The Great Unraveling

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  1. Hi, constantly i used to check web site posts here early in the break of day, since i love
    to find out more and more.

  2. Dr. Matali Hagberg says:

    In response to the whining of a poster, AT:

    Dear AT,

    I know it might have hurt your feelings – The racial superiority complex!

    But, the facts are right on your face. The entire region, west Europe, was in the Dark Ages. The reason was the ruthless feudal system and the religious dogma, as the author has stated.

    It is an established and documented fact that the average life span of people in Europe during that ear was 28 – 34 years. Kings of England used have an average life span of under 40 years!

    Absolute Dark Age; Lack of nutrition, lack of hygiene, lack of any sort of health care system, zero education, frequent epidemic of infectious diseases.

    Further for your information: During the same period, the life in Turkey, Middle East, and even in Spain was 88 years!

    Life was a living HELL in Europe. That is a fact.

  3. Simon Krause says:

    The following is from an article by Adrian Salbuchi:

    False Flag:
    Conspiracy Theory kooks who believe such nonsense will tell you that False Flags have a certain key factors in common: Like the FBI “luckily” finding 9/11 terrorist Mohammed Atta’s intact passport in the WTC rubble (too bad the official story also says that “the heat was so intense it melted both jetliner’s black boxes”); or an Israeli Army intelligence officer luckily finding a small piece of metal with a serial number on it leading to the (absolutely non-existent) “car bomb” that blew up the AMIA/DAIA Jewish Mutual building in Buenos Aires in 1994.

    Any resemblance to Charlie Hebdo? Well, one of the terrorist Kouachi bothers left home that day carrying his French ID Card which he conveniently “dropped” inside the attack car, that was then promptly found by French police. OK: they were both very young and, mom probably told them that morning to make sure they carried their ID’s as she handed them their lunch-bag…

    It certainly helped French police who in record time were able to identify these hooded terrorists; in record-time find them; in record time “smoke-‘em-out” as Baby Bush would say; and in record-time kill them!

    Then we were told that Police Commissioner Helric Fredou of France’s Judicial Police (JP), Limoges, investigating this event “committed suicide on the night of Wednesday to Thursday at the police station.” Did he know something that global public opinion “should not be troubled with?” It brings to mind Brazilian Jean Charles Menezes, the unlucky young London Underground electrician gunned down by London Police in Stockwell Tube station because they believed he was “suspicious”. Did he see any dirty tricks being done on those subway carriages that exploded on 7th July 2005?

    Anyway, here’s the thing: dead ­ or “suicided” – witnesses don’t talk. Gunned down “terrorist” patsies neither.

    But before the Kouachi brothers died “someone” standing on a terrace across the street from the Charlie Hebdo HQ filmed their get-away and recorded them yelling, “Tell the media Al Qaeda of Yemen did this!!”.

    Vulgarity in the name of satire:

    Charlie Hebdo’s twelve victims are presented to the public as “freedom of the press warriors” thus justifying its horrendously perverse religious insults and disrespect.

    Take a closer look at some of those Charlie Hebdo cartoon magazine covers: a Muslim cleric being killed by bullets that are not stopped by The Koran (which is described as being “Merde” ­ i.e., “s..t”); a drawing of Mohammed from behind, genitals and all, with a star on his butt; a drawing of Charlie Hebdo’s star cartoonist Stephan Charbonnier (“Charbo”) delivering a slimy homo kiss to a Muslim cleric… Is this supposed to be “funny” to France’s 4 million Muslims? Has France fallen to such unfathomable depths that these gross religious insults and discrimination are branded as “humour”???

    Mind you, Charlie Hebdo did not just attack and insult Muslims. One of its “cute cartoons” shows the Christian God being sodomized by Jesus, who in turn is sodomized by The Holy Spirit…
    Is this cesspool born of sick minds what Western public opinion’s “sense of humour” all about?

  4. Jagdish Patel says:

    I am a Hindu by birth. Don’t believe in religions any more.

    But, Muslims, and I personally grew up among Muslims, are neither “backward” nor violent or vicious. What you see and hear is mostly propaganda to demonize a peaceful religion.

    I have seen a lot of violence against Muslim in own country, India. After destroying and killing them, blame is put on them.

    My grand parents used to tell me the stories of his experience with Muslims, especially of Afghans, always positive. My own experience has further augmented my soft feelings and respect for Muslims.

    May be, I am biased, but I would rather leave my wife and daughters under the protection of a Muslim household rather than with a Hindu or any other denomination household.

  5. Nick Parker says:

    This is in response to a comment from Pat.

    Comment Posted:

    [“WHO are YOU kidding?!
    Life under the islamic regimes aka rulers was just as brutal…than, AND now!
    Look at Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, et al”
    Dear Pat and et al,

    Most of you still believe what the MSM tells you, and teaches you.

    Did you ever try to find out what the Islam really is?

    Did you try to educate yourself by reading the book of Islam (Quran)?
    If you had, you wouldn’t be talking that stupid (no offense intended).

    Example of Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan further shows the state of your ignorance. Suadi Arabia is a Zionist-British creation whose job is to destroy the peace and stability in the region.

    Islam prohibits Kings, Amirs, and Sultan under any pretext. It mandates the rule by way of “council” (representation). There are no “rulers” under the real Islamic system. All the authority rests with the people. A chief representative is elected, with no mandate – can be removed at the command of majority at any time, to implement the wishes of the people.

    [How do I know? Because, once I was as stupid as Pat, and then, to satisfy my own curiosity, I decided to read their book.]

    Afghanistan is an occupied country destroyed by us.

    Whatever BS your hear about the Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

    Ever thought why the entire tyrannical system, all the governments – from east to west, are together, hands-in-hand, against the Islam?


    Thinking and acquiring knowledge will free you.

    [For your information: I am NOT a Muslim.]

    • Jim Knowles says:

      First of all, I am very proud and happy to be a born Christian.

      As for Islam I have nothing but respect. Great respect.

      It is a religion of peace.

      All the the violence and the propaganda that you are constantly being bombarded with, has nothing to do with Islam.

      Terrorist organizations, from ALQUEDA to ISIS – and their associated brutality, all are the agencies of the same tyranny that is destroying all of us. They do not represent Islam. They have been created to destroy Muslims and their countries.

      I agree with Nick Parker, there is a reason why all these vicious tyrants are together in attacking the Islam and Muslims.

      We Christians, the real ones, must rise up and join the Muslim in our fight against the tyranny.

      Do not believe all these False Flag Operation blamed on Muslims (BTW, no believing Muslim will commit suicide – It is an unforgivable sin in Islam.)

    • J Welch says:


      If Islam mandates a pure democratic system, as you argued, so why every where in the Islamic world there is dictatorship?

      Why Muslims are so backward, I mean most of them?

    • Kiwi says:

      I suggest you expand your reading to the ahadith, Sira (the biography of the prophet) and Sharia law. There you find the laws of apostasy (death to those who leave Islam), female circumcision, obligatory female clothing etc. etc. – all the things we consider inhumane under our modern human rights. And also of course, our human rights declaration was amended by the muslims who only recognise the Cairo Declaration of human rights. Basically this covers the same rights but all these rights are subject to sharia law where they become anything but human rights as the west knows them. Reading the Qur’an alone gives on no understanding at all of Islam. The ahadith (literally thousands of volumes of these were written, the main two authors who are considered correct being Bukhari and Muslim) are collections of remembrances by chains (links of peoples from past generations altho’ Aisha herself is directly accredited with saying that Mohamed demanded female circumcision) )of ‘rememberers’ which were then accepted by the four schools of Sunni jurors who established wrote sharia law, as we know it now, centuries after the prophet’s death.

      The noble book of Islam is only a minute part of the Islamic mandates on how they must live their lives. It was greatly expanded on by succeeding caliphs and religious leaders and the debate was only closed after the 12th century when it was ruled that Islam was now perfected and there should be no more inquiry into the ideology.

      I suggest it is you who needs some decent scholarship on the subject of Islam if you think that the Qura’an is a true representation of this ideology.

  6. ambika says:

    I agree.

  7. Pat says:

    WHO are YOU kidding?!

    Life under the islamic regimes aka rulers was just as brutal…than, AND now!
    Look at Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, et al.

  8. John Roberts says:

    Freedom of Expression and Free Speech, Sure!

    In the words of Finian Cunningham:

    So, Western “free speech” is really just freedom for the powers-that-be to demean and demonize whomever the West requires for furthering its political interests. When free speech legitimately attacks Western interests, exposes hypocrisy and fraudulence, then it stops being a “universal principle.” Censorship is then the ironclad order.

    French comedian Dieudonné, for example, has been banned from public performances by the French government owing to his farcical arm gesture, known as the “Quenelle.” The gesture can be interpreted in many ways, from a vulgar personal insult, to a derisory slur on the ruling class. The French authorities claim that the sign is “anti-Semitic” and a reverse Nazi salute.

    Dieudonné denies this and instead says the gesture is “anti-Zionist” and “antiestablishment.”

    The comedian has been banned from travelling to Britain by the London authorities, also as a result of his political parodies. His friend and professional footballer, Nicolas Anelka, was last year banned from playing soccer games in England and fined over $100,000 for signaling the Quenelle after scoring a goal.

    Almost a year before the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo magazine this week in Paris, French President Francois Hollande gave notice that there would be zerotolerance of Dieudonné or anyone else who practiced the Quenelle. “We will act… we will fight against the sarcasm of those who purport to be humorists but who are actually professional anti-Semites,” said Hollande.

    But hold on a moment. That’s just what the French ruling class deems to be the meaning of Dieudonné’s Quenelle. On the basis of their prejudice, the artist and anyone who displays the gesture in public is subject to prosecution. That’s not just censorship; it is state persecution for having an opinion.

    Evidently, it’s acceptable to insult Islam, according to Western select use of free speech because it suits political agendas of demonizing Muslim countries so that they can be attacked with Western warplanes or covert terrorist proxies. But it is not acceptable to satirize Zionism or Western ruling classes.

    Well !!!

  9. Kelly Henson says:

    “Israeli ambassador to Britain is demanding deputy PM Nick Clegg to condemn a tweet, ‘Je suis Palestinian’, posted by David Ward MP .”

    Hey, what happened to Freedom of Speech!

  10. Ketie Lambert says:

    On the Charlie Hebdu False Flag:

    Police Commissioner Helric Fredou, Number Two Police Officer of the Regional Service of France’s Judicial Police (JP), Limoges, (Haute-Vienne), “committed suicide on the night of Wednesday to Thursday at the police station.”
    On Wednesday, as part of the Charlie Hebdo investigation, he had dispatched a team of police officials under his jurisdiction. He was reported to have waited for the return of his team for a debriefing. Immediately following the police debriefing, he was involved in preparing his police report.
    According to media reports, he committed suicide at around 1am on Thursday, within hours of the police debriefing. He used his own police  weapon, a SIG-Sauer to “shoot himself in the head”.

    Strange, is not it.
    But the morons kept on marching – “Je suis Charlie”.
    Pathetic. Very pathetic.

  11. Jim Ekkerhard says:

    You have hit the nail, sir.
    All the world leaders are in it together. From Obama to Mr. Xi and Putin, all are part of the same game. Whatever we are seeing is just the change of the “Seat of Power”, as you have pointed out.
    West will be the pig dungeon, and the East will rise – for the super rich!
    People will remain slaves, as usual.
    Change, but No Change.

  12. Kathleen Ross says:

    The march of 3,000,000 brain dead led by the clowns of the puppet states.

    What does it proves?

    Majority of people in the West are brain dead.

    So obvious is the False Flag operation at Charlie Hebdu, still they chose to see not.

    There is no hope.

    • Julia Worst says:

      You are right Kathleen.
      “The populace has been ‘dumbified’ to such a degree that they are incapable of analyzing the fact and making rational decisions to protect themselves and their countries – A collection of sheeples ready for the butcher’s block.”

  13. Jacek Folek says:

    Yes it is already very late, dangerously late. But the situation is never hopeless. We must remember, there are only few of them, and we the people, only need to wake up and unite to win. That is still possible. For us to be passive, and overly pessimistic- is what they need to win and take over this planet completely. They have no chance if we unite against them! Wake up and Unite! Ignorance is our enemy. The force is with us. It is time to counterattack! Wake up and Unite! Don’t just despair! Think of your children too…

  14. Eileen K. says:

    There IS a light at the end of the tunnel; it’s in Revelations. The wicked, along with their anti-Christ, will be thrown into the pit of darkness, wherein they shall dwell for all eternity; and, this will include ALL of the so-called “elites. Then, all of us who have been faithful to the Lord God, shall bask in the Paradise He has set aside for all of humanity.
    The evil “elites” – the Zionist Jews, banksters, et al, – their PLAN for World Domination will be destroyed, along with them.

  15. AT says:


    The so called ‘dark ages’ are a misnomer and were given that name by J EWs , who write our history.
    In fact, society and progress FLOURISHED!
    Hospitals and Universities were founded all over Europe post 1100AD.

    Great Scientists during the so called Dark Ages?….
    Roger Bacon 1214–1294) – Franciscan friar and early advocate of the scientific method
    Theodoric of Freiberg (c.1250–c.1310) – Gave the first geometrical analysis of the rainbow
    Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543) – First person to formulate a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology,
    Bartolomeo Eustachi (c.1500–1574) – One of the founders of human anatomy,
    Jan Baptist van Helmont (1579–1644) – Founder of pneumatic chemistry, Athanasius Kircher (c.1601–1680) – Jesuit scholar who has been called “the last Renaissance man”,
    Marin Mersenne (1588–1648) – Father of acoustics and mathematician for whom Mersenne primes are named.,
    William of Ockham (c.1288–c.1348) – Franciscan Friar known for Ockham’s Razor,
    François Viète (1540–1603) – Father of Modern Algebra
    Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) – Renaissance anatomist, scientist, mathematician, and painter.

    Beer had been invented and was widely consumed, The Sistine Chapel had been painted all during the so called ‘dark’ ages.

    • Nadeen Beaudoin says:


      Apparently you have no clue. You missed the point so completely, it is astonishing.
      And, stop reading the junk ‘science’ that you were referring to.

  16. AffinityNetNews says:

    The Great Unraveling is also the Great Polarization, between the groveling bootlicking mind-controled slaves, and those of us who who see through the pre-manufactured, pre-packaged, pre-scripted false-reality propped-up before us like a set for low-budget horror film.

    The sheep have been casted in this horror flick, to become crash-test dummies or as Dick Cheney said: ‘ Useless Feeders’ as we now enter ‘Scene 2015′, of the movie. I believe 2015, will BEGIN the time of the great running and the screaming.

    The time, when SOME but not all of those that referred to all of us who are awake and aware, as ‘extremists, and tin-foilers’, will be screaming from the rooftops as if on cue “Why, oh why, didn’t somebody tell me this was coming” ?

    However, the vast majority will never awaken from their delusion, and will leave this planet just as blind, ignorant, powerless, and indoctrinated as they arrived. All the while, loving the lies, and blindly worshipping the liars who have so adroitly enslaved them.

    2015, will be the year that we begin to see the face of pure evil with no mask, or pretense.

  17. Monica Christensen says:

    They (the ruling elites) are coming out in the open. No more behind the scene. You are right. The time is now. It is 2015 set for their planned switch.

    The cover page of The Economist, as you pointed out, is very revealing. This is a serious magazine. Not known for such cover display.

    But, trust me, you are only presenting the best scenario. The “West” will be lucky if it doesn’t go into nuclear dust and smoke.

  18. tom kauser says:

    your from the future and don’t what to go back?

  19. Nancy K says:

    Yes, it is all planned to come out and blow up on their faces (or on our faces!). You are right:

    “False Flag Operations, deliberately planned and executed poorly to expose the real perpetrators of the crimes in due course, are being unleashed with ever increasing frequency. All these atrocious acts, from the mother of all – The Nine-Eleven, to the recent Charlie Hebdu strike in Paris, are carefully designed and orchestrated to implode under the slightest pressure of investigative probe – all the poorly knitted pieces of the dirty laundry are waiting for the right signal to burst at the seems.”

  20. jimmy the troublemaker says:

    My friends won’t listen, my family won’t listen, nobody will listen, I have been using every chance and approach I know to spark an interest or raise an eyebrow for years now, it just will not happen, at this point all I can say is, what a nation of complete insufferable and pitiful fools of the highest order. America you begged for it but you have no idea what it is gonna bring. God damned you all. Enjoy.

    • AffinityNetNews says:

      Your’re right Jimmy, the sheep love their servitude, ignorance and that 10 mile-high wall of denial. Facts mean nothing to these people. I’ve attempted to give seminars locally here in Colorado, on all the fraud, corruption and experiences I had while working with CBS Nightly News, international banking and many years in the film industry etc., I would be lucky if three people were to show-up. One would always be my dear little mother out of her love and support.

      Amerika, the land of the Fleeced and the Enslaved. But hey, I’m proud to be an Amerikan, where the government and the media tell me I’m free!

      • Padraigin Eagle says:

        Affinity, increasing your audience by point 3 recurring, I would be there if South Africa was located a bit closer to downtown Colorado; and I lecture/facilitate to all and sundry, business & “education” circuit, and ensure that whatever the subject matter, The Truth is what I’m really on about. Most appreciate, seeds planted, a few recoil in terror, so be it, I always set my controls for the heart of the sun, no matter how many be blinded by The Light. Your attempt to awaken the sleeping satellites goes not unnoticed.

    • Rabbitnexus says:

      Jimmy don’t take it so hard mate. It’s the same for everyone who awakens from the matrix, it seems like a lonely place out here and to some degree it is. Learn to take the situation with the majority of people around you being in a trance with equanimity and keep an eye out for the occasional opening because even closed minds engaged in serious cognitive dissonance can become intrigued by some tiny matter enough to lead them outside the matrix long enough to realise it. In the end though, many of those closest to us just are not going to make the grade and true, we won’t be changing anything that is coming down the line. What’s coming is coming and it isn’t just the USA. The USA is an empire and everything which can be said for it, is true to a lesser extent but true nonetheless across the empire right down to the antipodes here in Australia.

  21. Rabbitnexus says:

    It’s been a strange and mystifying trip so far but there can be no mistake this is only the prologue. Should be some ride when it finally gets rolling.

  22. Vilma Karlston says:

    Now the West is all about the False Flags and Terror. From the most informed and educated, we have become the most ignorant people on the planet – Sheeples as you said.

  23. Jim Carr says:

    Very well presented. Yes, it is the PLAN. West will be the New 3rd world, while Asia will assume the leading role. China at the throne, of course.

    Hope it will help wake-up the idiots and believers who are about to be sacrificed on the alter of The Empire.

  24. J. Karlston says:

    I have been reading your essays with interest. It is indeed gloomy and sad. Most people are so brain washed they don’t a clue what is going on.
    We certainly deserve what is being planned for us.
    I only feel sad and sorry for my little children. What they did to deserve it?

    Anyhow, thank you for a thought provoking and analytical article. People like you are trying to wake us up. But, I have a feeling it is of no use.

  25. Nadeen Beaudoin says:

    Thank you for an eye opening account of what is in store for us.

    But, it is not we, the people, who are responsible for the carnage created by these lunatic leaders. we are suffering as much as the rest of world.

    Let me assure all of your readers that there are more French who refused to join the organized parade of the ” Je suis Charlie” led by the our clown leaders who are in the service of you-know-whom.

    But, I will agree with you, it is bleak future for us.

    • K Nimz says:

      It is all our fault. We didn’t rise when atrocities were being committed in our name. We didn’t revolt when our liberties were being taken under false pretexts.
      Now, it is time to pay the penalty for all the crimes that we allowd.

      • Some of us in the western world have voiced our concerns for all our lives but we are powerless. We were born into a system already taken over by these ‘unseen’ controllers. We tried to unpick the web of deceit that had been woven around us but their cointelpro was already in place to thwart any effective opposition being formed.
        Yes, their are plenty of willing participants in the wholesale exploitation of the human race and it’s inhabitants, but to say blame is confined to the populations of the West is to ignore the ruthless exploitation carried out by the rest of the world on it’s dissident citizenry. Can anyone name me some countries where journalists can write without fear or favor in the non-western world, please?
        My point being that most of us have been duped by the international elite and their bankers into scapegoating everyone except the real culprits.
        Mainly because they are ‘unseen’ they can get away with it.

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