Welcome Back to Medieval Dark Ages

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  1. BuzzLOL says:

    . We are closely scrutinized when coming into USA because the various religions want to murder everyone on the planet… we don’t want religious extremists coming into the country, we have too many already…

  2. Lily says:

    I wanted to file harassment charges against a rich narcissistic in 2012.
    I had evidence and I met with an overweight police detective (his initials: L. G.) He said, “I lock up innocent people all the time. I don’t care. My job is to enforce the law.”
    I said, “That is unfortunate.”
    I left.
    Later, I was arrested and thrown in jail by “detective” L. G. Apparently, he interpreted the law to mean he rules and reigns… weird.
    I am law abiding. I was released on ridiculously high bail & I will never feel safe or protected again.
    I am a mother with six children. I don’t even speed. I pay my taxes. When a detective says, “I lock up innocent people all the time” you know the Andy Griffith days are gone.

  3. Arius says:

    The thesis of the article reminds me of Jim Willie’s description of the US as under the ‘fascist business model’.

  4. name says:

    Revolution is just around the corner!

  5. O.B.Server says:

    By legalized “drugs” (plural) does the author refer to places where people voted to roll back the police state a little for pot – and stop arresting and jailing people for pot?

    How can the author be so astute regarding police state and Dark Ages clock turn-back, but be dense about drug (pot) prohibition?

    The author fell off the rails when railing against “legalization”.

    Not arresting and jailing people for cannabis is somehow playing into hands of Dark Age feudalizing powers that be? To the contrary.

    Pot prohibition, jailing adults for growing/selling/using cannabis, is the lynchpin of police state USA. Pot is the excuse the police state has used for decades to rape you of your rights, from highway robbery money/property seizure traffic stops, to NSA+DEA+Local PD automated dragnet spying on your phone call content, to SWAT teams there to murder you, and steal your property. P ot has been a blessing to the Feudal Lords’ Police State, allowing them to shred what remained of US Bill of “Rights”.

    But feudal Lords *do* want you stupefied with their politically safe drugs like alcohol and prozac. Pot makes people question the authority of such “Lords”, which is one reason why police staters hate pot so much.

    The rest of the article about the police state and Feudal Lords o’ Dark Ages was pretty accurate, though. I think – compared to the taxes, the totalitarian police state the USA is becoming,- that King George III was quite reasonable. He was only asking for a few percent and left people alone – until they rebelled. The present USA govt (like police state UK now too, sadly) looks like a Hitlerian wet-dream, sans the trappings of funny mustaches, salutes, and sigils. At least King George III never was able to forcibly inject his subjects nor rain death with radio-remote controlled V-1s or drones or whatever. Our Dark Feudal Lords today are under no such constraint.

    • Mike S. says:

      Yeah everything was great with old King George’s reign….until the discontented and escapees from debtor prisons ran off and populated two continents.
      If youII do not think it will be possible for you to compare logically Obama and his actions to the Islamic jihadist model without some knowledge of what it is. If you can do that independently of your emotional commitment to the leftist narrative and your devotion to Obama you should experience the beginning of an understanding of the marriage between jihad-ism and much of the liberal narrative in America and elsewhere.

    • Mike S. says:

      Last post ended with word continents. I have no idea where that “tripe” after that sentence came from!!??

  6. William Clark says:

    AT or Whoever,

    Ignorance and arrogance, combined with dogmatism is a disease that has no cur
    It is a disease that has been systematically promoted and induced by the ‘lords of tyranny’. People, like yourself, who are afflicted with this disease are the prime cause of all our sufferings and for the sufferings that our coming generations are going to endure.

    The tyranny thrives on imbeciles. And, you are one of the millions around here. Just the f***ing believers – No thought process, no desire to dig out the facts – No damn intelligence. Just insistence on ignorance – And, someone else to blame for your own fault.

    In this Internet age, it is not that difficult to search out the truth.

    So called Europe, or the West, whatever we call that region of the earth, was a pigs dungeon. No doubts are left about it. This is a fact that is grudgingly acknowledged even by the most die-hard European scholars.

    Neither the Jews, nor Muslims brought the “Dark Ages” to you. It was with fall of Moore Empire in the south-western Europe that we got hold of their knowledge and science that what ushered in the era of Renaissance.

    Prior to that time, as for as the Europe was concerned, Earth was a flat disk, with demons living on the other side. Sun used to revolve around the earth. Deniers of these “facts” were burned alive.

    People’s life span was leass than 32 years – living in disease and suffering. While in the Muslim Spain, people were enjoying a life span of more than 88 years.

    All our education system is based on the system of Moors (Muslims). From the Medicine and Surgery to Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics, all our knowledge is based on the books that were brought from from the Muslims Spain.

    Ever thought why our number place system is from right-to-left? From where the words like ‘Algebra’, ‘Chemistry’, ‘Doctor’ came?

    Of course Muslim had learned from the work of the previous generation of humans. And, the didn’t monopolized it, they did let the knowledge spread freely.

    We are all human. If you want to cut the chains of tyranny and enjoy the dignity of real freedom, embrace the humanity. Do not accept division. What difference it make if the “others” were better than “us” in the past.

    We are in it together now.

    That is what the author of this article is trying to do – wake you up. But, is there any hope? I doubt it very much. There are too many brain dead imbeciles among us

  7. Mike S. says:

    Mr. Cobbett, Seriously you think in the “dark ages” people were “infinately happy”?? Average life span less than 30, maternal and infant mortality rates hundreds of fold greater than today?? Really? Pretty hard to be infinitely happy when your family is dying in front of you.
    The “Jew invasion”…….please tell me your hallucinations are being treated.

    • HollyDolly says:

      Well I hardly think the Dark and Middle Ages were happy days for the serfs and peasants. When there was law and order it was harsh for the poorer classes.You could be branded,,hung, have a hand cut off,etc. And don’t forget if you heaven forbid was considered by neighbors a witch or a heretic,then you had to contend with the Church and the Inquistion.
      I can’t imagine what life was like for my ancestors in Hungary and Germany at the time. Though maybe for my dad’s side in Germany it might have been better. According to records there they were entitled to use von in their name
      and were landholders and petty court officals, . One of the cousins in the Black Forest was made a hereditary forester,,, a position passed down from father to son,.Whether this cousin flung some money at the Grand Duke,,Archbishop,,,,Prince or whoever was running the show at the time I don’t know.
      We are moving with NSA and other agencies monitoring our every move,,,,not towards the Dark Ages but rather towards the days of Hitler and the Gestapo or Stalin’s equivilent.

  8. AT says:

    Sorry, some of this is ….crap?
    The Dark Ages were a misnomer, in truth, great advancements ie Universities, Hospitals, Academics took place. And people were infinately happy.
    J EWs and Muslim invasions brought about the so called Dark Ages..

    “The Reformation changed England from being the happiest country, perhaps, that the world had ever seen into a land the main body of whose people were poor and miserable, with Jews and paper-money makers the real owners of a large part of it. With the foundation of the Bank of England in 1694, there arose loans, funds, banks, bankers, bank notes, and a national debt…

    The Jews did it, but then Jews were regarded as a sort of monsters, who professed to be the lineal descendants and to hold the opinions of those who had murdered the Son of God… In degraded wretches like these, usury was tolerated…

    The people looked back with aching hearts to former happy days, and the nobility and gentry began to perceive with shame and fear that already their estates were beginning to pass quietly from them into the hands of the Jews, Quakers, and other moneychangers created by the ‘no-popery’ war. But it was now too late to look back.”
    -William Cobbett, Protestant author

  9. Jim McNair says:

    In response to George Rossi:

    You can dig out the facts. That is, if you want to. Facts may not be ‘promoted’ or ‘taught’ at the schools, but you will find them. There are still written documents, scripts, paintings, letters, and books that tells you what it was, or what really happened.

    As for the conditions of the public during the ‘Medieval Dark Ages’, there are old painting, scripts, letters, and books depicting the conditions.

    For example, in Britain, the first night wives of the “common people” belonged to the “Lord” was the “law”. That written “law” in documented form is still available, and despite the ” Royals’ ” best efforts, it cannot be made disappear.

    The Medieval Times were the atrocious times – for the ‘working class’. The brutality and oppression was unimaginable.

    Yes, you can still discover the TRUE history – Only if you want to, and dare to.

  10. Defiant says:

    The BIG difference is that today, there’s NOTHING at all stopping ANYONE, who has the drive, from becoming one of the “Lords.” You don’t need to born into it anymore…especially in America. You just have to work hard. So that really makes it an entirely different situation.


  11. George Rossi says:

    How do you KNOW what life was like years ago?..Were you there? Oh,right,you’ve read about it.
    Take a tip from Henry Ford friend…“History is bunk”.
    Any time a“fact of history”is bunked up,along comes a historical revisionist and“debunks it”.
    Henry probably should have said History is DEbunked.So now I’m confused.
    Aussie Down Under.

  12. Chris says:

    Lygeia, or try to buy Jyri Lina’s “Under the Sign of the Scorpion”, one of the most suppressed books there are. You can’t either loan it in a public library or buy it in a book shop. If you try to buy it from Amazon you will get an excessive price about $300:- and and an indication that they only have a few book to sell. Your only chance to get your hands on this book, and to an ordinary price, is to buy it directly from the author himself. But the book is also available to read on the net, as people find this book extremely important and put it up on Internet sites.

  13. Eileen K. says:

    Anyone here who says that even their thoughts are not their own are already lost. Are there electrodes attached to their heads to record their thoughts and dreams? The answer is no, in the majority of cases. My thoughts are mine alone, not anyone else’s, and, especially not the State’s.

    • Dr. Henrik Olson, MD says:


      Let me help you here – in a rather simplistic way.

      We talk about ‘thoughts’. But, ever thought what are the ‘thoughts’?

      ‘Thoughts’ originate in the brain. Think about the human brain as a computer. It processes the input that it receives, and spits out the ‘output’. The output of the brain is what we call ‘thoughts’ or ‘views’, or ‘opinions’, whatever you chose to call them. If the input is faulty, so will be the ‘thoughts’.

      For example, if you are fed faulty input (false information, aka propaganda), your brain will produce ‘false’ and ‘invalid’ “thoughts”.

      So, yes, by controlling the input (information) your “thoughts” can also be manipulated and controlled.

      That is the Author’s point here.

  14. Michael Mallal says:

    The High Court of Australia apparently recently found that keeping 157 Tamil asylum seekers locked on a ship at sea for 30 days is just fine. They included women and children and were locked for 22 hours a day in cabins without portholes.

  15. Michael Mallal says:

    Let’s pray institutions such as the European Court of Human Rights, Privy Council and ICC are defending liberty and rule of law.

  16. Debra S says:

    Well- one thing for sure, the lords still own everything… People ask do you own your home? LOL I say oh ya right sure… but if you don’t pay your Lord to stay in it- they take it away from you and put you in the streets.. so do we really own it? I don’t think so.

  17. sam says:


  18. Lygeia says:

    It is not entirely true that education is out of reach of the public.

    There are many excellent public libraries and you can educate yourself.

    • sam says:

      not if the only books allowed are those that are not sanctioned. Try and go to your library and get books like the controversy of Zion by Douglas reed and see.

  19. tinman says:

    One major area often over looked is the government grant system to dole our $ rather than banks giving loans to qualified citizens at an interest rate in a free market system. The government no simply takes the place of the midieval king (king’s grant). The modern day American goes with his begging bowl to the government in hopes is getting a grant in the same way the midieval surf begging from the king or lord. And we are told what a great system we have!

  20. Nik Hagberg says:

    A rather prophetic piece. But,it is already here – we are already living in a fascist state. People are getting “used to” life under a police state. In the name of security, all our freedom has bee taken away. But, it is we who allowed it to happen.

    With every successive month, people are going deeper and deeper into poverty. As they will not be able to provide the bare minimum necessities, woman will have to prostitute themselves to feed their children. You are right, West will enjoy the days of Russia under Yeltsin.

    The brainless they are, people deserve it. But, what about the children – Our coming generation?

    As for one reader who was wonder, who are those “lord & masters”, they are same lords & master who have been ruling you and exploiting you since the 18th century.

    Wake up guys. It is probably the last wake-up call.

  21. phil says:

    The chair has been vacant since 1130.

  22. It is I only says:

    Now ! Anyone has any “idea” who??? Are the new Lord & Masters?? Or should I ask François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire) ?

  23. Oliver Reed says:

    Very true. Back to feudal police state – or, rather fascist police state.

    “Current U.S. military preparations for suppressing domestic civil disturbance, including the training of National Guard troops and police, are actually part of a long history of American ‘internal security’ measures dating back to the first American Revolution. Generally, these measures have sought to thwart the aims of social justice movements, embodying the concept that within the civilian body politic lurks an enemy that one day the military might have to fight, or at least be ordered to fight.”
    Manuel Valenzuela

  24. Mark Becker says:

    True, that is the fate of the west. We are seeing it in the US. And, the situation in Europe is even worst. People’s liberties have been take away and freedom has gone.

    Welcome to the nation of “debtors jail”. Jailing those who can’t afford fines for low-level offenses, such as traffic violations is becoming common practice.

    In 2013, a small city in US, Ferguson, raked in $2.6 million in court fines and fees, mostly related to traffic violations and other minor offenses, NPR reported. That total made out to be the city’s second-largest source of income, or 21 percent of its total budget.

    Welcome to the Free World!

  25. John whipple says:

    The “war on terror” has come home . One of the most horrendous aspects of the incipient police state in the western nations is their portrayal as a benign democracy. As John W. Whitehead, in “The Age of Authoritarianism: Government of the Politicians, by the Military, for the Corporations,” stated:

    “We have indeed reached a crossroads. History may show that from this point forward, we will have left behind any semblance of constitutional government and entered into a militaristic state where all citizens are suspects and security trumps freedom. Certainly, this is a time when government officials operate off their own inscrutable, self-serving playbook with little in the way of checks and balances, while American citizens are subjected to all manner of indignities and violations with little hope of defending themselves. We have moved beyond the era of representative government and entered a new age, let’s call it the age of authoritarianism.”

  26. Karl Miller says:

    Very well presented. Quite a few links skillfully connected together to make the entire fence. Great!

    But, the thing that you missed is that, people in the West still have more freedom and more rights than many other nations in the world.

    We vote and chose our own governments. Do the Chinese have the right to elect their own government?

    If people in West elect a wrong government, it is their faults.

    West is still Free.

    • Amily Ward says:

      Are you still in slumber? Have any idea what is going on? I understand, it is tough to accept the reality. But, some times, it is necessary to wake up to the pungent smell of bitter coffee.

      The author here is very optimistic. It is not “Back to the old Medieval Feudal Times”. It is going to be “The Slave Labor Times” for the West – We will work until we die – working for the lords of tyranny – making the them, and their Chinese partners richer.

      As for the freedom in the West, you must be kidding!

      BTW, it is good to travel around the world occasionally. It opens the eyes. If not, at least read more, the real news.

      Authors like the one here are simply trying to wake up the masses. Appreciate the work, and pull your head out of the sand.

      Thank you.

    • It is I only says:

      I’m living in a “FREE” Western Democracy, will tell you my feeling, when I go & vote in the so called “FREE” election.
      I feel, like the Turkey voting for Christmas & I have as choice the stuffing. Cranberry or Chestnut.
      The end result is, I’m the stuffed Turkey ! Like all of us, in this beautiful free western democracies !

    • walty says:

      Wow! Where have you been?
      We elect our leaders? And who do you choose- the lesser of evils to be in office?
      Your vote doesn’t work anyway. The next president (Hillary) has already been elected by the ones actually running the world.
      If you live within 100 miles of the border, your electronics (Phone, computer) can be seized and searched as well as yourself without warrant. And your secure home..?…ever hear of no knock searches and arrests where innocent people are murdered?
      You tell me- just where are you free to do anything without permission?

    • John says:

      In the current political system our choices are chosen for us. We have the freedom to vote for the puppet on the lords right hand or the puppet on the lords left hand,,,ahhh lucky us, the freedom of choice Barrack Obama (or whoever he really is) is a glaring example of this choice. He said everything the people wanted to hear then gave the wealthy lords everything they wanted. We will have the same freedom of choice next election as well, the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right. Warren Buffet flat out told us the way it is when he said, There has already been a class war and we won.

    • Rife says:

      Too much Koolaid?

    • Arius says:

      I used to think as you do. Up to the 1990’s I was a Cold War anti-communist warrior but in that decade I started to see the US and EU supporting fascists and jihadis in the Balkans and elsewhere, and the aiding and abetting of mass murder. I knew from studying history that the cruelty and violence used by empire at its outer edge will eventually return to its center. What I started to see in the 1990’s is making its return to the US heartland. Military equipment in the Middle East is returning to police departments across the country and the police are being trained (militarized) by returning military personnel. As an IT specialist I could predict the expanding NSA surveillance to come before it became public knowledge.

      I stopped voting in the 1990’s. What is the point when no matter who gets elected the US Deep State always wins? Why do we fight over the scraps that drop from its table? That’s your freedom? No matter who you vote for the US will continue to grow its fascist state and continue with mass murder that future histories will document and condemn, if we survive the defeat or exhaustion of the US.

  27. Jim McNair says:

    Back to the Dark Ages! Yes, we are already there. The whole West, From the US to Europe, it just the TERROR. People are terrorized to death.

    You cannot even breath freely, it is so suffocating.

    Police brutality, you have no idea what it is. The goons in the uniform look upon you as if they are ready to kill you at the slightest provocation – like looking at them in the eyes.

    I travel a lot. When I land at Beijing or Shanghai airport, there are smiles and a feeling of “Welcome”. Returning home, it feels as if I have landed in an occupied country.

    We are already in the Dark Ages – And, we deserve it. As you said, the roosters have come back to roost!

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