chinese would like to adopt the best system that exists in the world. And, we are The Best.

    Chinese will serve the best.

    • Jim Doyle says:

      Mr. Lutz,
      Please take your head out of your A*S. In the fresh air, you will be able to see better, unless your head is completely stuffed with your own s**t.

      • Eudoxia Jones says:

        Jim – it’s pretty clear Lutz’ head is completely stuffed with his own shit. Just like the rest of those who consider themselves the exceptional people. They are exceptional alright; exceptional liars, exceptional thieves, exceptional rapists, exceptional extortionists, exceptional terrorists, exceptional torturers. My God the list is endless. RIP exceptional people your Empire is all but finished, thanks to your exceptional ignorance and exceptional and insatiable greed. The exceptional people indeed. The rest of the world doesn’t quite see it that way. The problem with exceptional people is they can’t see evil when it is staring them right in the face. For this unexceptional ability they will pay the price of total collapse and the rest of the world will rejoice.

    • Joan Lorsch says:

      Sure Mark!
      Yes, we are The Best. The Best Tortures, Baby Killers, and child Rapists.

    • Tim W. says:

      Thanks to people like Mark Lutz among us, it is time for us the go. We are being “terminated”, and the world will celebrate our end – relieved.

      What a shame!

    • Kate says:

      Well, we’ve had the best Nazi teaching money can buy. The good o’le uSSa.

  13. Kevin Stewart says:

    I am a regular readers of your website, Views and Previews.

    I went through all your previous articles in the “China” series, then read this one again. This is a well researched, well thought, and well written article. I can imagine a lot of work must have gone into it.

    To all the readers, I suggest reading the previous articles first in order to understand this one better. It will be worth the time. Knowledge and understanding that you will get will be very useful in making the right decisions.

    I was in Shanghai from 1984 to 1998, working for a multi-national corporation. Since 2009, I am back in China. In the course of my business, I spent at least half of my time in China. I am also quite fluent in Chinese, and enjoy a large circle of my Chinese friend.

    I witnessed the transformation of Shanghai, and the rest of China. I am also noticing the “new” changes and trends emerging in the Chinese society. Here are my comments that will give it a more of a “Chinese perspective”:

    1- The ongoing purges in China, with the Chinese perspective, are more viewed as the government’s drive to root out the corruption in the upper echelons of the Chinese government and the Party.
    2- Chinese people, as a whole, feel more confident and optimistic about their future.
    3- Chinese see a better future for themselves and for their children.
    4- Whatever resentment might have been prior to 2008, has given way to new hopes and national pride.
    5- On the other side, the westernization of the Chinese culture is going on full blast.
    6- As for the Military revolts, there were rumors all over the Chinese social media about a Military Coup in the early 2013. It seems that it got busted. Army coup rumors keep on flaring up on the Chinese rumor sites, though.
    7- As for the extravagant lifestyle of the super rich and powerful in China, you are very right, people are very angry.
    7- Difficult to say if there is a collaboration between the West and Mr Xi’s government, but your argument and suggestions seem to carry a lot of weight.

    All in all, very insightful article.

    Well, thank you for a very informative and analytical article.

    I expect to read more of your essays before I return back to China in mid January.

    • middleway says:

      China’s central bank is not unlike any other central bank, being manipulated from that independent and private estate known as the City of London. It is not hard to conceive that China’s ultimate fate will not be any different than that of the United States or Europe.

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