India Poised to Overtake China

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8 Responses

  1. K says:

    Dear author,

    You wrote such a big epic rant just because christine lagarde said india will grow faster than china?

  2. Tell the truth says:

    India for the most part should be compared with Pakistan, Bangladesh and other south Asian countries.
    How was India even considered worthy of being compared with China is beyond one’s ability to fathom.

  3. Bhupinder Sahota says:

    India will always be behind China because of it’s low average IQ. China has an average IQ of 100 with Hong Kong being somewhat higher around 106, but India has an average IQ of around 85. A shocking 15 points behind China! This is the difference between a normal worker who only needs to be shown a new technique once and then is on his or her own and a mildly retarded individual who needs constant supervision. The apologists will try and say that this is due to the poverty and malnutrition in India, this cannot be used in this case as there are just as many poor people in China as India and malnutrition has not affected China’s ability to achieve high IQ scores. It is simply about genetics which nobody in India the western world (except for a few brave souls) will dare talk about.

  4. Monsieur Reynard says:

    India Poised to Overtake China??? Hummm……….. Methink, highly unlikely today ! I would ask only, what the writer of the above smoke ??

  5. Norbert Seitzer says:

    I live in Germany and work for a high-tech equipment manufacturing company. Most of our production is for the Chinese market.

    I fully agree with the notion that if China sneezes, the world will have pneumonia. China is the largest business partner to almost all the major business in Germany. No one even mention ‘India’. Comparing India to China is, in my opinion, pure blasphemy.

    As for Madam Lagarde, you are right. She is just a turkey.

    A very interesting, and timely, article.

  6. David Amott says:

    As a corporate employee I visit China regularly. My business takes me to many not so well known areas as well. Every time that I go there, I get amazed. How fast that country is growing, you people living in US (or Europe) have no clue. The city clusters that you are talking about are already emerging and being built rapidly.

    As one China watcher stated, “These days, China should be thought of not in terms of individual cities but urban clusters — groupings of cities with more than 60 million people. The Beijing-Tianjin area, for example, is actually a cluster of 28 cities. Shenzhen, the ultimate migrant megacity in the southern province of Guangdong, is now a key hub in a cluster as well. China, in fact, has more than 20 such clusters, each the size of a European country. Pretty soon, the main clusters will account for 80% of China’s GDP and 60% of its population.”

    And, I cannot tel you about the technological prowess of China. Any talk of of putting down China by comparing it to India is, at best, naive.

  7. Jerome K says:

    I was in Bangalore, India 2010 – 2013, and I also go to China quite often. I am fully aware of the affairs in both countries. I cannot agree with you more. What you have argued is to the dot.

    India is a violent and disorderly country, nowhere even close to China. In my observation, China is not a developing country, it is, rather, a developed nation that is moving ahead at a very fast pace.

    There is no comparison between the two countries. Madam Lagarde can keep on dreaming.

    A good piece. Well written and hits the nail.

  8. Narinder Singh says:

    First, two clarifications; I am an Indian American living in the US for more than ten years, and I have no relationship to the mass murderer and rapist Narinder Modi, the current Prime Minister of India.
    I very much agree with your assessment of the situation in India. But, I would like to further add that the reality of India is much worse than what you presented here. The apathy pf people, the violence, the religious intolerance, and the level of corruption is indescribable.

    I was in India, visiting my parent in Delhi back in December 2013 when the beastly attack occurred on that poor girl. The indifference of people, until the political parties mobilized the protests, was purely inhuman. As the girl’s friend, who was also beaten beyond recognition, told, no one responded to their cries for help. Even the police and passersby left the mortally injured girl lying naked and bleeding for almost an hour.

    Gang rapes, mass murder, burning human alive is the Indian tradition. They burned thousands of innocent sikhs men alive and gang raped thousands of women in Delhi after the murder of Indira Gandhi. Police was not only standing by, they were also participating in the killing and raping. They do the same to Muslims on an annual basis.

    Outsiders have no idea what is going on in India. Large swathes of the country are not even under the government control. Due to the oppressive policies of fanatic Hindu government, the Adibasi (Aboriginals) are mounting an armed insurgency in various parts of India. Thing may go from bad to worse there in a blink.

    This what India Shine is that hope to compete with China.

    Thank you very much for a very insightful article.

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