The Instruments of Diversions, Discord, and Division

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5 Responses

  1. Eileen K. says:

    They’re not the real source of the problem, Benny; they’re just way too stupid. Who encourages them? Who instigates their violent behavior through divisive propaganda? It’s the progeny of the founders of the Frankfurt School. These people don’t want solidarity among the people of various races. These Trotskyites drudge up discord and conflict; they don’t give a hoot about black, brown, or white people; they want the various races to fight each other, since racial conflicts give them total power over them all.

  2. Ockothefrisian says:

    The idea of Race Mining is program of the people you talk about. so why then do you blame nationalists that they are against that particular policy of the NWO?

    I missed your suggestion of what is the very best method to counter and end this situation. Clearly stating the obvious doesn’t help anymore. A vast majority has knowledge about it.

    What is missing is a comprehensive plan to end the NWO. They had a plan which they worked out over the centuries. We are not able to do the same?

    Meanwhile it makes sense to me, to throw a monkey wrench into any of their policies, to make them work harder and exhaust them. We can do that because we are many, which they counter with controlling the mass media, which we countered that no body believes them anymore.

    First new fledglings of a new world order (anotherone then the Jew Propagated one) are growing. Like non-GMO small farming, the Amish movement, anti-abortion, home-schooling, reconstructing feminism and so on.

    There are plenty of avenues to take, to work against the ‘establishment’ forces.

    The disconnect grows and that is good so. At one point they lose their power over us.

  3. Benny D. Kreep says:

    Just freakin’ WONDERFUL! Now why don’t you get the moronic niggers in America to quit killing each other, white people, and anybody else who expects them to get jobs, follow rules, and obey the law? Not so damned EASY dealing with NIGGERS, is it?

    • RenegadeSoldier says:

      Wow, this is ignorance at it´s best. Hmm let us look at the facts: While it is true that many crimes are committed by Blacks in America, the evils of society cannot be pointed solely to them. There are just as many criminals in ‘white’ America as there are in ‘black’. The biggest corporate criminals in this country are -wait for it – WHITE! However you don´t hear much about that in the media, because that would kinda even the playing field…

      This type of foolish thinking on your part just underscores the author´s point of division being used to control and conquer the masses.

      Like it or not, we are all on the same boat. It doesn´t matter if you are middle class or poor, or what skin color you happened to be born with. We are all “useless” eaters in the eyes of the so-called ‘elite’. Only by coming together and cooperating in the fight against theses murderous idiots will we stand a chance of getting out of this mess.

    • rpdiplock says:

      OMG! Da Kreep, have you looked in a mirror lately? Da ‘white-boys’ is a killin each udder and ever’body else all around da world. If ya has any oil-diamonds-gas-precious metals of any sort … da ‘white-boys’ is gonna comes to kill ya, on ‘humanitarian grounds.’ Dey is gonna bomb da Shiite outta ya to civilise ya, and give ya sum democracy old boy.
      Also, it might not have occurred to ya, it was dem ‘white-folks’ what be killin each udder during da WW1 and WW11 and are planning WW3. Put dat in ya pipe Benny-boy and smokes it for a while.

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