Rasputin to Putin – Coming Full Circle

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  1. hellyeah says:

    ..russians rely on facts and western on propaganda.. YOU ARE KIDDING! WHAT AN IDIOT YOU ARE?

  2. Dr Strangelove says:

    This article is somewhat contrary to the site-owners previous one that mentions Putin; http://viewsandpreviews.com/there-is-no-one/

    So what’s going on, I’m sure the author has every right to change his mind, but surely there should be some consistency in the views/blogs presented on this site? Just muddys the water even more otherwise…but my own view is more consistent with the one presented in this ‘Rasputin to Putin’ blog…it does seems that Putin is not playing the game that he was expected/intended to…and trying to protect and stand up for Russian soveriegnty but really, it could just be wishful thinking on my part.

    It would be helpful the site moderator would clarify where he stands exactly regarding Putin….

    • Tim Robbins says:

      Dr. Strangeglove,

      May be I can explain it:

      I have been a regular visitor and reader of Views and Previews since 2008 – way before it was changed to “WordPress” theme (most of the old articles are not here anymore. I hope they will restore them in the archives.)
      The theme here seems to be not to ‘form’ opinions – just analyze the facts and information as the become visible, and present them in an analytical way to the reader. it is left up to the readers to decide and make up their own mind.

      As for Putin, Israel Shamir, in his analysis of “Who Killed Nemtsov?”, has presented is very well:
      “Putin is a non-confrontational bloke whose great ambition is to live in peace and harmony with the West while defending Russia’s vital interests, and observing interests of Russia’s wealthies and worthies. He also wants to be accepted as an equal among the world’s great, East and West. His desire to be popular and accepted abroad never reached the sick extreme of Mikhail Gorbachev or Anwar as-Sadat. . . ”

      Putin is a National;ist, and, at the same time, an opportunist – an Oligarch himself.

      The Author, in his various articles, seems to be highlighting these two characteristics of Putin. Whatever he is, he is better than the options we have in the West.

  3. Observer says:

    Putin and Maidan.
    Like Bushy Bush durin 9/11 played with children in a school,
    Vlad during Maidan has been watching Olympics. No dicret support
    for Janukovich to extinguish the fire in time. No KGB experience?
    The traitor again to recognize. Undoubtly a great statesman.
    He can be lucky that the majority of the Russians is similar dumb than
    Americans and Europeans. A trgedy.

  4. Observer says:


    15 years in power and nothing done for Russian agriculture.
    Have seen many former kolchose looking like after shelling.
    Nothing done to develop a small and middle size industry, even
    people who undertook, have been blocked from the kleptocrates of
    his cronys.

    And finally, “all world” recognized the subversion of Ukraine by
    the Empire only Putin did not react and kept “calm”, naive
    or conspirative?

    Russia-Insider: Top Spymaster Explains

  5. Observer says:

    Rasputin has been a prophetic monk with clearly extrasensory power.
    May be also of arguable character. To some extent he unwillingly but supportrd the 5th column in Russia at the time.

    Putin ? This guy is simply a traitor even worse then the teleprompter clown on the western side . Why? What are his achievments?

    He supported the US war of aggression in Afghanistan by allowing military
    supply through Russian territory. The Taliban, not my tast, BUT they managed to nearly extinguish heroin production in the country. Under
    US protection it exploded to new high thus also flood Russia with cheap heroin. Thank you Putin! 9/11 lol…

    Iran and Syria have been betrayed by not providing the promised and in case of Iran already payed S300 air defense rockets. His supposed alies.
    Now as the Empire has put fire dirctly on his doorsteps he plays the patriot.
    Ghadaffis Libya, the best administered country in Africa beside Botswana
    he shamefully also betrayed. Allowing a no-fly zone being imposed by the Empires crooks. Result they bombed this poor people back lawless days
    and ruins. Afterwards Putin and the Chinese traitors said…”we did not know and expect…” Is this honest statesman with concept or a dullard?

  6. P Rhodes-Dimmer says:

    A while back, Rayellen Allan of Rumormillnews made an excellent case for Putin being a Romanov, directly descended from the last Tzar. Amongst other things she took the profile of each man’s head and face, compared them – and, once the tzar’s beard is removed, they are almost identical. There were also some historical links, which I don’t now remember. If this theory were correct, it would make Tzar Nicholas to be Putin’s grandfather, or just possibly great-grandfather. It might explain where Putin is coming from if he is fully aware of his lineage! I cannot tell you definitively that this is true, but it bears thinking about and has a kind of ‘resonance’ to it. And if it were true, it seems that the worm is in the process of comprehensively turning….

  7. Kevin Stewart says:

    I beg to differ.
    Rasputin was no saint. He was a monster who was abusing his powers to seduce the daughters and wife of the Tsar.
    Likewise, Putin is a KGB. – A bully. He is no savior. You were right in your previous essays about him. But, I am disappointed with your assessment in this article.

    • J. Karlston says:


      The Evil Empire did demonize Rasputin, the way they demonizing Putin. Pull yourself away from the MSM propaganda machine.

      This a well researched and informative article. You can trust it. I used to think the same way as you do. Then, I did a lot of research and reading – it changed my perspective for ever.

      Don’t believe the Wikipedia either. It also their tool of propaganda.
      Get informed and gain knowledge.

  8. Douglas says:

    Love Putin. I wish he ran for the President of the United States. He has my vote!!!

    • Eileen K. says:

      Same for me, Douglas. I, too, wish he could run for POTUS; I’d vote for him in a flash, instead of the moral degenerates and warmongers who are planning to run next year.
      Could you bear to hear Hillary Clinton’s evil cackling for four (maybe 8) years, every time there was bad news concerning Russia, Iran, or China? She surely cackled as she stated, following Libyan President Muammar Ghadaffi’s brutal murder back in 2011: “We came; we saw; he died”. I know I couldn’t.

  9. Bobbie Malicki says:

    Good article.

    And I agree with the author’s analogous premise: Putin is the modern day Rasputin. Problem is once the ‘Western’ propagandists get a hold of this, they will hack the valid premise to pieces (and President Putin), turn it on its head, and present a different even unflattering portrait of the two Russian heroes.

    No doubt, their version will depict Russia’s great current President as a mad-man; or something just as ludicrous. Fact is: the lunatics in Washington have already gone malicious in claiming that President Putin showed signs of being afflicted with the ‘Aspergers’ syndrome.

    The decadent West’s depravity knows no bounds…

  10. Richard Stanton says:

    Here is a youtube clip showing the scene of execution of Romanovs. Critics and historians claim that it is quite close to what really happened. The Bolshevik butchers.

    • George Gray says:

      Excellent essay.
      The point I would like to add here is that the Romanovs girls were not shot as the movie shows. They were savagely gang raped and then bayoneted to death.

      And, you know who were those butchers – Don’t you?

  11. Julie Randall says:

    Thank you for doing a justice to Rasputin. There had been a full spectrum attack on his persona to demonize him. He was indeed a saint – a great human being. My great grands are from Russia and we heard the true stories about this great saint from them.

    He was killed by the dogs of the filthy empire of the bankers and warmonger.

    Now, the hope is riding with Mr. Putin.

    As you stated, he is different type of a person, “Putin’s calm, well composed, and well calculated responses to West’s ongoing provocations are in accordance with the character of a martial arts practitioner and adept chess player.”

    “Putin, unlike Rasputin, is not known for his meditation practice or for his healing prowess. Rather than being an austere man, he enjoys a life of indulgence. Rather than being the hunted one, he is more apt to be a hunter – quite a capable killer himself.”

    “He is no idealist, just a realist and a practical person whose objective is to protect his own people and his own turf. He is a tough cookie for The Empire to chew to on.”

    These are the virtues needed to pacify The Bloodsucking Empire.

  12. Dr. Alan Thompson says:

    It was a pleasure to discover to discover this article. Very refreshing. Quite a relief from the MSM nonsense.

    Among the clown posing as the “leaders” in the West, Putin is a real statesman. But, don’t forget,

    “The fact is that Putin’s actions, or, rather, inactions, do not fit the profile of an independent leader of a powerful country – There is too much bending, and too many compromises. We have to recognize the fact that, despite his nationalist/populist tendencies and affirmations, Putin has a strong social/economic base among Russia’s instant billionaires. He himself is a part of the billionaires club, and as such, he has a closer affinity with his class counterparts in the West than with his fellow citizens at home.”

    Well, there is always hope!

  13. Robert Chapin says:

    I am your regular reader and very much like your articles. They are always very insightful.

    But, this one is quite a change. Have you also joined the ranks of the likes of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Brother Nathanael, and Prof Michel Chossodovsky – A Putin worshiper?

    • Moderator says:

      Thank you your comment. Please note, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Brother Nathanael, and Prof Michel Chossodovsky, among many others, are all well intentioned and highly respected writers. They write in their own way and present the facts with their own perspective – but with a common objective; bring awareness to humanity.

      They deserve our utmost respect.

      It is an honor to be in the ‘ranks’ of the giants!

      Thank you.

  14. Jack Kulak says:

    A very well written essay. very persuasive.

    I also read Dr. Roberts article “Russia In The Cross Hairs”, it seems that he read your article “Russia In The Cross Hairs” before writing his piece. He has taken many points that you mentioned in your essay and put them in his own style, giving it a different twist. He even used the same terminologies as you did previously. Anyway, he is a great writer, too.

    A great work. I really admire your writings – always logical and objective.

    • xxxxx says:


      Comment from this reader has been deleted. Derogatory remarks about other writers and authors are not allowed.

      Further, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is an honest and respected writer. One may disagree, but slandering is in bad taste. It only shows your own immaturity.

      We respect our readers and their comments, at the same time we have to respect other respected authors and writers.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      - – The Site Moderator


  15. Tim Robbins says:


    Never thought about the resemblance in the names of these two Russian patriots. After reading your article did some research of my own.

    Do you know there is not much known about the ancestry of Mr. Putin beyond his grand father? The name “Putin” didn’t exist in Russia. Is not this strange?

    There are speculations that “Putin” is a variant of “Rasputin”. May it be that Putin is coming from the same lineage? It will indeed be Coming Full Circle.

    We must all pray that Putin will succeed and will make The Empire pay for its atrocious crimes against the humanity.

    Thank you for a great piece. Very insightful.

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