Sifting Out The Creator

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  1. Bobby says:

    God? ………..the very mouth, lips, brain, etc. I’m wrilting this blog with while talking to myself(a.k.a.thinking) isn’t even due to myself. God is …………period.

  2. sunny says:

    The description of the creator that you are sharing with us is exactly the same as the description of the creator contained within the Sikh scriptures, called the Adi Granth Sahib.

  3. Who Dunnit says:

    Life is delusion, illusion, deceit, and uncertainty. Obviously if there is a God he/she/it is a psychopathic maniac. What kind of a ‘God’ would create a Universe that starts falling apart the instant it’s created? A monster, or an incompetent. 3D biological life is a meat-grinder. I believe in God and God is an idiot.

  4. Jon Iwanyszyn says:

    Good article, but I fail to see how you think this creator is some unknowable entity. The Bible clearly states their is the first heaven, which is the sky and stars, the second heaven which is where the spirit (demonic) realm is and the third heaven is where God is outside of space time.

    As a child and onward I experienced some events that let me know there was more to this life than the physical. So I set out to find the truth, I will elaborate on that later.

    I was having sleep paralysis on almost a nightly basis, then again I was into drugs and metal music and practicing astral projection. Most of that music was anti Christian and some was satanic, I just saw it as a stage act. I was absolutely plagued by sleep paralysis, I didn’t have the type where i would sense or see evil beings but some do, and you know what, those tormenting beings only flee and are terrified of one name. Try crying out to Muhammad, Buddha, or Krishna . Nothing will happen, cry out to Jesus, and the sleep paralysis stops instantly. Check out Stop Sleep Paralysis and the hundreds of people that found that out to be true also. Unfortunately I only found out about this after I came to the Lord. I was also trying astral projection. The first time I really did anything worth noting besides just doing barrel rolls or hitting the ceiling, I went to the living room (in spirit) , saw my dad, I took note of what he was eating, drinking, wearing, watching and the time on the clock. Then I went down the hallway, through my door, saw my own body and as soon as I reached it, bolted awake. I went to the living room and smiled because everything was as I saw it. Whats funny is that I would always be so excited and eager before I started trying to go out of body but when the vibrations reached the crescendo I would be apprehensive or even afraid to go out and wouldn’t, as if I sensed the demons that I believe make it possible.

    I married a Christian women, and was always mocking and making fun of church. When I went with her to church I saw everyone as weak minded sheeple, since I was always a man apart. To this day I still have a problem feeling kind of sheepish sitting in church, and I had to swallow my pride big time to admit that these people who never really studied much, had the truth and I having read volumes was deceived. I was utterly convinced of my spiritual beliefs, and knew the Bible was manufactured deception. I actually said a prayer in a totally skeptical manner, but was sincere that if He was real I would follow Him. Then one night I said a prayer: Jesus if you are real and really created everything of course I’d serve you, just show me something. A month later while driving my jeep after mocking and scoffing my wife’s church it was as if my spiritual eyes were opened I knew I was on the wrong side of things as sure as if Jesus was sitting in the passenger seat. I stopped the car got out and knelt and prayed for forgiveness and was hit with the most intense feeling of power and love which engulfed me that you could mentally, physically and spiritual feel. I wept and wept. I found out my wife was praying for me at that exact time. To think that I walked and talked against the one that created me and he still had this insane amount of love for me, it’s beautiful.

    After this when those vibrations came associated with astral projection and sleep paralysis, those spirit guides and the beings which help you leave your body revealed themselves as who they really were, the most horrifying demons you could imagine not just for appearance but because the energy they gave off, pure evil and hatred for me. They hate us because we are made in the image of God and they hate him. Anyway these being of “light” tormented me after giving my life to Christ. There are so many stories I later found of people coming out of the occult, former psychics, wiccans and such talking about going through almost exactly what I did after coming to the real Light. Their spirit guides and familiar spirits showing their true identities afterwards. Whats funny is that if i ever went back and listened to some Lamb of God, or Opeth, some of my favorite bands. I would get hit with some sleep paralysis. My wife was trained to shake me out of it if she heard me able to get some groans out while i was paralysed, before I was saved, and even a little bit afterwards.

    I had been reading Robert Monroe’s Far Journey series about out of body experience and David Icke, face palm. Which seemed to tie together all the different things I’ve read about. Like rat poison its 99% percent truth but it is the 1% deception that gets you. In his case it is all the pre-Jesus figures, which has been disproved. The series Know Your Enemy on youtube or just download the torrent .iso files I think they call it the Fuel Project, it is three DVDs long. Does an awesome job at explaining How Semiramis, Nimrod and Tammuz became the first false trinity, not really trinity but group of three. It also shows the spiritual battle throughout the ages. Semiramis tried to pass off her son as the prophesied messiah. The moon became a symbol for Semiramis and the sun for Nimrod, also a bull or horns. Then that Babylonian religion spread to the whole world under hundreds of different names, Semiramis known as the queen of heaven, now worshipped by the Catholics as Mary, and you know what, they even call her the queen of heaven. From these different dieties is where several authors who have no knowledge of ancient languages or knowledge of ancient religions make a case for the many Jesus and pre Jesus saviors ideas. The experts in these religions think the claims made by authors like Acharya S aka DM Murdock whos writings were the inspiration behind the Zeitgeist video, are ridiculous. See Zeitgeist debunked.

    We are given this life, and we have to choose sides. We can live for Christ, he lived and died for us, or you can live for yourself which is being your own god, that’s idolatry and is basically satanism: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” If you don’t want anything to do with your creator who provided you with all things and loves you more than you could ever know He just wants you to love Him back, an eternal being who you cause horrible pain to when we sin (rebel) then there is place for you devoid of all God’s attributes, no peace, no rest, no comfort.

    Evolution is the fairy tale. The first life or single celled organism could never have just appeared. A semi permeable membrane, organelles all perfectly matched to each other and to its environment and encased DNA an amazingly complex double helix structured molecule… and here’s the clincher – the DNA in the first one would have to be a perfect blueprint by chance to the organism it is inside programmed with an ability to self replicate! No cell membrane, no organelles, no DNA have ever appeared in any chemists or biologists experiment concerning the formation of life from a primordial ooze, let alone formed inside each other and be perfectly matched to each other.

    There is no evidence of evolution in the fossil record. Every pre human artifact is either human or ape, not to mention all the embarrassing forgeries or discoveries that were believed for decades and turned out to be animal parts. How about soft tissue in dinosaur bones, and a triceratops horn, man made artifacts found in solid rock and coal, fossilized trees passing through many strata layers, the chance of the moon and sun although vastly different in size and distance from us appear to be almost equal in the sky, hundreds of old newspaper articles declaring various archeologists finding the bones of, skulls and skeletons of huge giants, some with 6 fingers just like Goliath, only to be hauled of to the Smithsonian and never seen again? The scientific elite will not tolerate any piece of the puzzle that might change the way they think the puzzle should look. Check out

    I can buy the idea that the universe formed gradually, but I do believe that the flora and fauna and everything in between was designed and placed here about 6000 years ago. Something obviously messed up our solar system and the orbits of Neptune, which Pluto is likely a a moon of, and Uranus its and obliterating the former earth creating the asteroid belt (where a missing planet should be), along with our moon. The translation of the Bible should probably better read the Earth BECAME formless and void. The Bible speaks of Rahab, the former Earth and how God dashed it to pieces. This is echoed in the Sumerian creation epic. The Bible even provides a complete genealogy from the first man until Christ, and hundreds of fulfilled prophesies.

    Jesus said “I set before you life and death, choose life.”

  5. John says:

    How does this creator think of the war mongers of this world? Are these war mongers the anti creators? Yes religion in the go to church sense is obsolete. No doubt about that. What religion does do is help us to understand good and evil in our world. Is it true the anti creators are evil and the creator is good?

    The article implies the creator is thoughtful and compassionate, good heh? How do you explain the war mongers amongst us?

    • Sovereignty says:

      “Thoughtful and Compassionate” that has never been my experience. Empathy, a cosmic universal unconditional love, yes.

      That being said I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him or her to intervene and save us from our folly.

  6. Sovereignty says:

    The God term has been polluted as to be useless. I prefer the term Creator or Source Energy.

    After busting the quark in subatomic physics we learned that stuff was made of nothing (empty vibrating space) or only encoded energy and the human mind and consciousness is interpreting that encoded space, calling it reality.

    While the God business is terribly interesting it’s the Devil business which is the more pressing matter.

    We live in a time of disconnectedness and pressing in on humanity is a supernatural aspect driving evil in all its forms, in a control domination tyranny game with global eugenics as the main feature. The game back goes back a long time and while 911 was a real piece of work, it is nothing for these characters. All the minion small time actors we see on the world stage today are only the façade of the real nasty crew directing the play behind the curtain.

    When I say disconnectedness, we are debilitated in our three dimensional perspective to where we no longer have a functioning relationship with reality, and very few are prepared to confront this diabolical aspect of today’s shared experience.

    I was fortunate to have had accidentally discovered my golden brain glands the pituitary and pineal (DMT) which are badly atrophied with life style, chlorine, and fluorides. Fortunately these can be reactivated quickly and significant brain boosting bandwidths achieved with these powerful brain hormone secretions. The Stone Megalith Builders of Old utilized these on board brain resources and from my new perspective we will need these, if we are to survive as a species.

    The only place I’ve been able to see with a contextual frame of the pervasive evil tyranny is with the Gnostics and the recently discovered Nag Hammadi Texts. These villains are called Archons and they can be dealt with if we choose to do so. Reasoned discourse or holding hands in a mystical chant is not going to do it, tyranny never relinquishes its abusive power, it has to be forcefully taken and these bad boys of necessity, need to be taken out. See John Lamb Lash Kalika War Party pragmatic solution here:

    The Kalika War Party

  7. Kyle says:

    With the recent discovery suggesting that the Big Bang may not have happened and that the entire Universe always existed would imply that time is an illusion. Also, quantum entanglement suggests that space is also an illusion. Another issue is that what we perceive to be solid matter is 99.99% empty space which would imply that much of what we sense is actually an illusion. Fourthly,, the double slit experiment would suggest that it is we the conscious observer that is bringing this world into existence. Lastly, recent theories regarding the Universe actually being a Hologram would suggest that consciousness is the only thing that is really real.

    So in conclusion yes there is a Creator/God.

  8. James says:

    you said “We can rule out any entity who is an irrational, irritated, envious, repentant, or emotional wrack – Such a ‘thing’ cannot be The Creator” – fine, but it may be totally ruthless so far as it concerns our welfare. From our point of view, it may as well be a malevolent entity. Certainly the model of life that we can observe is without mercy for any entity dwelling within it.

  9. Martin Wood says:

    A good article that deducts the obvious. However, I think the article may be lacking some recent scientific discoveries that may be worth while to research. I do not argue that there is no “Intelligent Creator”, only that you have only provided evidence of quantities and none of the mechanics of creation which, when presented, would better support the truth. But alas, ultimately a person must make up their own mind to believe or not.

    David Wilcock reveals the stunning scientific proof that DNA and biological life emerge directly out of the Source Field… a universal matrix of energy creating all space, time, matter, energy, biological life and consciousness — and we are indeed about to experience the Greatest Moment of All Time.

    For a very interesting and informative concept of creation and the procedure of such, which also provides scientific proof, I offer this video link;

    • Chad Helm says:

      No Offense. David Wilcox is a lying Parasite.

      • Martin Wood says:

        No Offense taken. Are we not all Parasites of one form or another? Some feed off of love, some feed off of hate. We all feed off of Consciousness. Every lie contains a grain of truth.

        • Martin Wood says:

          Veritas Sepro Human Vita

          What is truth? Truth is all that is and will ever be. Hogwash you say, lies are created and run rampant within our existence. They always have and always will. Hogwash, I say. Within every lie is a grain of truth. Think about it, the conception of a lie is the truth. Why else would there exist the lie? The person responsible for the original lie knows the truth and wishes to conceal it from another for one of many reasons. Of the most popular would probably be for selfishness. There are other reason’s besides selfishness, as in the case of lying to prevent the sadness of a loved one. Whatever the reason for the lie may be, when all is said and done, the lie is destructive in nature. Whereas the truth is productive. It may be inconvenient at times, however the truth will overcome the lie every time.

          So how can we know what the truth is? The answer is quite simple really. Learn who you are. To know yourself is to know the truth. This is something that will take a lifetime for some people. Some will find their truth sooner than others. Some will not find it and become lost and weary of the journey and give up the search. That will be their choice.

          Honesty supports the truth. Will you be honest with yourself and find the truth? And when you do find it, how can you be sure that it is? Look around at the effects you have on others. If one does not care about others, then that one has not found the truth.

          Not to sound hippyish, new agey or weak, truth is love and understanding, which is the opposite of hate and ignorance. The Ego rules inside of the “Matrix”. Love rules outside of it.

        • Chad Helm says:

          No. Your comment back to me was ridiculous.

          • Martin Wood says:

            As you have freewill to think and believe as you desire. That is a choice that you have to decide and no one else.

  10. Chad Helm says:

    I’ve found the Secret to Life. I’m going to share it right now…

    Stop believing in Death!

  11. maybeperfect says:

    As usual, an apparent group of so called humans seeming to claim knowledge of God and His capabilities, when logic should suggest that God might be the only one who knows of his own existence, if He does.
    He might not want to know, for all I know, though if He does, or wants to find out if he exists, I certainly seem to feel compelled to direct encouragement and appreciation for the assault upon eternity which his life might comprise, if it exists.
    Unlike seemingly some, I can’t seem to conceive of any thing or concept that God can’t be doing/being, for the more I seem to accept the possibility that any thing might really be God, the more often I am persuaded that it indeed is, though I must also marvel about the seeming existence of consciousness whatsoever.
    If you were God, how/ who would you be, because you may be whether you seem to claim the capacity for consciousness of it or not. What seems to appear as a relatively universal condition, is that of fallibility, but only if there is such a thing as a mistake, and in all honesty, matters of judgement, or relative significances seem beyond my personal competence, or not, depending upon Who I might really be. In other words, if I were somehow to have a judgement of God demanded of me, I would have to unequivocally and unabashedly declare Him to be maybeperfect, but I might not be me, or even if I am, who am I? Might not know.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sophomoric crap. This is the God of Abraham and has been known since ancient history. You act as if you are stating some groundbreaking scientific discovery. God is Gracious, Just, Merciful, Beneficent Compassionate, Eternal, True, Real, Just, Caring, Kind, Providing, Gentle..he is Unlimited and Far above what they associate with him..according to the Qu’ran!

  13. From The LIGHT says:

    Find the book called “The secret Book According to John” from Nag Hammadi,
    Yaldabaoth the Creator and the Demiurge, Who he created the Material Earth and Universe. Old Testament, Gen1.1,2 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void”,( earth STILL there but empty things and bare things.)

  14. Kris McKenzie says:

    I have read all your essays in the series – “The Origin”. I believe this one is one of the series. Very thoughtfully presented – purely with a scientific perspective.

    As the reader above pointed out, all these Gods and religions are the instruments of division – created and promoted by the “ruling class”. But, the shame and the idiocy is that we fall in their trap and get busy killing killing each other.

    Recognizing the fact that there is only One Creator – the Creator of all of us, will unite the humanity – It will be The End of the tyranny.

  15. Karl Muller says:

    You seems to have a background in physics – and a non-believer, I assume.
    Anyhow, the points presented are strong, arguments are valid, and the conclusion is logical. One cannot argue against it – I mean logically.
    Intelligent and logical people will solute you for writing a very convincing essay. As for the “believers”, you simply cannot convince them. They will kill you with their idiotic “beliefs”.
    Scientifically and logically speaking, there certainly is an “Authority”, as you argued, that we can call “The Creator”, as you call it. But, certainly it has NO resemblance to the GODs of the “believers” – the illogical, confused, vindictive, vengeful, and lustful God who is running around impregnating the women and making the “GodSons”.
    How many of these GodSons or “Son Gods” are there? A few dozens at least, I believe.
    The funny thing, as you have pointed out, is that there are hundreds of those Gods – The tribal Gods – borrowing from your terminology. And, each tribe claims that ONLY their God is the TRUE God, and every one else’s God is the FALSE one. So, it is their GOD given right to kill and destroy the ‘others’ who don’t believe in their God! The ‘others’ are the ‘non’ believers!
    So, a trillion dollar question is; who are those who promote all these Gods, and the associated religions that serve to divide and tear-apart the humanity?

  16. Mark W says:

    Another hit piece to discredit the established religions, especially the Christianity. How do you know your “science” and “logic” is right?

    We believe if our God

  17. Robert Brewer says:

    How very true:

    The Creator cannot be confined to any physical ‘form’, ‘shape’, or ‘body’.
    We know, there cannot be any ‘fingers’ tiny enough to handle the quantum particles/strings that form the ‘sub-atomic’ particles – We cannot even envision an instrument/device that can ‘handle’ even the atoms – For the comparison’s sake: The diameter of an Atom is 1,000,000 times the diameter of a quantum particle.

    Neither can there be the finger large enough to make the Stars and even larger bodies in the universe.

    I wish religious fanatic and “believers” will find this article and let their brains think – Or, may be I am asking for too much!

  18. Benjamin Rasco says:

    Physics combined with religion! Very interesting.

    But, your argument is very logical. It debunks the theological belief in a God who made humans on his own image – A burping, farting, and emotionally disturbed God.

    Yes, it has to be just one Creator – No countless tribal Gods prompting the “believers” to kill others.

    A great read.

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