In Hot Pursuit of Money

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  1. Fake money backed by nothing issued by a private bank is slavery.
    Real money such as silver or gold coins is not slavery.
    Fake money could be issued by a public treasury.
    The problem with fake money is that it deprives us of the luck we can earn by practicing charity.
    With real money we can earn luck by giving to the deserving poor. We are deprived of this luck by lack of real money. We can cultivate luck by giving real money as an act of charity. Fake money printed by private mafia like the Federal Reserve deprives us of the ability to cultivate luck through financial charity.

  2. Tim McNeff says:

    It is the desire to “show off” that is killing us. Every one wants to show off how successful he or she is – Larger homes, Luxury cars, and , from there on, the larger Yachts.

    A wiser way would have been to live your own life on your own terms, just be happy with yourself, and enjoy the time. It is the “time” that is irreplaceable – you cannot buy it for any amount of money.

    As Steve Job once said,
    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

    We should try to live our lives so as to leave the world a better place. Or, to quote Steve Jobs, we should ‘make a dent in the universe.’ Not kill ourselves chasing the money.

  3. David Walston says:

    Great article. Here is the purpose of life explained, simply and elegantly:
    “In the beginning, God created the earth, and he looked upon it in his cosmic loneliness.

    And God said, “Let Us make living creatures out of mud, so the mud can see what We have done.” And God created every living creature that now moveth, and one was man. Mud as man alone could speak. God leaned close to mud as man sat, looked around, and spoke. “What is the purpose of all this?” he asked politely.

    “Everything must have a purpose?” asked God.

    “Certainly,” said man.

    “Then I leave it to you to think of one for all this,” said God.

    And He went away.”

  4. Bob Venturini says:

    I was choking with laughter reading “The Star Pro in Action”. It must be the ‘schedule’ of a sales person, probably a Realtor – what a joke.
    But, in the end it forced me to think. Think about my own life. I, like most others, working like a mad dog. Not chasing the money, but trying to make the ends meet. I know, I will also die working long long hours, thanks to the greedy blood suckers who have sucked the life out form all of us.

  5. Karla Jones says:

    “Even in his death, Elvis is still making tens of millions of dollars annually”, hilarious, indeed. Hope the greedy bankers will pay heed and stop sucking our blood, too.

  6. Kamil H says:

    Thought provoking, hilarious, funny, and sad. But, very true. We are all in mad chase to make more money. But, making money for what, when your life is a mess.
    We are living in a world gone crazy. May be, we are all crazy.
    A good post. Hope a few people will take break and rethink about life and its purpose.

  7. Jim Wilber says:

    Very interesting and thought provoking – makes you think again about your life’s perspective.

    I am a consultant in IT field. Only those in the similar field can understand how demanding is the work My wife also works (our housing payment is upward of $5,000). We see each other, practically, only on Sundays. It is tough and rough.

    After reading this article, I am giving a second thought about the life. Buying a farm farther away from any major city and enjoying a natural life seems a very exiting and appealing idea now.

    Review your lives and plans for it after reading this piece.

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