Freedom, Democracy, and The Fundamental Human Right

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15 Responses

  1. T2014 says:

    “Freedem” is nonsense and impossible as soon as you have more than one individual involved. In any other combination, you will have to arrange somehow with others and the way you define freedom will not be the same as what the next neighbour thinks about it.

    The above is just a bunch of utopian blabber, sorry.

  2. Temeka says:

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  3. Rob Pitt says:

    The question is; who is going to restore the fundamental human right, the Right to Own the Product – as you called it? People don’t even understand the meaning of Human Rights. When they celebrate the destruction of other countries, killing of other people, do they think about the Human Rights of those people?

    It is sick to observe the behavior of most of the people.

    Thank you for trying to bring in some sanity to this insane world.

  4. Roy Villa says:

    Excellent! Very well written. The voice of all of us.

    But who is going to establish such a just system where all the human rights of people’s are reserved?
    Who is going to dismantle this global tyranny?

    The truth is, this is all a pipe dream.

  5. Dave Chandran says:

    Very well written. But, who cares about the rights of other humans? This is the world of the wealthy.
    BTW. I liked the way you framed your words, I mean literally.

  6. Joe Hara says:

    Very true. The Fundamental Human Right is the right to own our own work, our own production. Who gives a dings about the “right to free speech” BS after this right. All the tyrant, the kings, queens, and the billionaires, are thriving on the loot of the working class’ work and production. Take away their “right” to loot, and all the misery and wars will end in a blink.

  7. lee says:

    klara really????!!!!!! we all know how to be civilised, we don’t need a government to tell us how. if I’m not ‘allowed’ to govern myself, then how can anyone else be qualified to do so?

  8. Klara Mills says:

    No government. No authority. What are you promoting – Anarchy?
    For the functioning of any civilized society, there must be a strong government.

  9. Thomas Richardson says:

    Me, my wife, and many of our friends have been hooked to your articles. Your theme is humanity, which is so difficult to find nowadays. But, in this essay, I have a feeling that you finished it up in a haste, rather abruptly. It seems like the Part I of the ‘Part II’ sort of essay.

    Is there a Part II coming?

  10. Mike Vito says:

    A good Philosophical Essay.

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