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The BRICS Of The Empire: The ‘B’ of The BRICS – Brazil

All the bricks in the BRICS are fully aligned with the Old World Order. The mortar of the BRICS has been formulated by the same ‘Masons’! These BRICS are being laid to give a new facade to same Old World Order, metamorphosing it into the New World Order . . . The very first brick in the BRICS comes from Brazil—and, as such, it very much provides an introduction to the whole BRICS saga . . . the ugly face of a brutal feudal system.

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There is No One

These are very desperate times. We are living in utter desperation under the ruthless clutches of a vicious tyranny. Engulfed in the misery and agony of never ending wars, murders and tortures, poverty and hunger, and foreclosures and repossessions, our wish for a ‘Messiah’ or for a ‘Savior’ is quite natural. But . . .

There is No One out there to save you. It is your hind – and it is up to you to save it.

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