The Tribal Gods – Gods of Discord

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  1. Kamal Hague says:

    That is what I call a ‘Master Piece’. Excellent work.
    But, Let me tell you, many religious fanatics – from every walk of the spectrum, will hate you for ‘insulting’ their religion and ‘God’.

    God Bless you for writing it and giving it to us.
    Thank you.

  2. Jim Mura says:

    A very powerful essay – A rare find. Glad to have stumble upon it – Thanks to “The News Scouter”.

  3. Bob Krawitz says:

    Religion has always been a tool in the hand of tyranny. Tyranny gives each group a Book to thump upon, and embark upon the killing.

    While superficially all religions talk about ‘peace and love’, in reality, they all promote hate, intolerance, and distrust of others. Thus, breading the ground for violence and killing.

    And, all these ‘religiosies’ live like kings – Look at the Vatican and the Pop.

    • Karla V. says:

      It is not the religions that cause promotes hate, distrust, and violence. It is the exploitation of the religion that is responsible or all the wars that are going on around the world.

  4. JC Wong says:

    What about the ‘religion’ that a small, but growing number of people in this world seem to gravitate to- that which is called Zen, Advaita, even Sufism? I don’t belive these are ‘tribal’ in any sense- merely an evolution.

  5. Sum Dum Goy says:

    If the fear of god is the beginning of wisdom. Then god must be Chaos and wisdom is staying off god’s radar. We must think like water and avoid the rain or god will have us all wet. We have only ourselves to blame when that happens.

  6. White Eagle says:

    Greetings. Interesting essay, I will have to sit down and read it again when I have more time. But for now I would like to add a few comments.
    Know a bit of ancient culture as well as the history. The customs at the time were when you waged war against another city, you would give it a chance to surrender. If it did not, you would have your army slaughter everyone inside ..or take them as a slaves, when and if you did breach and win into the city past its walls.
    It was not a very nice time to live either, very harsh, and that’s without the religious aspects added in.
    But heres the catch. The earliest cities are in the Mesopotania area, the areas of now Iraq, Iran, and Turkey mainly, for the after the flood recivilization. The gods of Sumar, we find Enki, who was the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Ianna was Isis and the Great pyramid was dedicated to her. Ra later fled from Egypt and became known a Marduk of Babylon, but was deceased by the time Alexander the Great tried to visit him.
    By the time of Christ, most of these olden ‘gods’ had died of old age, headed back to the planet of their origion, or were otherwise out of sight of Mankind.
    Christ, by his sacrifice, also returned ‘kingship’ by celestrial right, back to Mankind, … something we had essentially lost when our ancestors turned to Enki and followed his direction, and what ever genetic change he did to them.
    Enki by the way, was a scientist, and well versed in Genetics, his symbol was the double helix, shown in ancient tablets as entwined serpents, some of them actually having the crossbars between them. It is where we get our medical symbol today, the serpents entwined around a staff. The ancient name for serpent also meant Shining. Just as clay meant flesh and was a deliberate pun written into the account of creation.
    The tribe of Amalek were the offspring of some of these olden gods, a cross between them and mankind, and apparently very violent. Some suspect besides being genetically NOT pure human, that they were also carriers of some plagues.
    Either way, we find there is a Peruvian counterpart, giants, red or blond haired, long headed, and the native populations finished them off. Yes, it was a race war everywhere. In North America there was an account of a tribe of them being killed off, in a cave, because they were cannables.
    As for the Bible, all thoughout the old testament, you find the scripture is for the compassionate treatment of others. Justice for the orphans and widows, feeding the hungry, giving the wage earners their fair wages, etc. The most condimation in the Bible is for those that are supposed to be Gods people yet go after the ‘other’ gods, worshiping idols, engaging in Sorcery and burning their children (alive) and having blood on their hands.
    God called for volunteers of his people out of Egypt, and though his Abraham and others , warned against swearing oaths and allegiances , as once done, these were binding. Those that followed, instead of staying in Egypt, were oath bound to YHWH, not other ‘gods”.
    And Jerusalem, (as Babylon was to Marduk, and Nippur to Enlil) is the City of YHWH. Christ is Michael of the Old testament, and the Prince of Isreal/Judea. Todays Isreal is the nation born in a day. And the line of history comes to modern day , where we can melt the elements of the earth and rush to and forth (think of rush hour, lol) over its surface.
    The fallen ones are supposedly returning, including the Destroyer from the Abyss (the depths of space), be they tribal gods or other, and seeking to destroy as much as they can, as many as they can, speaking to the leaders of the nations to gather them against YHWH and the Prince of Israel at his return.
    History becomes our future, the veil is removed from the past, and we should be carefull of any supernatural messages as well as our own politians, as the Scripture says, you will know them by their works.

  7. Wilson Braun says:

    A difficult topic handled very well – with a touch of humour. Good articulation and well organized. An eye opener to many who still have the ability to think independently.
    Going to read the other articles in the series, and hope to enjoy them as well.

    Thank you.

  8. Ray Porter says:

    Well presented. Fanatics should be feeling offended, but we, the normal humans, enjoyed it very much.
    We are going through your other articles on the same theme (following the suggestions of Nick Parker). It is a great work.
    Also, on behalf of all the “native English”, please accept our sincere apologies. Elements like the “Joe” above are in very segment of human society. Just keep up the great work.

    Ray Porter and Family

  9. jimmy the troublemaker says:

    Its so entertaining to me how the most indoctrinate poor souls just cannot begin to allow any rational and thought provoking examples of completely obvious and totally valid points into their miopic little mouse brains. But its also sad and blatantly evedent that some cannot be helped at all. May god have..m..,ah never mind.

  10. John says:

    Regarding the so-called “Christian God” and the Bible:

    The vast majority of the bible is considered a fraud by the world’s best historians and ancient linguist. Most of the Old Testament and the New Testament is full of inaccuracies and contradictions, errors in translations and inconsistencies numbering in the tens of thousands (over 30,000 have been documented by researchers). So it’s not a book anyone can rely upon as “accurate” – and therefore, speculation as to “what it means” is going to wrong from the very beginning.

    Most of the “books” this volume contains were not written by the claimed authors either. Tens of thousands of documents were deliberately left out for example in the Old Testament (same for the New Testament). Revisions, reworking the passages have been extensively documented, which means it’s far from an accurate rendition of anything but what the writers wanted it to say, and the story changed as time went on.

    Read the works of Richard Carrier, “Proving History” and “Why We Have Reason to Doubt”. References are in the thousands from other world-class experts. There are many, many other good resource materials to examine. Experts seriously doubt that either the Old or the New can be considered genuine, authentic, accurate or factual.

    So anything “claimed to be in scripture” or “Bible” is immediately suspect because the source document (Old Testament in this case) is severely flawed to start with. The New Testament is of course, an extension of the Old and the vast majority of the texts that this contains is also considered fraudelent.

    The concept of a Creator is just as flawed as the book that this notion was taken from. Any real study of human history and Earth history will reveal that “creation” is a myth, based upon superstition, fear, ignorance and fear-mongering (a great tool to control ignorant people). We are long past the days when such fables should be considered accurate or authentic and the research and evidence done by world experts has demonstrated this multiple times.

  11. Joe says:

    This was a rather awkwardly written article. perhaps the author is not a native English speaker?

    • Jim Brown says:

      Hi Joe,
      “This was a rather awkwardly written article. perhaps the author is not a native English.”

      So, where did you notice the “awkwardness” in the article? Please elaborate a bit, and enlighten us.

      What a thoughtless and idiotic comment: “perhaps the author is not a native English.”

      Why not go back to your “English” den?

    • Christin Schulz says:

      I bet the author is not “native English”.
      Such originality, thoughtfulness, humor, and humanity is beyond the “native English” authors (like Joe!).

    • Walter Smith says:

      I am a retired English teacher. If one of my students had given me an essay of this caliber, I would have framed it on the wall.
      But, we all have seen the likes of ‘Joe’ in our classes – disgrace to their communities.

      • screw you buddy says:

        Hello Walter and Jim, Might i suggest that in the future, when you inevitably read “idiotic comments” on the internet, that you take a second to consider being constructive and kind instead of superior and sarcastic? I mean its really your choice but i was struck with a sense of irony while reading your comments. Here we are reading an article that outlines how awful human beings can be to each other in the name of their undeserving “gods.” And here you are, putting someone down and enjoying it. I bet you felt mighty accomplished as you hit “post comment” on your screen, knowing that Joe would feel badly seeing your replies to his relative innocent comment. You don’t honestly know a damn thing about Joe. He could be a 7 year old or a war veteran. The only thing you can comfortably assume is that he is human. I guess thats not always enough to be deserving of respect and kindness. Glad you’ve all mastered English. I urge you to commence studying the systems and inner workings of compassion. Consider my comment a taste of your own medicine. Not that i really have a good excuse to be sarcastic with you but then at least i didn’t call any of you a “disgrace to your community.” Seriously?

  12. DovakiinDancer says:

    The spirit being the Europeans call Jesus was asked by a disciple about those who followed other people than him. His response was, Love them. He didn’t say, Kill them, he said, Love them. He also said the greater of the law was love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

    A prophet stated, They will be killing thinking they are doing God a favor. This was not limited to any one religion, peoples, or Nations. Perhaps educated people who lust after power in this world learned long ago it was far easier to get people to kill other people if they thought they were doing God some big favor? It’s a strange world. I am just passing through.

  13. Paul Robinson says:

    Funny this article doesn’t mention the only real tribal god I know of and that is the jewish god.

    • Joe Ward says:

      Yes, it does. Did you pay attention:

      “Here, they cannot help themselves – after all, they are the tribal Gods – All the ‘goodies’ go to the tribe. They chose the tribe over the others – assigning the status of ‘cattle’ to the rest of humanity.”

      It is the God of “J” tribe. “cattle” are the “Goyims”.

      • Paul Robinson says:

        Other than the cattle reference which is a usual Jewish reference to all others except Jews, I really don’t see a reference to Judaism. The mentioning of the Christian God and Trinity shouldn’t be confused with a criticism of Judaism. The emphasis on now mostly defunct Trinities is a misdirection to avoid appearing to single out Christianity.

    • Mary Bryant says:

      The author is not naming the names, but he has not left anyone’s
      “God” out. The “J God” is also there.
      A good read.

      • Paul Robinson says:

        Then why the emphasis on triune gods. The others are for misdirection so that Christianity doesn’t appear to be singled out for criticism. Of course technically the God of the old testament being mentioned would imply a criticism of Judaism as well. But the emphasis on the Trinity reveals the truth about which religion is being criticized. The truth is Christianity is a Universal religion where everyone is accepted into it regardless of race, ethnicity or prior religious belief. Judaism is however a tribal religion it discourages converts and doesn’t treat them as true jews. It also regards other peoplee as unworthy of God’s attention.

  14. Nick Parker, says:

    To all other Readers:

    This essay is the one of the NINE articles in the series. It would have been better if the Editor had put them all together for the readers to enjoy.

    Read them in the original order that I have sorted out below, and you will learn a lot while enjoy reading them. It is a great collection of very thoughtfully written articles.

    In Search of The Origin – I
    In Search of The Origin – II
    In Search of The Origin – III
    In Search of The Origin – IV
    In Search of The Origin – V
    The Case for the Intelligent Scheme
    Sifting Out The Creator
    The Tribal Gods
    The Human – And, The Earthling

    Read them all with an open mind. All very logical and scientific.
    Hats off to the Author.

  15. Mike Rogers says:

    My dad directed me to this piece. We have read all the your essays in this series (I believe there are 5 in total). You seems to be a physicist.

    Great work. I Salute you.

  16. Nina Oswald says:

    You are attacking all the religions and hurting the sentiments of millions. It is an attack on FAITH. A hit piece on religion itself. I strongly condemn this article.

    • Arthur Wallace says:

      Hey Nina, How about the “sentiments” of the innocents millions slaughtered by these religious worshipers of God? Wake up sister. These Gos are blood thirsty.

      In fact, the author is not attacking the God, the Creator of all of us. The theme is to differentiate the Creator God from the “tribal gods”.

      A great article it is.

    • Julie Cooper says:

      Yes, Sure. Kill the messenger of Truth. That is what the fanatic morons have been doing from the beginning. Wasn’t the Christ crucified for telling the truth?

    • Padraigin Eagle says:

      I strongly acknowledge this article

      Nina, sentiments don’t hurt unless you choose it to be so (and since when are you the voice that represents those “sentimental” millions) . So I suggest either make another choice or take responsibility for your thoughts and emotions; blaming others for their appreciation of the absurdities that this article makes clear is unwise behaviour. And what makes religion and FAITH immune from expose’. You birth, not upon this planet with any labels and you leave sans labels, these earthly brands that hold and imprison the man, the women, the child, whilst True Self, Spirit abides not in these dramas made for money making, war and control by the humans and their overlords, space travellers who continue to influence the lives and events on this ancient globe. Time for you to explore beyond the self-imposed door that imprisons you, a door no match for thought, nor knowing. The seed has been planted; will you make use of its sweet fruits.

    • AnotherLover says:

      It’s not an attack on faith but on the creation of fairytales used to enslave people. Call it religion. It is an attack on religion.
      Kill religion? What’s not to like?
      Say you’re a Jew living in ancient Rome. Then one day, you’re not a Jew, right? Turn the other cheek? Or better yet, just throw in the towel, eh? The author makes the great point that these religions demand the surrender of faculties of logic. One can keep all their faculties of logic in top shape and still find themselves requiring faith in order to function. We must have both and if one defeats the other, as faith defeats reason in the case of these religions, then something’s wrong. Or else reason has won and we truly understand everything. In either case, faith lives just beyond the place reason can support it — thus it lives where reason is pointing. While faith, as well as the truth itself, may and will confound reason, it is only because faith is firing from a region reason can’t reach, so reason never can fire back. Faith gets to live with the truth — reason can only dwell in the realm of experience.

  17. Jamal Abbas says:

    All religions are instruments of discord, created by the tyrants to divide and rule the humanity. Well written.

  18. David Martin, MD says:

    Nothing but Truth! That is what it is.
    Every tribe is thumping its own Book, claiming it to be the only true book of the God. Any one dare to oppose it is worthy of killing.
    Hope this essay will serve to open the eyes of some.

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