What is up with Putin ?

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  1. BuelahMan says:

    Why does Putin kiss the Jew ass?

    Why does he don the beanie and hump the wall?

    Why does he endorse and enforce the bogus Holocrock laws?

    Anyone who caters to the Jew is not trustworthy.

  2. Activisor says:

    As someone who is an admirer of Putin, I do not buy into the Putin is evil rhetoric. Putin’s 2007 speech which is never aired in the mainstream news, is a good source of information on which to make an assessment of his character (available on Utube) Recent speeches are also very considered and conciliatory towards the west. The fact is the elites hate Putin because he has had the temerity to challenge their world order. He kicked out the banking cartel, which made him public enemy no.1. With the help of the BRICS nations, he will help eradicate the world of the globalist corporatists, and usher in a new paradigm.

  3. Carita M says:

    You have written tons of articles on Putin and Russia. As such, you can be considered a ‘Putinologist’ yourself!

    Again, a very well written piece. Enjoyed it, and passed it over to my parents to read it, too.

  4. Jim Clark says:

    Putin is the Master of The Game – well adept at hunting. The likes of Obama and Cameron have no chance winning.

    In wars (and occasionally hunting sprees) there is a very secretive weapon that is sometimes used, known only to a privileged few. The weapon is deadly and liquidizes the target across vast distances. This fearsome tool of destruction is called “The Projectile” (in some circles it is also known as the bullet) – Putin has the puppet in the West in sight.

    Well, so pleased to have discovered the ‘Views and Previews’. Rarely do we find such well written essays. Great work. A great site, indeed.

    I have bookmarked it.

  5. Gina W says:

    What a great style! Wow! I am glad you preserved those disgraceful Charlie Hebdu ‘arts’ pieces for the morons to see and find our what a filth they were/are.

    Thank you for giving it to us.

    And, also, thanks to The Truth Seeker for pointing us to The News Scouter, which brought us here.

  6. A E Neuman says:

    For what it is worth according to the writings of Nostradamus Russia comes to the aid of the US at a critical moment in their quest to destroy the Middle East. He is a practical man if comes to saving humanity he will be seen as Saint possibly. What he would do after that remains to be seen. He could possibly be the Devil too.

  7. loose change says:

    You have incredible naive view of Putin. It is amazing. Lets look at Niemcow murder. There were cameras. Many. But on that day they were not functional as we are told. There was ukrainian model, witness of the murder. But she was promptly released. Do you believe? The key witness is not important to russian police… Or they know everything? So the investigation is unnecessary?
    They were unnecessary in hundreds previous murders of journlalists or the like.
    Everyday you see Putin acting like Western powers. Acting with accordance. Using the same methods and means. But you dont mind it. You just prefer to believe. Believe in Putin. Just becouse you are so lost that your only hope is that this distant criminal is better then these close to you.

  8. William Zabel says:

    A very well thought out and balanced article. For once somebody looks at Putin in the right light. He is neither savior nor Satan incarnate. Just a leader looking out for his own. Now if the west would just look out for their own instead of trying to rule the world, maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about world war 3..

  9. bill blyth says:

    Chemtrails being sprayed over Moscow. That got me thinking , that just via that circumstantial evidence, things in Russia are more complex than i thought.
    But there may be NWO factions hidden in the Moscow govt. There might be games of cat and mouse being played. Its possible, that Putin, Lavrov and Medvedev, really are the good guys, acting for the Light. But they’re fighting factions within.
    I like to look for circumstantial evidence for clues, as to whats what. And the face that Putin and Russia take such an aggressive stance banning GMOs and Monsanto, and go to such pains not importing GMO fed meat, tell me that here, at least, are decent people that demonstrate a measure of care for their population.

  10. Sweetblood777 says:

    Not knowing about Charlie Hebda before, I fail to see why any leader would show support to a group that dwells in filth. Needless to say, I was disappointed to hear Putin’s response to this, but even more so, the response of the so-called leaders in the west. These people give a new meaning to the term ‘white trash’ they deserve to burn in hell as far as I am concerned.

  11. Name says:

    Not a saviour of humanity?? As long as he (Putin) kyboshes the Wests plans for world domination/tyrrany then he is a saviour – not spiritually but for everyone who wants a chance at a common and decent life in this world. Or would you prefer the NWO? I thought not.

  12. James says:

    Obama is a marxist. He is playing the US into Russia’s and China’s hands by dishing out exessive bravado, while spreading their military forces as thinly as possible all over the world, to spurn a fight he intends to loose and hand the world over to communism. All Putin has to do is play the moderate and look like the hero when the dust settles. Checkmate.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Very good. Generally, I favor Putin. But he must be pragmatic after all. He is no perfect man.
    He is, however, far superior morally to our American politicians.
    May God bless him, and continue to guide him.

  14. Sabri says:

    Russians have every reasons to be proud of Putin. He and Lavrov are true statemen. I would be proud to have a leader like Putin and I’m not russian.

  15. Jonathan Miller says:

    You want to see the standards of journalism in US, read the crap publishe in The New York Times:
    “In all likelihood no one in the Kremlin actually ordered the killing — and this is part of the reason Mr. Nemtsov’s murder marks the beginning of yet another new and frightening period in Russian history. The Kremlin has recently created a loose army of avengers who believe they are acting in the country’s best interests, without receiving any explicit instructions. Despite his lack of political clout, Mr. Nemtsov was a logical first target for this menacing force.”

    “Russia is a country at war — it has been waging battle against Ukraine for a year — and like any country at war, it has focused much of its rhetorical effort on the domestic opposition. The word “opposition” itself is misleading: It suggests having access to media and electoral and social mechanisms, when those have ceased to exist in Russia. More accurately, there are a number of individuals in Russia who are capable of gathering small groups of supporters, waging limited local electoral action, transmitting messages through the tiny remnants of independent media and occasionally organizing street protests.”

    Note the distortion of facts, and frustration of the West with Putin who is winning the Game. Putin is the hope, and your are right about that.

  16. Alan Spear says:

    Let me tell you what Russians thinks about the Charlie Hebdu filth:

    A Russian blogger who’s been exposed to this magazine for the first time, wrote on his page: I am ashamed that the bastards were dealt with by Muslims, not by Christians. The Russians could not believe that such smut could be published and defended as a right of free speech. People had planned a demo against the Charlie, but the Moscow City Hall forbade it.

    Russians are not as mentally bankrupt and deranged as the people here the West. Good for the Russians, they have Putin.

  17. Paul II says:

    This article seems to make an effort to present both sides of the argument, which is good, but I would submit that it is missing a number of important considerations. For example, Putin started as a man who could hold the two sides of the Russian elite together: the criminal businessmen that had strong Western ties and the siloviki, who are in the military, intelligence, and police. He could act as an arbiter that all could respect. He didn’t have the kind of power then that he has now. Only with his last election did he really have the kind of power that his critics suggest he has. And from this comes the fact that not working more closely with Iran or preventing the slaughter in Libya are his responsibility is an unfair criticism. He wasn’t President at the time of many things. Medvyedev is a representative of the pro-Western types. Next, Putin would be foolish to come out and say 911 is an inside job. It wouldn’t change anything in the West, which is a mind-controlled wasteland with a dictatorship to boot. The only rational thing is to use Western fake terrorism for your own country’s benefit. Russia has a real problem with Western-funded and generated terrorism. It is real, not some hoax on TV. Putin is the President of Russia, not of the JFK Researchers Group or an anti-NWO club. Besides, by playing it close to the vest on things like the plane that was shot down over the Ukraine, it has a much stronger impression. If the Russians had just screamed that the NWO had done it, they would have looked juvenile.

    Oh, this is very debatable:

    “Putin has proven to be the master of finding the easy way out strategies.”

    The Kremlin’s strategy in the Ukraine today has not been the easy way out. Nor has the way of handling the Middle East. Personally, I think one of his great strengths is a determination to play the long game on things, and work to move other people, factions, and countries to a more pro-Russian or pro-Gazprom or pro-non-Western dominated direction. He tries to win people over without lots of violence, and this is the only realistic way, as the West is the master of violence.

    • Rabbitnexus says:

      Everything you said needed to be said and I will just add my endorsement.

      Vladimir Putin has not acted as a saviour to the world nor is he elected or expected realistically to be that. All real saviours have told us the same thing anyway, and that is that…. IT IS UP TO YOU. However as far as a Russian nationalist leader, a model citizen on the international legal stage unlike some other nations {cough cough} I’d say he’s been as close to saintly in behaviour in the role in which he finds himself and what more can you ask of a world leader? He plays a great game and is fun to watch too. In my mind’s cartoon which is the geopolitical stage where I perceive it, Vlad is a superhero cape and all and he has a smart witty urbane character he plays as he leads the remnant of the Byzantine Empire against the Beast Empire led by it’s gaggle of weirdos and perverts and their utterly incompetent but evil and power minions who rule over the mind controlled zombie hordes. Meanwhile Vlad man of action slips into his secret costume at night and goes about pulling off masterful chess and judo moves on the world stage, so that each morning the world is dumb struck by his masterful manoeuvre. and delighted/infuriated with the understated trademark wink as he exists stage with the media clamouring for more. So the guy’s rich? What sort of a shmuck would become president of a nation like Russia and have the sort of skills this man has and finance is no less one of his fields, and NOT also manage to become a billionaire? he would need to be just to stay alive given some of the sharks circling the Kremlin.

  18. Bucky Balboa says:

    A balanced and fair Putin critique; except for one minor flaw. You should have provided more context; Putin, above all else, is a Russian nationalist. He is also a devout believer in the Russian Orthodox church.

    If you want to know what really drives or motivates Putin’s ‘autocratic’ rule, think Siberia and the hinterland. e.g. Vladivostok’s forgotten and ‘misplaced ‘ youth look to him for inspiration; under Putin’s leadership they have hope for the future. Some may even benefit from Russia’s resource-rich energy sector; from the revenues and state budget many adolescents will be able to afford higher education; maybe even get a technical skill. And a later, they may land a good paying job.

    No small wonder that President Putin enjoy’s an 80+ percent approval rating; he understands the real Russia; a united nation that is now diametrically opposed to the former oligarch rule; left to the criminal oligarchs’ devices the majority of ordinary Russians today would be bound in chains; their plight would be that of scavengers left to fend for the scraps under dire economic straits.

    And that’s exactly what happened when Yeltsin surrendered the country’s crown jewels under the crooked privatization scheme. Not no more though…

  19. John says:

    Charlie Hebdo is true perversion and trash that would take a sick mind to produce or enjoy, but freedom of choice is what life is about, it’s where you may end up that you need to think about.

  20. Johan Zimermann says:

    Let’s not forget Putin’s betrayals – from Afghanistan, Iran, and Libya to Ukraine. He is a Billionaire thug himself, like the everyone else in the West. People who are trying so hard to find a Messiah in him, are in for a big shock.

    Let’s face the naked truth – There is No One. You were very right. Don’t change your position.

    • Rabbitnexus says:

      Those matters were covered in the article, as was your particular type of punditry. So nobody is forgetting anything except maybe ‘someone’ forgot to read the article before blurting out his ten cents worth.

      I’m a Muslim so probably more likely to have been offended by attacks on at least two of those targets and I don’t see why it was Putin’s job to defend those states when everybody else, you included failed to do so. Last I checked Vladimir Putin was elected President of Russia and only Russia. As for Ukraine Putin is doing a masterful job of protecting human rights as much as possible and avoiding being dragged into a wider war which is the intention. That is my ten cents worth.

  21. William K. says:

    A well balanced piece. Well researched and well articulated. I would like add my 2 cents for your readers benefit:

    There is awakening occurring in the Russia. People are seeing the true face of the West for the first time. The US-instigated war in Ukraine has caused a people to come together and align with Putin. West was hoping that sanctions, by casing havoc to the economy, will incite people to rise up against Putin. But, reverse has happened. Putin’s support has since been solidified even more. Russians are proud of him. There is an increased sense of national pride and brotherhood. More than one million Ukrainian citizens, losing their homes or in fear of being destroyed in the insane US-instigated carnage that is sweeping across Ukraine, have sought asylum in Russia. They have been welcomed as brothers according to all reports. That is a human response that has untold resonances among ordinary Russians.

    Thanks to the Internet and RT, Russians are fully aware of the truth of the US war in eastern Ukraine. Russians are becoming politically sensitive for the first time in years as they realize that some circles in the West simply want to destroy them because they resist becoming a vassal of a Washington gone berserk.

    Putin is, right now, the most popular leader anywhere in the world.

  22. John Battista says:

    You have done justice to Putin this . He no more, and no less than what you have described – the president of Russia. He is no Saint-Savior and no thug either.

    This is a great editorial article.

  23. Tim Robbins says:

    The following will give your readers a better perspective of Putin’s achievements:

    From 1999 through 2008, Russia’s economy grew at a brisk seven percent annually, thereby doubling its GDP in ruble terms. Real individual income growth was even brisker, increasing by two and a half times. In dollar terms, because of the ruble’s appreciation over time, the increase in GDP was exceptionally vivid: from a nadir of around $196 billion in 1999 to around $2.1 trillion in 2013. A new, grateful Russian middle class was born, some 30 million strong, able to travel and shop abroad easily. More broadly, Russian society was transformed: cell-phone penetration went from zero to 100 percent, unemployment dropped from 12.9 percent to 6.3 percent, and the poverty rate fell from 29 percent to 13 percent. Wages rose, pensions were doled out, and the immense national debt that had been accumulated by previous leaders was paid off early. Foreign investors reaped rich rewards, too, as Russia’s stock market skyrocketed, increasing 20-fold.

  24. Eliane Page says:

    A well thought, well documented, and a balanced article – as usual. But, I have to state that you have given too much credit to Putin. Seems, you were really trying to “balance” the piece in favor of Putin. I am not among those who believe that Putin is a thug or a tyrannical dictator, but, still, his “condolence” message over the Charlie Hebdo False Flag operation was really disgusting.

    I do not believe in violence, but Chalie Hebdo are/were a pack of mentally deranged filth – their place was in a psychiatric ward. How a Christian, or a human being with any decency, could tolerate such indecency, insult, and injury to the faith and feelings of other human beings.

    Thank you for including the samples of Charlie Hebdu filth for the readers to see and understand what it means when they say “Je suis Charlie”.

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