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There is No One

These are very desperate times. We are living in utter desperation under the ruthless clutches of a vicious tyranny. Engulfed in the misery and agony of never ending wars, murders and tortures, poverty and hunger, and foreclosures and repossessions, our wish for a ‘Messiah’ or for a ‘Savior’ is quite natural. But . . .

There is No One out there to save you. It is your hind – and it is up to you to save it.

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What is up with Putin ?

Putinologists – from the savvy analysts to journalists, and from the solitary bloggers to heavily subsidized writers, are all divided into two distinct camps: Those who see in him the Savior-Messiah’ of humanity, and those who believe he is the epitome of ‘Evil’ – a ruthless dictator and a tyrant. The truth, as is the case most of the times, lies somewhere in between; neither a Savior-Messiah nor an Evil Thug – Putin is just the leader of a powerful country who is trying to serve the interests of his people.

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Is Putin also in it – A Partner with The West?

In our previous analytical review of the events in Russia, and, in particular, Mr. Putin’s maneuvers and actions since his 2nd coming, we came to conclude that Putin camp is positioning itself for the final mop to remove the remnants of the pro-western Atlantic integrationists elements from the corridors of power.
Now, with a different perspective, we are going to analyze Mr. Putin’s actions and the policy decisions, in conjunction with the global events.

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Planned & Concerted: Russia being herded into the Loving Arms of China

In the community hunting frenzies of the past, the tactic was to deploy an army of people – the herders, in a large circle enclosing the hunting ground – leaving a narrow gap open in the circle . . . The objective was to force the animals to run towards the only escape point – the open gap in the circle, where the hunter’s spears would be waiting to great them…
It seems like the hunting season – The Bear hunting. The Russian Bear is being directed into the waiting arms of the Chinese Dragon. . .

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The Khodorkovsky Move – A New Front Against Putin

While Mikhail  Gorbachev provided the framework, Boris Yeltsin did ‘open Russia’ for the crooks to loot the public wealth and national resources. The likes of Mikhail Khodorkovsky – the parasites of humanity, ended up gobbling the natural resources and wealth of Russia, leaving the public in a state of utter destitute.
Now, this great Russian patriot, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, unable to curb his love and affection for the motherland, . . .

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