There is No One

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  1. Snoop! says:

    “” RT’s presentation of the events was exactly the same as the western MSM “”

    “” He himself is a part of the billionaires club “” ( REALLY ? The only source is western press citing western “intelligence” )

  2. Jim Wallace says:

    In response to a T2015 and others:

    First of all, this article is NOT about Mr. Putin or Russia. It is about the current state of affairs in the world. The argument is that there are numerous anomalies and events that points to the fact that all the worlds “leaders”, including Putin, Xi, Indians, Brazilians, and all the rest, are with the same Empire in the West that has been ruling the world for last two centuries. The argument is well presented in this article.

    The objection, “where is the proof”, is so childish that one shouldn’t even respond to it. Do you expect the author to obtain a photo copies of Mr. Putin’s (and others’) bank statements, corporate ownerships, or real estate ownership documents and paste them here? Have some sense guys. The facts are self evident.

    As for the “Russia is not Putin”. Of course not. Who is talking about any country in particular. It is about the present governments..

    It is well researched, unbiased, and well presented essay. We should thank such writers for their work. They are simply trying wake up the people from their slumber.

    Have a sense of logic. Appreciate it. Don’t be an ass.

  3. T2015 says:

    Many ass-umptions and insinuations in this “article” that have nothing whatsoever to do with reality.

    First, Russia is NOT Putin. Just as USA is not Obama. There are many factions in every country, traitors etc. included, who try to create obstacles everywhere and with their own goals. Quite normal.

    as for Putin being a billionaire, that’s just stupid nonsense. Unless you can present us with his latest bank account data, stop recycling that lie.

    As for “9/11″, again you’re just recycling nonsense from third-rate hooray-conspiracy sites for dummies. There’s no way in hell that Russia could say anything against the official narrative, because that would only reinforce it – “see, the evil russkies are selling crazy conspiracy theories” etc., see MH17 for a recent example. No workie, you expect way too much.

    And on and on, it would require too much space to point out all the false logic and unbased ass-umptions contained in this awful piece of “journalism”. That’s a big red “F” for the work.

  4. I have to laugh when I hear people talk about ‘Good vs Evil’, or that this leader is protecting this or that. Ha, ha, ha! See…I laugh. I laugh because NO ONE gets to the top without being a psychopath in this world. Putin is in the same bed as O’bummer, Cameron, and Abbott. As the author says, this is all a smoke screen to hide the tectonic shift in where the seat of power lies. Whole populations are about to be disenfranchised by the ‘Nazionists’ as they move their seat from the west to the east. This is because they have managed to bankrupt the West, through their banking practices of usury, so now it’s on to the so-called BRICK’s. The people will suffer the same fate of poverty under the ‘new system’ as it will still be rigged to empower the established oligarchical interests that straddle the globe and care not a jot about the lives of the majority. As has always been the case.
    People just still don’t ‘get it’, but that is no surprise considering how paralyzed they are by their love of, and dependency on, fiat money. Promises of wealth and power that are built on false perceptions about what money is. This is all a huge con-game that we cannot win while we keep thinking the way we do.

  5. Sovereignty says:

    Putin my not qualify as legitimate world savior but compared to the likes of Obama, Kerry, Hilary and Bush, he and Lavrov tower of these dimities.

  6. Carl Olsson says:

    In response to commenters who are saying that this article is portraying Mr. Putin in bad light, or that it has been written as a “hit piece” on him, I suggest them to read it again, without their colored glasses this time.

    This article is nowhere saying that Putin is bad and the ‘leaders’ of the West are the good guys. It is presenting an alternative view to Putin worshipers. Citing many facts and anomalies in his actions and responses, it is arguing that the leaders of the ‘other side’, Putin, Xi, and all others are hands in hand with the leaders of West.

    There is No One out there to save us. They are all part of the same pack. No one is Good here, and no one is Bad, relatively speaking.

    Unless you want to remain entrapped in your wishful thinking and keep on hoping, better open your eyes and see what actually is going on. It is all a drama, an illusion created to keep us believing while they, The Tyrants, pull the final clamp down.

    Wake up guys, and gals. You have to do your own bidding. There is No One to save your lazy a**es.

    That is what this article is about. Thank the author for showing you the truth.

  7. Bobbie Malicki says:

    Oh brother…

    “We have to recognize the fact that Putin has a strong social/economic base among Russia’s instant billionaires. He himself is a part of the billionaires club, and as such, he has a closer affinity with his class counterparts in the West than with the oppressed of the world.”

    Another westerner who not only thinks he has the ‘inside track’ on Russian President Vladimir Putin but believes it his right to impugn a great leader and world statesman from offer. To this cheap tack I reply:

    Show me the proof…

  8. Kim Howard says:

    Kim Howard
    Pity those who believe that in the war between God and Devil, Putin is on God’s side.

  9. Ron says:

    Has anyone paid attention to Putin’s Watches that cost thirty years of salary for Russians outside Moscow and St. Petersburg; designer label stuff that costs a fortune. His former wife, a former air stewardess, about a year or two into his reign, was reported to own 25% of shares in MTS, Russia’s biggest mobile phone operator. How does that happen, pray?

    He is as corrupt as any other of his “western partners’.

  10. Observer says:

    The real Russian 9/11 has been the bombings of houses in Moscow 4 times between 4th and 16th of September 1999 killing about 300 lifes.
    Remember what happened afterwards…

  11. Dr. D. Martin, MD says:

    As expected from you, a great essay – very thoughtful and well researched. It made me to look back and reassess my views.

    Thank you.

  12. It is I only says:

    Yupp……. Sure……. Putin is the bad,bad,bad, man. This is why our “free” “respected” western democratic media is demonizing him .
    Putin NEW HITLER ! Humhhh…..
    L.O.L !

  13. Wayne Pacific says:

    I have been to Russia twice and studied it personally and academically since 1962. This article is a very professional hit piece on Putin. I won’t even bother to cite all the falsehoods. I don’t have the time. Beware readers.

    • Jim Wallace says:

      Mr. Wayne Pacific,

      Very interesting argument:

      “I have been to Russia twice and studied it personally and academically since 1962. This article is a very professional hit piece on Putin. I won’t even bother to cite all the falsehoods. I don’t have the time. Beware readers. ”

      I suggest, very respectfully, wake up!

      You cannot argue with the facts. They are on your face – unless you just want to remain engulfed in you wishful thinking. This article is simply presenting the facts, and asking the readers to think. If you review it analytically, you will have no other choice but to agree.

      Further, this article is NOT about Mr. Putin.

    • Ebba M says:


      This certainly is a “professional grade” article – very thoughtfully written – analytical and objective.
      What gave you the idea that this is a “hit piece”?

      Your comment, “This article is a very professional hit piece on Putin.” May be, you would like to elaborate a bit to enlighten us.

      You said, “I won’t even bother to cite all the falsehoods.” Which facts cited here you found False? Lets know. We will love to hear from you.

      And, “I don’t have the time.” You had time to babble, but you didn’t have time to present the ‘falsehood’ of even one facts given in the article in support of your statement of idiocy.

      And your warning, “Beware readers.” Only thing, I have to say to you; Get back in your hole and keep your eyes shut.

      What a stupid fool and idiot are you.

    • T2015 says:

      Fully agree with Wayne, this is just a bunch of utter nonsense and wishful thinking, unbased in reality.

  14. jon says:

    the real plan. reaperishere.weebly. c o m

  15. Mark W says:

    Absolutely! This is just a Grand Show. To distract people form the “Change of the Seat of The Empire”. See the ongoing revelations of the acts of the Elites:

    “The growing crescendo of the reports of disgusting, pungent, and anti-human CIA/Pentagon torture practices, reports of indulgence of the Lords & Royals of the United Kingdom in the rampant Child Rapes and Murders, and the increasing frequency of ludicrously hatched False Flag Operations all over the West – which are becoming so obvious to the majority of the global audience with each new incremental episode, are all very thoughtfully designed and orchestrated to pull away the remaining shreds – if any, of civility and humanity from the ghostly face of the West – The Den of the vicious and the enemies of humanity.”

    Just to remove the illusion of any remaining ‘aura’ of ‘greatness’ from the face of The Empire.

  16. Vicki Crasset says:

    You are very right. Whatever the plan may be, there are no real tensions around here. There is no sense of war here. Despite the media show, Russians and the West are on quite a friendly terms.

    We are in Sweden. People here understand the ongoing drama a bit better. NATO build-up is around here is just a ‘posture’ – a show.

    You can relax; no nuclear mushrooms!


  18. Rabbitnexus says:

    I have to disabuse you of the idea Islam has a saviour. There is no such figure in islam, the entire point of our religion is that there is ONLY ONE GOD and his name is Allah. There is no man between us, every man’s “salvation” is his own affair and he has been given a guide specifically for all men to read and understand for themselves. Muhammad (SAW) was the prophet a man nothing more, who was instrumental is bring the teaching of the Quran but he has nothing more to do with us and it isn;t believing in Him which saves a Muslim but living by the principles of the Holy Quran so as to attain Islam in his heart. In fact as someone who spent some time in several religions before my conversion to Islam I can say that the only religion which has a saviour figure is Christianity and in the same sense albeit unfulfilled according to them so he is a figure yet to be seen, the Jews. Truly you are wrong to say Islam or indeed most religions have a saviour, because I can;t think of any living religion which has a man figure who somehow crosses the divide between divine and mankind and gives men access to God.

    On the rest of it, I don’t think Putin or Russia is sitting idly by and doing as little as you say, I see Russia is being somewhat forthright about suspicions of a false flag in Paris. That isn;t happening with Putin’s approval. One thing I agree with his detractors is that he is authoritarian and holds an increasingly strict control over publishing. Not that one can blame them given the way the Washington things do business. No colour revolutions in Russia I predict. No he’s not perfect but as far as steering the world away from a devastating war, we are in as good a pair of hands as I ever saw. If Putin ever claimed be more than a nationalist leader of Russia who puts the interests of Russia and Russians first. Pity others don’t do the same for their respective nations but he appears to be the exception to the rule. The only benefit we can expect as non-Russians is when our interests converge which regarding WWIII I think it does. Good enough for me and we’ll deal with the scum who have brought us this far sooner or later so long as they don’t set the planet on fire.

    • Padraigin Eagle says:

      First off Rabbit, I respect your right to your views, whatever they be.

      GOD, so called, does not in ignorant human constructed religious affairs abide, no earthly name has the Source of all, neither Allah or any other, those be human labels, Spirit arrives with none and leave with same, the earthly games are plain inane and insane. And if you can’t, after all those years of experience see the patent falsehood perpetrated by the Imams, as much as the Rabbi’s and Priests lie and be willfully ignorant, then that be the obvious reason why humanity is mentally enslaved, believing their masters voice no matter the evidence to the contrary.

      On related matters, do you believe the patent nonsense that I hear from so-called Muslims that “you are born a Muslim”, that you be a Muslim first and then a human? And believe and say what you will, I will no ill upon you visit, to be sure.

      • maybeperfect says:

        Hope you don’t mind my interjecting, but it may be possible that there may be an infinite number of ways in which God believes in Himself or not, and verbs may all refer to things only He can or would do(or be.) At least the possibility that this is so has not been disproven to me, as far as I have been able to ascertain.
        To the best of my judgement, I must confess that circumstances seem to prove that it is unlikely that I know any thing, in , and of myself, let alone any detail of any aspect of my Creator, or understand the nature of His Existence or lack thereof (does he indeed know of his own existence? Or how would I know whether He did or not, or would I have any thing to say about it if He deemed that things be other than what I believed(,or seemed to?)
        I seem to suspect that salvation lies in the acceptance of the idea that such a thing may be possible, that God may really have been and done everything all along, and that Our likely puny capability for true comprehension of anything, in, and of ourselves, might represent little more than a slap across the face of He who would selflessly be performing this incredibly perfect panoply of wonderment, if it were not Himself doing the slapping, along with everything else. Not that I seem to be claiming any special knowledge of all this, only that I seem to accept the existence of such a possibility, and seem to be the recipient of overwhelming feelings of Gratitude, for seeming to having been included in whatever all this truly is.
        If there is an omnipotent God, I would hope for the successful accomplishment of whatever His purposes may be, perhaps the least of which I can seem to attest to may be simply, to Love, though I must confess, again, Do any really know the reason for the season, as it were? Even if they do, who are they, anyway, or of whom are they made? etc., etc., etc., Might not know. And so happy that everything (if it is) is exactly as it is. Otherwise there might be such a thing as a mistake, and the proof of such seems to have evaded me so far.

  19. wjs says:

    Right you are. It’s all a giant game, controlled by the selected group of people. Enemies and friends are being created for convenience and to control the population. Dog-eats-dog world…

  20. Rick Miller says:

    So, you are saying every one, from Russia to China, is in it together!

    But, you forgot the NATO bases, missiles, and war-ships surrounding both Russia and China.
    It wouldn’t have been unless the West were feeling threatened by these two, No?

    • John Roberts says:

      It is just a show. Note:
      ” All the talk, postures, and gesture of these pseudo saviors of the world are the part of the show to keep up hoping and waiting . . . and waiting.”

    • Padraigin Eagle says:

      Rick, the message could not be any clearer, the charade now reaches orgiastic climax if you one of the “Elite” be, and it be all and sundry, even Iran, Syria, etc, et al, The Protocols give the ghouls their steer, now you have the full picture, recognise their art naught to fear, it just be you, and You Be powerful beyond measure, Spirit cannot be stilled.

  21. John Greenhill says:

    Simply Brilliant!
    Very well argued, as usual. Any one who believes in Putin is plain duped.
    Hope it will serve to wake-u some.

  22. Jim Wallace says:

    To the point. I hope this very analytical article will open the eyes of those who have been blinded by the twisted views of some authors who are hell bent on projecting Putin as the savior of the humanity.

    He is part of the game, as is Xi, and the rest of the pack.

    People have to rise up and struggle for their freedom. As you said, there is no one out there to save our a***s.

    • Paul Tarsuss says:

      It is a war of powers and principalities. It has always been. Throughout ALL of the risen and fallen empires of mankind… has always been.

      But lets us examine closely if the evidence shows that there is truly ‘no one’ out there to save us. Each and every one of us.

      Before it is News

      Is there ‘No One’ out there to save us?

      There is. And He is not just out there, but in here too….

      “I will bring to ruin those ruining the earth”

      Good Journies

      P.S. Before it is News

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