Planned & Concerted: Russia being herded into the Loving Arms of China

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  1. T2014 says:

    As for your reference to the imaginary elders of Zion, it’s quite well known that this was a product of Jesuits and other “illuinated” Vatican-driven circles. Again, do some real research instead of copy-pasting nonsense from the usual controlled “alternative” outlets of what are mostly poorely covered government agents.

  2. karol says:

    The only calculation-basis, for the article by the author to hold true, i.e. that Russia is being herded into the arms of China, is exactly what the author has left unsaid.

    Namely that Russia is NOT, a politically nor an economically INDEPENDENT nation.
    Because Russia does NOT own neither does Russia control the Central bank in Moscow.

    The author ought to know something called “protocols of the learned elders of zion”, which specifically spells out that to subjugate and control any nation, requires first and foremost taking over that nation’s banking (and gold) AND taking over of the media and school curricula.

    The media outlets in Russia, such as RT (Russia Today), Itar Tass or even the refurbished Sputnik (formerly Ria Novsti), are, am afraid, NOT Russian at heart.
    Now you know.

    In other words, President Putin needs right now to nationalize the central bank in Moscow, making it a nation’s bank that serves solely the interests of the nation (and not the international banksters) to avail low interest credit lines to businesses and individuals, and any amounts needed by Mr. Putin to effectively run govt for the good of the nation as a whole.

    The obvious “fifth column” in Russia is within the central bank, and the ministries of information(media) and communications, and they all need to be eradicated post-haste today, right now.

    With Russia having a national bank, owned and controlled by Russians, there is no need at all to run to China for any financial assistance. Bear in mind that Russia has the world’s bulk of natural resources, and that bodes extremely well for the ruble. It is that vast trove of resources that backs up the NEW ruble.

    There is no currency in the world that has that colossal amount of resources behind it like the “NEW” ruble.

    Patriotic circles close to Putin need to hacken back to the 1989-90 raids by the wicked West, on the East Asian currencies. Malaysia under Mahtir survived well and nicely, by imposing foreign exchange controls AND no trading in the nation’s currency by anyone was allowed.

    [youtube= ]

    Yes, Russia can bail itself out quickly and become truly independent politically and economically.

    • T2014 says:

      Of course the central bank belongs to Russia, just like the FED completely belongs to the US Congress (no, it’s not a “private Bank of the Rothshilds” or any such nonsense – do some real research). It’s an independent office, same as say the post or the social security. You wouldn’t expect the country to nationalize the post office and have the president run it personally I assume. But you do want that for the bank? Why? What would that change in your eyes???

      Nationalized banks are pure collectivism by the way, only fascists and communists do that and the reasons are well-known.

      Russian problem is not the bank, it’s a simple fact that the west has some $800 billion of russian money as a sort of “hostage” in western banks.

  3. United says:

    Blah blah blah. This is either hype or the biggest elite blunder of the last 1000 years. Their high tech buildings and railways are already rusting through. Those gost cities wouldn’t survive a modest earthquake.

    And a one carrier navy speaks for itself.

  4. Bruce Williams says:

    A very interesting essay. A different perspective, but very possible scenario. The insults given to Puttin by these clowns during the G20 Summit was clearly well orchestrated to push Russia further into the Chines arms, as you put it.
    The question one has to ask is: Why?
    And, you answered it. It is the crowning of China – The new Emperor.

    The Banking Tyranny done it again – Destroyed the host nation once again.

    • Stegiel says:

      Bruce Williams I could not agree more in regards to China is to be crowned. On the other hand China is about to collapse no matter what deals are cut with Russia.

  5. Stegiel says:

    Missing from the analysis is the argument of defectors from the USSR in regards to the long term strategy of deception of the KGB. In that thesis the goal was world communist domination by faking the demise of the USSR. One prediction was the Russia China alliance would be military and entail war by the combined power on the West. Also missing is any discussion of control of Western politicians by communist espionage entities. Merkel comes to mind as former Stasi. Lastly missing from the analysis is that China is an economic basket case poised for total collapse. Taken together a thesis could be presented that the oligarchs behind one world governance must have war and collapse to achieve their final solution.

    • T2014 says:

      “Communism” is a british invention, only totally uneducated illiterates living under a rock don’t know that part of history.

      China effectively belongs to US, they invested over $15 trillion to build up china and still own all those shares. Think about that.

  6. Edwin Vieira says:

    The question remains unanswered: namely, why would the Western elites want to create an economic and political alliance between Russia and China that would result in China’s becoming the new, and perhaps supreme, world superpower? How could they possibly imagine that the Chinese would then do their bidding, or docilely merge into some “new world order” which they control?

    • Kelley Norman says:

      The point to note is that they are not the “western elites”. They are the tyrants, the blood-sucking bankesters. Born in the west, but they have no affiliation or affinity to the west, or any part of the world for that matter. Their con scheme has already done the job in the west; sucking out the life energy of the people and destroying their lives. Now, they are ready to move their HQ to China. They have aligned themselves with the Chinese billionaires, the tyrants in China. It is not the China that is going to rule the world, it is the same “elite” group that, in conjunction with their Chinese affiliates, who will be ruling – but, from China.

      Chinese, for a while, will see a betterment in their living standards, then, will follow the same fate as we are in the west. We, in the west, are doomed for a miserable life under a brutal dictatorial fascism. Which, in fact, is already here.

  7. David Martin, MD says:

    A very well written piece. Thorough and to the point. It explains all that craziness that is going on all around us.

    There was no other reason to treat The Russian President like that during the G 20 Summit in Australia. These clowns, representing the interests of the western bankers and masquerading as the ‘leaders’, were all ganging up on Putin. It was very ‘un-diplomatic’, and, as you stated, in very bad taste. But, it was well planned to achieve the objectives.

    These western gangsters caused the turmoil in Ukraine with the same objective. They were expecting Russia to roll in the tanks. But, he didn’t take the bait. Still, they keep on imposing sanctions on Russia, and on the Russian businesses. They knew very well the Russian reaction – Take out all their money, cut their ties with the west, and de-list their securities from the western financial institutions – and, move to the Chinese financial institutions.

    What an ingenious plan?
    But for what?
    As you analyzed, These seems to be only one explanation to all this madness – Deliver Russia to China.

    [Your readers may also like to read the Russia’s Vulnerability to EU – US Sanctions and Military Encroachments ]

    Russia, despite its superior technological knowhow, is midget in comparison to China. China is a rising giant. Just give it five more years, and no one will be able to match it military might. It is already the world largest economy in terms of PPP.

    These western banksters and super rich elites know it very well. They have aligned themselves with the Chinese. As you said, China is the new Emperor.

    Japan has already been destroyed to make ground clear for China. India will either join it, or will be disintegrated. There is place only for one King – China.

    What a thoughtful analysis. Great Job. Keep up the good work. The humanity needs the thinkers and writers like you.

    [Of course, it is difficult for the idiots and the shills to see the point – no need to waste time responding to these imbeciles.]

    David Martin

  8. Art Patriart says:

    This article is poorly written and fails to explain what is going on. It poses two conflicting scenarios. Get to the point and get specific.

    • Rick Croft says:

      Apparently, you are used to MSM style “News Feed” where the ‘news’ is spoon fed to you. This, in contrast, is an analytical essay that presents the argument, and the supportive evidence, in very thought provoking way.

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