The Dogs, The Vipers, and The Imbeciles

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  1. Canada Calling says:

    I’d really like to see an article with names and addresses. What are the names of the thirteen and where do they live? Same for the 600. Same for every sob that sucks up to the powerful or who give them cover.

  2. Ola Walbridge says:

    Read when first published, Came back here again thanks to The News Scouter. Quite a refreshing experience. An eye opening piece. Hope people will come to their senses and stop spitting venom against other human beings.

  3. T2014 says:

    I do like many of your articles, but this one is really just a bunch of fairy-tales and truly badly researched (or not at all).

    Which 13 or 600 families? Where can you offer any provable facts to support anything of what you said above?

    All I found out so far is that our rulers are still the same old nobility and the catholic church and they are the ones selling all this nonsense as a diversion.

    Rather literally, the chuch “owns” the whole earth in our western judical system and they are also the ones who gave and certified the power of the kings and thus laid the basics for our current “countries” according to roman/church law. This is easy to find out when you dig just a bit deeper.

    • . says:

      Which 13 or 600 families?
      Do a bit more reading and research, and you will find out. Yes, the count of ‘The Families’ is to the dot.

  4. Bironn says:

    I salute the human-race, and stand in gratitude of the creation, indeed viva la difference!.

    Dear reader, respect who you are, regardless of the circumstances.
    And stop allowing, circumstances OUTSIDE of you to dictate your emotions. Yes, may be that is a tall order……… simply start to practice it.

    In the meanwhile, here is an amazing and courageous glimpse at the tools of the empire, that is usually hidden from you –

  5. me says:

    wake. these are not dogs…etc…but proselytes, made two fold the children of hell……..Keel em all…….in ah name of ah Jaysoose………………………the judeo kind

  6. Christina Holton says:

    Many of your readers are harping on the myth that the influx of ‘aliens’ is about to take over our country and destroy our culture. Latinos are portrayed as “free loaders” who came to robe us take advantage of our ‘generosity’.

    These readers are, probably, getting their information from the likes of O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and the shills. They are so engrossed and engulfed in their own backward beliefs that they refuse to accept the facts. They are completely oblivious to what is happening, both here and globally.

    With the exception of Chinese, who are buying out our dying cities, communities, assets, and real estate in bulk, we are facing a continuous and acute decline in the number of people opting to migrate to our country. That applies to Mexicans and other South Americans as well.

    All this “Amnesty” baloney, photo-ops showing the Mexicans demonstrating on the streets for the “legal rights”, and the propaganda about the hordes of “illegal aliens” invading our southern border is just a smoke screen to hide the bitter truth from the public that “foreigners”, neither the Mexicans nor the Asians, are choosing our country to migrate. US is no more the destination.

    In 2011, INS/DHS released the figures, showing the “NET NEGATIVE IMMIGRATION” for the year – the very first time in the history of the US. They have since stopped releasing the figures.

    Ever thought why?

    On top of that, we are facing a growing Emigration problem, where our younger and better educated ones are leaving for a better future (!)

    Understand the psychological impact of this new trend on the public that were told, again and again, that their country was the “Paradise” every one was dying to come to.

    As some one already pointed out the declining Mexican (and Latino) labor in the country, I can also testify to this fact. I have moved to Chicago with my family. But, my parents and entire family are in California. We are in farming and agriculture. My parents tell me that they cannot find the Mexican labor to work on the fields. And, no one else is available to do that back breaking job. Many times, the bulk of the crop was left to rot as the labor was not there to do the picking. It has been heart breaking to my parents, and to many other farmers.

    Well, these are the facts. Don’t let yourself fall prey to the tricks of those who are working hard to destroy our once a great country.

    When was the last time these shills talked about the ongoing colonization of our country by the Chinese? From the California and Utah to Ohio and New York, Chinese mega corporations are quietly buying the whole cities – with especial rights to “self-Rule”. Do you understand what it means?

    Wake up guys!

  7. (67( says:

    So mass immigration is an attempt to create division and conflict in the host population?

    So it is wrong to resist this plan, and instead we should resist the creation of divisions?

    You then define an imbecile as someone who goes along with the elites plan?

    So we go along with every plan designed to destroy us, and we somehow sidestep it despite the fact that the elite don’t think that is possible?

    I am not sure compliance is helping.

    i don’t really get what is being said other than agree with this or be called a racist?

  8. John Edwards says:

    It seems you posted response to my reply on the wrong thread.

    Anyway, you are swallowing the “legal – illegal” crap thrown upon us by the same ruling dynasties. What, and who made you “legal”? Give it a thought.

    It is the destruction and havoc caused by our masters, the ruling families, that has/had been forcing the Mexicans to escape and come here. Beside looting the resources of Mexico, this inflow provides cheap labor to their businesses.

    BTW, investigate (I have checked it), the information presented here is true; despite the establishment’s BS, more Mexicans are returning home than they are coming here – I also know it first hand.

    Further, you mentioned, “I completely disagree with the author’s take that we should welcome illegal immigrants and gladly pay for there expenses.”  Where in the article did you find this suggestion?

    For two generations my family is in the construction business. Most of our construction workers, both skilled and unskilled, are Mexicans (or other Latinos). They are the most honest and hard working people.

    Where are you getting this crap “pay for their expenses” from? No one is “paying” for them. They are the ones who are contributing in producing the wealth for our nation.

    Stop being a shill of the tyranny. Join the Human race man.

    Note, the tyranny has established in every (almost) country. In other countries, they promote the distrust and hate against the ‘American’ (and other Europeans). As a better educated people (I hope so), it is our responsibility to rise up and inform all the people, wherever they be, that we are all one and the same – One Family (as the author has pointed out).

    Stop the divide! Don’t fall in the trap of the greedy banking dynasties.

    And, respect the writers who have chosen to take the cause of us all. It is already very difficult for them. Appreciate it.

  9. M. A. Kaiser says:

    A far-left globalist disinfo article. The west is being flooded with obnoxious criminal minorities in order to destroy the only societies sophisticated enough to be a potential threat to the banksters. Notice they are not trying this tactic on third-world nations, as these are primitive and easy to manipulate already.

    If the 13 families get their way, the west will be converted to this condition as well. Everyone dirt poor and working for subsistence wages, constantly afraid of crime, surrounded by neighbors with whom they have absolutely nothing in common culturally, so they have no time left to oppose the Powers That Be.

    I don’t blame the third worlders, they are just pawns. Stop supporting this social engineering!

    • Timothy Cook says:

      Here comes another idiot of the “The Imbecile” class.

      Where you come up with this BS , . . . “The west is being flooded with obnoxious criminal minorities in order to destroy the only societies sophisticated enough to be a potential threat to the banksters ” . . . ?

      What the F*** is this “A far-left globalist disinfo” BS? No F’***ing brains, no class, and no shame! No doubt the tyranny is winning.

      Freaking Moran!

    • Moderator says:


      Please avoid profanities and insults to fellow readers.

      Every one has a right to opinion. The objective must be to inform and educate each other not to insult.

      Politeness is a human virtue.

  10. Mark Doyle says:

    I have read those articles and stories that you are referring to. Certainly despicable attack dogs of the empire. Their writings are incoherent, arguments are false, and the misleading citations used are self-fabricated. I took time to investigate their “facts”.

    These people (if you can refer to them as ‘people’) are a disgrace to the writing community.

    Why didn’t you name the names, then?

    • Moderator says:


      Thank you for posting the comments participating in discussions.

      The objective should never be attack on a person. Many of these writers started out with all the good intention. Some of them honestly believe in what they write. Sometimes they get overly influenced by an event. Sometimes, the reality of ‘money’ sinks in – people have families to feed, too.

      There is no use ‘naming the names’. They are all people like us. The enemy is the greed and the tyranny of the greed.

  11. Bill in IL says:

    So, according to this author, it is a crime to oppose the influx of illegals to this country. We should just suck it up, open our wallets and homes to these people and be grateful for the opportunity. We should pay. pay, pay and be glad to do it. Meanwhile, those wishing to immigrate here legally are simply shoved off a cliff. There is no counter point to this absolute nonsense. Who’s going to help us when we run out of money and resources? Why is it we should open our borders, but the reverse is off limits? Have you ever looked into what happens to you in other countries if you enter illegally?

    On the other hand this person makes some good points about the ruling elite and the part about the idiot writing about Ferguson is spot on. Does that person know the officer that murdered Michael Brown was as big as he was? Do they know the CSI did not take any pictures of the crime scene because ‘his camera battery died’? Do they know the cop car was 150 feet from Michael Brown? Estimated, because the CSI couldn’t be bothered to take any measurements. Does this person know that the store owner and the clerk on duty at the time swear they NEVER called in a robbery that day? Does this person know that grand juries NOT returning an indictment is extremely rare? Does this person know the DA controls the grand jury and is the only one presenting evidence? Do they know the DA has complete discretion as to what evidence will be presented? This is a case of the police configuring the results of the investigation to match the officer’s story to exonerate him of any culpability.

    Overall, while making some good points while spewing nonsense at the same time, the author appears to be on right track while still being befuddled.

    • John Edwards says:


      I have read your comment the second time. Still unable to decipher what you are saying and what is your point. May be, you should read this article again, with a bit more focus and attention this time. You will understand it better. OR, so I hope!

      What was “this person” that you kept on repeating multiple times . Whom were you referring to?

      Note the Theme, the Point, and the Focus of this article. References to incidents (whether Ferguson or other), and the pieces of writings of the ‘useful idiot’, ‘dogs’, and ‘vipers’ of the tyranny that the author of this article was pointing to, were just to hammer in the point that these greedy and vicious families – only 600 in number (the author’s count), have been able to rule the world by creating a divide among people – With the help of its Dogs and Vipers.

      The job of these “Attack Dogs” and “Vipers” is to keep the flames of hate glowing high. They are, apparently succeeding – It is very sad.

      I suggest that you pay attention, and appreciate and respect those who are trying to bring awareness to us. It is a very hard and demanding work. And, they are not paid for it.

      Writers like these are the prophets; delivering the truth. Admire them. Join them. Don’t end up attacking them. Don’t join the ranks of the Dogs, Vipers, and Imbeciles!

      Wise up and be part of the thinking population. We need the thinkers!

      • Bill Rollinson says:

        John, in the UK we have a ‘pressure group’, although they’re a ‘charity’, they wont divulge were they spend their money? Common Purpose (The Peoples United Community ) this group have dug themselves into every aspect of Society.and after the crash, they will be ruling everything till order is restored.
        At present, they push PC and EU propaganda! A similar group must exist in USA?

  12. Mel says:

    Just WHERE did you get the figure 600 Billion?

    Last time I heard, it was 6 Billion ONLY!

    You put better straighten out your math. Drop the 2 zeros

    • Moderator says:

      Mel, Thank you for pointing the typo. Corrected.

    • Jim Connolly says:

      Hey Mel,
      When was the last time you scribble two lines in a single sitting (You put better straighten out your math.) ? Showing off your stupidity with your “sarcastic” comments?

      Learn some manners and etiquette of communication. Otherwise, you will be treated in the similar manner.

      A polite and sensible way would have been to simply comment, “Please correct the typo: It reads 600 billion. Should be 6 billion. Thank you.”

  13. Harry says:

    Aha! Someone has been reading Eric Blairs’ Animal Farm. An extremely prescient parable.

    A mandatory read in these times.

    Nice article, thank you.

  14. Comments removed by the site moderator!

    • Moderator says:


      With regret we had to remove your comments. Racist or hateful comments against any people will not be posted here.

      The theme here is HUMANITY. We expose the greed and crimes of certain entities, dynasties, and groups. We don’t approve hate mongering against any people, race, or religion. All humans are one family.

      Note; there were vicious tyrants even before any of the presently known religions did exist. Remember: Tyranny rules by creating the divide among people. Don’t accept it.

      Thank you,

      Moderator, Views and Previews

      • Bill in IL says:

        I was referring to the comment posted in the article defending the no indictment on Ferguson. While I agree the elites promote division and hatred so people focus on each other instead of the real enemy, I completely disagree with the author’s take that we should welcome illegal immigrants and gladly pay for there expenses. Another problem I have with these illegals is they do not want to integrate with American society and prefer to have their own enclaves of the culture they left behind all the while denouncing America.

      • is there a “Jewish” state called Israel in Palestine..?

        what per cent of so-called “Jews” are truly “Semitic” ?

        what “religion” do the Class A Stock holders of the Federal Reserve
        ooze from..?

        only a blind moron in the multicultural miasma “MOSHPIT” that
        watches TV could overlook the cost in lives and productive “VALUE”
        lost in the last century to Communism & Zionism…

        I don’t disagree with the alleged “sentiment” you have on behalf of so-called “Humanity” but the simple truth is “we” are not all equal
        and we are not all the same…as horrible as that sounds…Families
        and Nations have a RIGHT not to have blood sucking parasites promoting ….equality on Talmud Vision.

        and in the “CONGRESS”.

        you are perfectly welcome to adjudicate yourself…

        Truth isn’t on holiday

  15. Kevin Wilder says:

    But, how about the racism of the “minorities”. How about the Black on White violence? How about the Black racist commentaries all over the web and press? it seems you have picked up only on one side.

  16. Richard Brown says:

    These are not the normal loving dogs, these are the “Killer Dogs”. And, the Vipers not only spew the poison, they have their fangs dripping with the human blood – our blood.

    Wish, humanity could join together to get rid of these filthy and vicious animals.

  17. Jim Scott says:

    A very insightful article. Thank you for exposing these paid shills of the tyranny. We are all sick and tired of their self serving “nationalistic rants”. They sing the song of anyone who pays them.
    if tomorrow the Chinese become their masters, they will be licking their feet and singing their songs.
    They are shame to any group of people they claim to belong to.

  18. Amalia Brun says:

    Nowhere in your article did you mention the racist rant of the Blacks and Mexicans, or the violence against the whites, especially white women.
    I agree, there are a bunch of these self-proclaimed “nationalists” who, in fact, work to incite hate and violence in our society. But, they are on every “racial” spectrum. Whites are not the only one to be picked and blamed.

  19. Keith Norman says:

    Why are you comparing these filth bags with dogs and vipers?
    A dog is a very noble animal, and a viper is just a product of nature.
    These hate mongers are the excrement of their masters.
    Good read, though.

    • Frank says:

      This is a disinfo article. Overwhelming a country with poor diseased illegal aliens is an old tactic of subverting a country and this guy knows it. It is one of the weapons the ruling elite is using against us. It is called pressure from below!

      • Nancy Smith says:

        Hi Frank,
        And, where did you find the “disinfo” in this article? It is a well written piece – objective, argumentative, and logical. May be, it is showing you your racist and vicious side!

        Enjoy it for what it is. It is showing you the truth.

        [BTW, there is a typo: at one place the figure is “600 billion”. It should be 6 billion. Thank you for a great Article.]

      • Keith Norman says:

        You have posted your comment as a ‘reply’ to my comment. So, I had to respond to it:

        Very rarely do we find the writings of this caliber on the Internet. It is bold, well argued, and hammers in the point well – The point that these greedy bloodsucking dynasties have been sucking our blood with help of its dogs and vipers.

        You stating that it is a “disinfo article” shows that either you are an imbecile, or a dog wanna be! Repeating the lingo promoted and inserted into your brains (hope you have one) by the MSM just proves how ignorant you are.

        Look at your BS: what are you repeating, “poor diseased illegal aliens . . . is an old tactic of subverting a country . . . It is one of the weapons the ruling elite is using against us. It is called pressure from below!”
        May be, it is pressure from your ASS!

        I have been reading the writing on this website for a long time, and really appreciate the work here. I admire the author – So do thousands of us, the free and thinking people.

        • Bill says:

          I have to agree with Frank here, though it’s not ‘racism’ it’s the numbers! Especially here in the UK, were we are about to be ‘Divided’ up again. The whole country, is now to be split into ‘devolved’ regions, similar to states, in the US.
          We too are over-run with unskilled immigration, especially from 3rd world environments, who can’t / don’t want to speak the language. Our living standards are being lowered as wages are suppressed, yet we are told, by Common Purpose type NLP to ‘suck-it-and-see’? The whole thing will only end up in war. Just as US push Russia, in their attempt to preserve the ‘dollar’, the poor will always fight back! The The Coundenhove-Kalergi Project: The Ggenocide of People of Europe is also being applied in the USofA!

      • Will says:

        Totally correct Frank! divide and conquer is an old, very effective tatic, now being implemented globally. Balkanization is the result, with cutural chaos and rising crime resulting from the lack of social norms and stability.

  20. Kim McGrath says:

    These Dogs and Vipers have no shame!

  21. Jim Silwa says:

    I have always felt the frustration and pain reading and hearing the rant of these Dogs of The Tyranny promoting the racial and religious hate and poisoning our societies. So pleased to read your article exposing the real faces of these enemies of humanity.

    Very well articulated and thoughtful. It was a delight to read.

    Thank you.

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