The BRICS Of The Empire: The ‘B’ of The BRICS – Brazil

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  1. Rifino Baros says:

    I am a Brazilian American businessman hailing from an ‘upper-middle class’ family. In the course of my business, I visit Brazil two to four times a year – that I am stating to hammer in the point that I am qualified to comment on this article.

    Well, first of all, my solute for a well documented and thoughtfully written essay. I very much enjoyed it. You connected the past with the present of Brazil very well. You are right, Brazil, at its roots, is a feudal system. Just a few hundred families own every thing in Brazil, including Madam Dilma Rousseff – and, Lula before her.

    But, I disagree with the assessment that the poor are getting poorer. In fact, over all poverty in Brazil is declining.

    You are right on the violence, it is all orchestrated to keep the masses in check.

    Anyhow, you have hit the nail – Brazil is the first brick in the BRICS, and as such, very much represents the fiasco/scheme/plot of the BRICS setup.

  2. Jim Morano says:

    I also came here thanks to The News Scouter – My Reading Room. For your readers, here is their web address:

    You are right; DiIlma is surely a bankers’ darling, and so was Lula. It is a blatant feudal system there. The feudal lords have created a very violent system to keep the people under condition of constant fear and intimidation.

    Whenever people try to rise to protest their high handedness, especial police forces are deployed, dubbing the protestors as ‘gangs’. Brazil is a joke of democracy.

    Thank you for presenting the true picture of Brazil, and giving the readers a true historical perspective.

    A great work, indeed.

  3. Michael Witkowski says:

    Glad to have stumbled upon it following the link from the News Scouter – our favorite news aggregator.

    To all of your readers: Visit The News Scouter – It is a GEM!

    Coming to the point, a great article – blowing away the myth of the BRICS. You are one of the very few writers/analysts who have the wisdom and the sight to see the reality of the matter – these BIRICS nations (governments) are just as much part of the tyrannical empire as the countries in the West. I solute you.

    Hope you will cover the rest of BRICS – R for Russia, I for India, C for China , and S for the pathetic South Africa. Waiting to have all the BRICS together!

    Great work. Thank you.

  4. John Krawitz says:

    BRICS are a joke. Russia and China is the marriage of convenience. India is damn scared of China and hates it – given a chance, it will love to nuke it. Brazil, you are right, is probably one of the most corrupt country in the world.

    At best, BRICS is just a ploy to distract the public.

    A great analytical article.

  5. Karla M says:

    BRICS poses a great threat to the dollar Ponzi scheme. The facts is; BRICS is leading the way and becoming stronger each day gaining support from many other countries. China is – in terms of PPP, by far the largest economy in the world, and it is getting ready to dump the dollar.
    Now that the Russia is fully aligned with China, the days of West’s hegemony are over. Thanks God – humanity will have a respite.

  6. Max W. says:

    Very well argued. But, I beg to disagree.
    BRICS are the hope of us all. Whatever replaces the tyranny of the West will be better for the masses. These countries have a great potential to become a viable alternative to the dollar dominated economic system.
    As for the Brazil, it is changing fast, and for the good. Lula had done a lot of good work for the poor and Wilma is following on his tracks. The future of Brazil is bright.

    Anyhow, I enjoyed the essay – it presented a different perspective.

  7. J Smith says:

    A very good piece. But, you forgot to mention the scale of corruption and violence in Brazil. I have been there, and I can tell you it is not a place you would like to live in with your family. It is even worse than what you have presented here.

    It is well documented article, though.

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